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The devilishly hard sequel to Demon's Hymn!
Submitted by unTied Games — 1 minute, 13 seconds before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#234.7144.714

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I knew you would be among the first 3. Well done man!


Great little metroidvania! :O Feels pretty polished to me, looks and sounds are so great! I loved it! :D


Solid game and very hard, I got to the second boss and on my last try a minion killed me when the boss had almost 0 hp so I decided to rage quit. The first level background felt too noisy for me and make the game hard to read.

The first time I played the game I tried it with a keyboard and I didn't like the controls. Feels way better with a 360 controller but the dash+jump mechanic is kinda weird sometimes. The pixel art is great and its a really big game for a jam. Good job.


Awesome game!!! 

Love the music and the cohesive artstyle! Great job!

_φ( °-°)/ We'll appreciate any comment or rating you can give to our game: Blind Bird.


Amazing game. I like the dash+jump mechanic, it feels really good once you get to master it. Great graphics, music and visual and audio feedback. You made a terrific work.

_φ( °-°)/ We'll appreciate any comment or rating you can give to our game: Blind Bird.


Nice art. Nice sound.

The gameplay gets rough when inputs are really important. It occasionally becomes completely unresponsive. It's a drag because I'd like to experience all it has to offer.


Glad to see you were able to make a sequel this jam! :D

I'm still just as bad as I was last time, but having 5 hits instead of 3 really helped me out. Made it to the first boss, at least!


This is incredible! It's really well designed, nicely paced as well. Can't believe you managed to do all of this in the time available, it's massively impressive!

The only problem I have with the game is the final level - sometimes the skulls would appear, sometimes not. Sometimes they'd be directly behind my character while jumping, but the 'dust' your character makes when climbing walls looks similar so at times I'd be about to take damage but have very little to no time to react.

Regardless, it's got some pretty challenging parts and I really enjoyed it.

Found a bug that ruined my day - when you beat the final boss you lose control of the character. I'd used the upwards strike attack as my final move and the character simply continued to fly forward and land in a spike pit. I watched at their life drained as the screen faded before the ending screen could appear, and then... the level started again. This happened to me twice, only on my third attempt did I manage to avoid this and get to the ending!


I know about this bug! Sorry you encountered it on the final boss. After the game jam rating period I will be updating the game with bug fixes as well as additional content!

The skulls are supposed to not appear within a certain radius of the player, but it's possible for the player to move into that radius while they're appearing. I might be able to tweak this.


The art is just amazing. It's pleasant to look at and everything is displayed very clearly. The only problem I had with this game was the combination of the dashing and jumping. I discovered that a dash->jump makes a big jump, but it wasn't enough to get you on the platforms in the first boss' room, so I might still be missing something...


A dash jump gives you more distance, but the same height as a normal jump. To get on the platforms in that room you have to wall jump on the edge of the platform.

I'm glad you like the artwork! :D


Very beautiful game! This would fit right at home on a classic handheld game system (like the GBA or something).

That said, my only issue was in the jumping. I couldn't seem to find the sweet spot for jumping over the spike pits. Also, my brain just kept trying to combine the jump and dash... which is something I really think would be a great combination... (perhaps as an unlock in later levels?)

Anyway... excellent!


You can indeed dash and jump at the same time! Start a dash on the ground, and then press jump to do a jump that'll give you more distance. You can get over spike pits with a normal jump if you jump late enough, but dash-jumping is where it's really at.

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the artwork!


Brilliant entry, really well thought out and polished. Gameplay, graphics and audio all excellent. The parallax background didn't look good at this res and would probably be better static or less busy. The levels seemed to go on a bit too long as well, found it a little repetitive at times. Excellent work though - the points above would only refine this further!


Thanks for the feedback! I agree, the backgrounds probably had too much going on for this game. That's something I'd like to work on.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing! I'll be updating it with more levels at some point.

Just give the award to untied games. Don't mess about.



I like the gameplay sound and character graphics a lot. Sometimes the tiles and bg were too busy and messed with the readability of the characters. That's my only gripe. Great game!


Thanks for the feedback! I agree, I think the forest level in particular has a little too much going on in the background.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I knew you would come back with another amazing entry this year too. I had a certain impression that was gonna be Demon's Hymn 2, but I wasn't sure. Anyway, here we are. Considering your channel which I have been following for a long time, I knew you could make outstanding graphics, and you did, but better, you created an incredible game. Great work, Congratulations I hope you are among the top 3.

PS: If you have time take a look at my entry, it's really simple with a simple concept, it won't consume much of your time I promess that.

Keep up with the good work,



Hey, thank you! I've been wanting to make Demon's Hymn 2 ever since Demon's Hymn 1. After I finish Atmocopter, I'll be working on a  non-low-rez Demon's Hymn as my next major project. (But it'll be a while 'til that starts up.)

I had some trouble running your game, because launch4j couldn't find my Java installation in the registry. I looked at my registry and it all seems to be in order, so I'm not sure why that would happen...

But I did figure out I can just run your game with the command "java -jar game.exe"! So I was able to play. I got to level 3 and my high score is 30. Cool little game concept!


I never used launch4j, so I'm not sure what the problem would be, I'm glad you found a solution tho. Thanks for playing and I'll be waiting for Demo's Hymn. Keep up with the good work.