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Thanks for the feedback! ^^; Although it does sound painful driving that little bunny to its death, your experience gives me an idea for a cutscene I could add at some point. 

Yeah: if you can make a game in Java from scratch (including, I'm assuming, drawing functions), I have no doubt you'd know how to write Android & iOS apps. ^^; Which also means your skills are valued, so no pressure; get what you need done first!

That was pretty fun! Just wish there were sound effects & more varieties of blocks.

And a timer after I lose so I don't mash the space bar trying very hard not to die and accidentally skip anything afterwards. ^^;

Amazing graphics-wise! And the controls are good, as everyone says. ^^; I'm just really terrible at fighting games. o.o;; The enemies would instantly punch me when they appeared, and a few times I'd roll into my death. So, Idunno. ^^; Still a good game.

Thanks! The keys & doors were about the only puzzle I could add (as I kind of mismanaged my time), and since giving NPCs images for dialogue rather than text, having them be save points kind of simplifies both. ^^;

I kinda think it's "Flee-pul?" ^^; I have a knack of coming up with nonsensical titles. 

I do like that too. ^^; If I add moving platforms or moving enemies later, I'd also like to give another route that doesn't involve such intense platforming. Not only to give options, but also to leave the focus a little more on puzzle solving. ^^;

The flying animation is a little choppy; might help to have positions to slowly ramp to depending on what keys are held.

And since figuring out how to aim is tricky, maybe a reticule could help? Not a GUI one, but, like, just a flying object at an in-between point for accuracy.

The gameplay felt like blowing up giant gas cans, though! ^-^ That was fun!

Like the concept. Graphics aren't bad, and you did a good job on both the score and the 64x64 resolution.

Just, uh, next time? Make sure to put in controls for those of us who don't have numpads. You could use three throw-away keys like j,k,l, to throw the numpad events when pressed and released; however, without those extra buttons, I cannot get past the landing pad. Sorry!

Great light mechanic for puzzle solving! Given the low resolution, you did an amazing job rendering the 3D space for both readability and atmospherics. Um. However you pronounce that. ^^; Also enjoyed the inclusion of the jump button!

I think once your have more time to add everything you planned down the road, it should come together quite well. ^^;

The simplicity of this game goes hand-in-hand with its elegant artistic style!

Only two complaints: one was with a bit of the level design. I could not figure out how to access one of the fireflies no matter how hard I tried; however, you did give more than 100 fireflies in the whole game, so it's a minor issue.

The other complaint I have is how the menus work. There's no clear indication on how to progress them; there's also no down time for the player's inputs, so I accidentally skipped the ending the first time.

But your game was good enough to play multiple times, so amazing job!

Thanks! ^^; Maybe some idle animations and an extra NPC that tells you to hold down the mouse might help. o.o Never did figure out how to make "keys open doors" with pictures, either. ^^; So, yeah, a better tutorial: thanks for the advice!

Thank you for the comment!

I'm glad the jump was fun as well, because I've never coded anything close to slingshot physics before. ^^; And since it's the game's basic mechanic, anything that comes after that would be ruined by a bad jump mechanic. I could refine it a little more, though. ^^;

Thank you! I was able to brainstorm & Google some ideas given your critiques, so they'll be helpful when I work more on this project.

The third level was where the game really shined; when you added in the falling mechanic, I was excited to see what you could have done with it!

^^; And then the game ended.

Aside from that, it's a solid outing save for the menu screens. They seem to be a little wider than 64x64, so maybe try implementing a page-turning mechanic next time, so you can keep to the resolution while still having the full tutorial in there.

Still working on making it at least basically functional, but for now, thought it would be a good idea to share this picture I took. ^^; 

o.o;; 512x512 is kind of big for a screenshot, isn't it?

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*looks at title*
Maybe that's a good title for it. ^^;

Anywho, I'm currently trying to make a somewhat minimalistic platforming. ^^; There's a few basic things you'd be able to do in the game, like collect keys to open doors, jump into enemies, and stand awkwardly close to NPCs to talk to them. So far, I only have a preloading screen and a the jumping implemented so far, but I'm always open to critique. ^^;

Controls were a bit sticky, but it felt exploratory. ^^; Sorry I didn't play for too long, but I liked what I saw so far! Swap mechanic was interesting, too. :3

I didn't actually expect an ending! I must've skipped the plot somewhere, but man does that ending make me sad. ^^;

Better make pixel perfect accuracy on some demon fights with flapppy bird cooldowns!!

Better make some routes just end in your death instantly!

Better make items spawn at the start you can't go back to!

Better make some demons have such small hitboxes in comparison to their hp that you just stare, wondering if the slight hiboxes ever go against your favor!

Better have items that do nothing!

^^; I mean, probably that i'm grumbling about it so much must mean I like it. :x But man, running into 3 dead ends at once. Not my day. (I'm also tired and grumbly so I may be making some things up. ^^;;; )

No sound and the reload is very long, but otherwise kinda fun! And scary, too. ^^;;

Straightforward and silent, but was lots of fun to tinker with. ^^;

Lacking audio and your character drops like a brick when you let go of up. And using the spacebar makes it unable to move. But, it's a really long and fun game! ^^;

That. That was intense. I couldn't beat the second level.

:x But drawing tablet controls aren't implemented.

And dear lord that second level was intense!

Could use some music or ambience during the actual gameplay, but otherwise it was pretty fun!

That was pretty cool! The win screen was a bit jarring, but otherwise nice!

Extra audio could have made this a much better game, as increases of speed don't really change up what the audio feels like. ^^;

Spoopy ghosts are spoopy! That was a good sound effect, but the game was missing a bit of ambient noise or music. ^^;

I can reset my umbrella at any point. ^^; And I bet music would be nice, too.

Couldn't figure out how to attack; every time I paused and clicked, I just missed. ^^;

:o Those chickens running through walls! They are my bane!

Pretty fun! ^^;

An interesting yet challenging concept! And it works well! ^^;

That was a fun little adventure! ^^;

This is a bad day for me to mainly use a tablet for gaming. ^^;

Amazing! ^^; I was also confused, but it sure was fun!

Lots to multitask, but otherwise pretty amazing job!

Pretty fun, and I like the sound effects.

Not sure if the Newgrounds achievement overlay matters much to the 64x64 resolution, but it does kinda break it. ^^;

I'm glad you added bets for placing, because I'd have lost real easy otherwise. ^^;

No audio, and it sure left me for a loop, but amazing job!

I sure clicked. And sparkles happened! But, uh, was there anything else?

All in all, a good prototype! And I think it followed the 64x64 ruleset. Hard to tell via HTML. ^^;