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Le Chat Fonce: Petite AdventureView game page

Submitted by Roberto Romao — 1 day, 14 hours before the deadline

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Authenticity (Use of 64x64 limit)#714.4504.450

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Lovely game! I included it in my LowRezJam compilation, if you’d like to take a look :)


A very charming little game. Really liked the mood and atmosphere. Would probaly benefit from some form of storytelling, either through environment or NPC characters.


This is a very cute game ! I loved it !

Some small things : is that normal that I can finish the game (I got all the fireflies!) without all the keys and without opening all the doors ?
And I don't like how the background moves with the character when I jump. A bit of parallax movement would be great ! :)


Cute game! I was not sure what I sas supposed to do at the end, as I opened everything and couldn't reach the exit. I guess I was missing fireflies?


This is really sweet and cute, and I adore the colour palette!!


Overall good  feeling game. Music choices work really well with the aesthetic you've created and the mood of the game. The platforming felt good, though there were some times I could manage to get my character stuck (swimming up in corner or platform blocks diagonal from each other.) I really liked the look of your pixels. There were definitely times were I would have liked to been able to see more on the screen when planning jumps though, so maybe not the best scale to fit within the 64x64 limitation. Some others already mentioned, but it would have been nice to finish collecting. It was a bit jarring having the game suddenly end when I hit 100. Great job overall. I felt compelled to collect and enjoyed moving through the world to do so. 


Very cute little game! I was a bit confused why I still had pieces of an unfinished key at the end of the game though; I think having the option to keep playing and collect the things you missed would have been a nice touch.


Who ever heard of underwater fireflies?!

This game was great! Really good graphics, sound, and gameplay! The cat is super cute. FULL MARKS! :3


The simplicity of this game goes hand-in-hand with its elegant artistic style!

Only two complaints: one was with a bit of the level design. I could not figure out how to access one of the fireflies no matter how hard I tried; however, you did give more than 100 fireflies in the whole game, so it's a minor issue.

The other complaint I have is how the menus work. There's no clear indication on how to progress them; there's also no down time for the player's inputs, so I accidentally skipped the ending the first time.

But your game was good enough to play multiple times, so amazing job!


Wow this game is good, for real, this game was a real surprise, first I thought it was a simple short plataform, but the game is very well game, the level design is impressive, so well made, and the game is much longer than I expected, the art is simple but awesome, the limited color palette is a really smart choice, it gave the game a perfect mood that it is completed with a lovely/melancholic song, that is a good song, but it is too short so it is quite repetitive sometimes. Overall the game is really a great job, impressive for a one man's job.  It is on my top 5 so far.

Por sinal acho que é o quarto ou quinto jogo Br que jogo nessa jam e só jogo bem feito, pqp, ótimo trabalho cara parabens !