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Social media is your friend. Why not spread the word about your projects there? The more you put your stuff out in front of people, the more likely it is that you'll see feedback. 

You did just get on here two days ago. We've been around for a few years. 

Go around, ask for feedback, and be patient. Good things take time! 

Hey, thanks for your kind words! I hope you have a good time with this demo. 

Hopefully, the final game is a bit more straightforward with the difficulty. It'll still have that "Nintendo hard" feel about it, but it'll be gradual. Unlike the first game, this one will have a progression that is strictly linear. 

The shooting part is a bit messy, but drawing part is pretty cool. Hope this gets improved later on!

m a x i m u m t i p p i n g

As a proof of concept, it's neat!

The lack of a HUD is a treat. Using visual cues to explain what's happening is a nice touch. I'd like to see the developer take a minimalist approach to the HUD in the future.

Like others have suggested, the movement doesn't respect the restriction. Hope to see that get fixed later on. 

Nice art. Nice sound.

The gameplay gets rough when inputs are really important. It occasionally becomes completely unresponsive. It's a drag because I'd like to experience all it has to offer.

Hey, thanks for playing!

More content would've been nice, but the platforming and pit modes were last minute additions. There simply wasn't enough time to pad it out. However, adding more to it later on would be pretty easy.

Love all of the red. Glad to see 64 Mercury isn't alone in this.

I dig the overall atmosphere, but I couldn't figure out where I'm supposed to follow the murderer.

Had fun with this one. Strong Metroid Prime feelings. I wouldn't mind seeing this turned into a full game later on.

There were some issues with crashing and slowdown, but it was worth toughing it out.

Couldn't pass this one up. It's almost everything a classic Metroid game has to offer, but smallerized.

Can't remember exactly how far, but I got snagged in an area where the first key is on the left side, the second key is on the right side behind a locked door, and a red guy blocks the way down. I plan on taking another crack at it.

Just out of curiosity, how did it end up with such a big file size?

Wow, it's like walking through a dream. Nice.

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Cute premise. How does that frog contain all of that tongue?

The music is absolutely solid.

The gameplay drastically improves as it speeds up.

I'd say you were successful in what you attempted to do. This is as low rez as it gets!

Had fun playing this. Gameplay is simple and to the point. The visuals are very appetizing.

As others have said, audio would've been nice. Hope you'll add that in later on!

Pretty entertaining. It's very 2600!

I was a little stumped early on, but got sucked in after a few tries. "One more try" became a few dozen more tries.

It would be neat to see where this could go with more time.

Nice going! It's a rough little game, but it made for a cool experiment.

I see that there's a problem with the final scoring. Whoops.

Absolutely delightful.

Pretty charming. It'd be cool to see this turned into a full game.

Glad to see you had a good time with it. Good job getting to the end!


No, but you're not missing anything by not having the Steam version.