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This feels quite authentic to the 80s, and is a lot of fun! I did find it pretty easy, up until the (i assume endless) final room, but it did a great job of feeling frantic and involved. I like that you included a variety of enemy types, and even a powerup, though I did feel like having the powerup made things a bit too easy. Overall, good job!

This is a lot of fun, and I love the weapon system! Being able to equip projectiles to directions is a really cool idea. I also really liked the manual txt you included, it had a lot of personality and did feel like the kind of thing that might come with a cartridge back in the day. Graphics and sound were nice, and it was cool that you even managed to include cutscenes. I did find that the screen scroll was really slow, so it felt like it took forever to get through each level, which made dying near the end of a level a pain. Overall, great work on this!

This is cute and charming, and I like the graphics a lot (I love the flip jump), though I don't think they really look the part of an NES game beyond the use of pixel art sprites. I do feel like the procedural generation is resulting in levels that aren't really very interesting to play, with way too many enemies to be able to take on. While it's an interesting mechanic, I think in this case, manually designed levels probably would have been more fun to play.

This is pretty fun, and quite tricky as well, but I did manage to complete it! I like the grapple hook mechanic, it felt fun to use it to zip around, although I often zipped straight off to my death. One issue I did have is that once you narrow it down to just a few stars left, it can be really hard to find them. My first try I died when i had 2 left, and in my second run I spend most of the final minute of time just looking for the last star. The movement and physics in this game do feel a bit too complex for an NES/genesis era of game, but that's just a minor nitpick. Good job!

This one is really fun, I like the sliding mechanic a lot, and the challenge level is pretty good too! I don't know how many levels you made, but I cleared the first 5, and gave up on the 6th, after hitting around 160 deaths.I did find that the zombies never really posed a problem, they slid in slowly enough that in all my deaths, they were never what got me. All in all, I had a lot of fun, good job!

The graphical style of this game is really interesting and unique, it doesn't necessarily feel like a retro game, since I don't know of any consoles that have graphics that look like this, but that's not really a bad thing. I did like the idea of deflecting enemy shots to gain ammo, but I found that even conserving my ammo and deflecting as much as possible it was nearly impossible to have enough ammo to beat more than a few enemies each time, especially since it seems to take around 8 or so shots to kill something, and I can only at most deflect maybe one bullet every two or so seconds, so I think this would work a bit better with more powerful and slower firing player shots, or getting more ammo per deflection. Anyways, nice game overall, and great job with the crazy graphics!

Oh wow, I totally didn’t realize you coded the engine from scratch. That’s extremely impressive!

This was really nice! the idea of a puzzle game focused around making circuits is really cool, and things definitely start getting a bit more challenging once the larger pieces start appearing. The graphics are really nice on this, and it feels fun and unique, though as others have stated it does feel a bit slow at times

This is really cute! Despite the simplicity and short length, I had fun with this. Being unable to actually move without a powerup, and only charging jumps is a neat game mechanic, and works well with the super cute slime design. I think having the jump charge faster would help the game feel more snappy and responsive, but nevertheless, this works quite nicely.

(Also I found the secret, it was cute to see you added a little easter egg!! Can't believe I was voted out....)

I really like this one, I haven't played much in the way of retro western rpgs, but I do like the aesthetic, and I like the somewhat cutesy spin you've put on it as well, I found the combat system a little confusing at first, since I didn't realize the character auto-attacks targeted nearby enemies, but once I figured that out I quite liked it. I think player death is bugged though, for me, once I died, the game just continued, without me being able to move or do anything, instead of returning to the menu or restarting. Anyways, good job on this!

This is really cute, I love the design of the characters, and how the protagonist holds onto their hat when falling, nice touch! I did feel like the controls felt pretty floaty, with the jump and fall speed both feeling slow, and it was sometimes hard to see where you were jumping to, especially when jumping down onto a lower platform, since there's no way to see down there, you kind of have to do it blindly and hope you don't die. All in all, this is pretty good though!

Specifically it was one map with a line of trees down the middle. I entered from the top side, and entering in got me stuck on the corner of the topmost trees in that line.

Okay, I head a great time with this one, the voice lines are really charming and add a lot to the experience. I did think attacking with the mouse click felt a bit strange, but it wasn't a big problem. The graphical style feels more akin to a retro-inspired flash game than an authentic 90s title, but it was still a lot of fun. I GOT ROWDY and very much enjoyed it!

I'm always impressed when people make genuine retro console software, so that gets a lot of points from me. This is a neat little zelda clone, it definitely looks and controls nicely, though the lack of sound makes it feel a bit empty. I did like what you were going for, but I couldn't complete the game, because enter certain screens caused the player to get stuck on an environment object, and become unable to move.

Side note, something I found fun, is that using a turbo button for the attack while spinning lets you attack in all four directions at once, take that, slimes!

This is a cute one, I like the graphics, and the menu music, though having the main game without any music felt kind of empty. It played nice and smoothly, kind of feeling halfway between an early gameboy title and an early iphone title, what with the platform bouncing and stuff.

It was really impressive to see somebody put together an actual NES game for this jam. Given the format, it naturally feels super authentic! I unfortunately encounter a couple of bugs, which prevented me from finishing the game, most notably that half the time the jump/bounce block a few screens in seems to damage me, perhaps with the hitbox overlapping that of the spikes beside it or something, and a few times, I accidentally softlocked the game by moving left on entering a new screen, presumably moving the character past the loading zone for the next screen and causing them to fall off the map. Anyways, great work on this and congrats on working completely within the NES limitations and making a piece of actual NES software!

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I do quite like the concept of this game, especially with the limited light vision, and having your gun with limited ammo, temporarily light up the rest of the map. I will say, it took me a good 9 or 10 attempts, where I couldn't figure out why I was randomly taking damage, and I thought the game was glitching, before I realized that some of the ground had spikes on it, I think the spikes are a bit too camouflaged. I do also think the turret bullets move a bit too quickly. Given that they can see and shoot the player without the player seeing them, sometimes the deaths felt a bit cheap. Perhaps if the turrets fired more frequently, but with projectiles that move more slowly, it might feel similarly hard, but more fair. While I couldn't beat the game, I think it was pretty cool, especially the lighting mechanics.

This is a cute little shooter, it controls quite nicely and definitely looks the part of an 80s arcade game. It'd be nice to see a bit more enemy variety, some powerups, or a difficulty that gradually increases, because as is, I felt like I'd seen all the game had to offer after about a minute of playing. That said, good job overall!

This is really good!! You did a great job nailing the feel of an NES platformer, this definitely feels like something from that era. The controls are tight, the music and sound effects are great, and the graphics are really charming! I did find it to feel a little unfair at times, especially in the second level, where I couldn't actually progress because it didn't seem possible to get onto the platforms with the knife enemies on them without getting slashed on my way down, since they wait for you to approach before slashing, I feel like they might work better if they attacked on a timer instead of in response to the player, allowing the player to time their jumps so as to take them out without getting hit. Overall really great game! I don't know how many levels you made, but I'd love to see the rest of it beyond level 2 if things get updated! (or maybe I just need to git gud at hop hop...)

Seems like a pretty well functioning minesweeper type game. I couldn't find out how to mark gems I'd found, but everything else looks to work well enough. It would be nice to maybe have a bit of sound and animation, and  the ability to make the graphics larger as well

Three games in one is pretty impressive for such a short jam time! All the games play quite nicely. I know next to nothing about the Atari 7800, but these definitely seem within the limitations of the console, though I do think the mouse control takes away from the authentic retro feel for me. While buttons may have made the controls a bit more clumsy, they also would have made it feel more authentic. I do unfortunately think the games are a bit too simple and unoriginal, it would be nice to see some new and unique ideas at play, but great job in what you've accomplished here.

I think you absolutely nailed the aesthetic, sound effects and music on this one, but I unfortunately found it somewhat clumsy to play. The keyboard control scheme was a bit strange, I've never seen a game use E, R, F, Space, and arrow keys, the option to use more conventional keybinds like z, x, c, and enter would be really appreciated. I also found that the movement was extremely slippery, almost like everywhere is an ice level, and that the main attack was a bit too slow and short range. This coupled with a projectile that moves slower than enemies do, most enemies being too short to hit without crouching, and a lack of attack knockback made combat feel quite frustrating. I did think the mechanic of crafting different potions to use was pretty cool, and it was fun trying them out on enemies and the environment, but I always felt like I ran out too quickly, so it would be nice if a single craft yielded more  of each potion. Aside from my critique, I do genuinely think this is a really cool project! If polished it could be really good, but some clumsiness in controls keeps it from being really enjoyable.

Couldn't get to this one during jam rating time, but this is cool! I've always enjoyed games with some kind of time or speed manipulation mechanics. Good pixel art, polish, and challenge too!

As an actual (intern) architect I definitely approve of the game concept!! It's a clever and original idea for a kaiju-themed game, and definitely not what would come to most peoples minds when picturing a Kaiju game. It was pretty fun, but I definitely think it could have used a bit of a longer timer, and/or the ability to instantly swap between building and non-building modes (perhaps a toggle, or holding the button?), instead of the button just temporarily disabling building. Overall, nice job on this!

Just leaving some reviews on games I didn't get to during the jam time, but this is really cute! I love the limited palette pixel art aesthetic. The game is simple and short, but I don't view that as a bad thing. However, I think it would be cool to have additional levels added as well!

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Didn't have time to get to this one during jam rating, but this is awesome!! It's a super creative project and has quite nice graphics too! I really liked the approach to using a narrator in place of informative display text, I think it adds a lot to the game's uniqueness. I would appreciate some kind of indication as to where buildings can and cannot be placed (perhaps highlighting the to-be-placed building in green or red respectively when hovering over a certain area?)

Also, kind of a funny bug, but once I completed the game, the narrator looped into saying "one of the buildings has depleted all of the resources around it" continuously until I closed the game.

Can't believe I didn't get around to playing this one while voting was still on! This is really fun and a great jam entry overall. It's got nice polish, and definitely still enough depth to it to be fun!

Only just got around to trying this one. Definitely some super nice pixel art, a great level of polish, and pretty tight controls. As others have said, all it's missing is more Kaiju stuff!

I didn't have the time to play and rate this during the jam voting period, but it looks good and plays pretty nicely, and I love the stilt kaiju. I'll spare my critique of game issues as other people have already pointed them out, so I'm sure you're well aware at this point.

This is adorable! Great job on the visuals in particular! I couldn't beat the third city, and it was a bit of a pain to restart from the very beginning each time, but otherwise I had fun with this!

This is a really clever game. I don't think I've ever played a sliding type game that involved progressing between areas before, it's a neat idea! I thought the turtle in particular was a really neat addition that opened up a whole bunch of puzzle opportunities. I wasn't able to finish it, since I couldnt figure out how to get both the turtle and the player into the right spots to get through to the gated area, but I still had fun!

This is a great entry! Really nice art, awesome character design, great use of sound, good polish, and an interesting premise too! I did find it a little confusing as to how things were progressing, and whether I'd picked the correct or incorrect responses. I think some demonstrable "chances" system, similar to methods used in the Ace Attorney games, would be a good fit here.

I'd love to see this expanded, excellent work!

I really love this one! The art and sound design were excellent, and the theme, story, and start+end cutscenes were super cute and very very good! I do with it was a bit longer, and that the movement was a bit more polished, but for a game jam entry, this is honestly fantastic. Probably one of the best I've played from the jam thus far!

I think this was really nice! the player controlled well, the art worked nicely, and the music was fitting. The handhold system was really cool and a great fit for making a game about climbing up to kill kaiju. My main issue is that I had a lot of trouble with the way the controls were mapped. If I'm playing platformers using a keyboard, I vastly prefer arrow keys for movement, but with j for attack, space for jump, and shift for dash, I couldn't easily reach them all while using the arrow keys. I was able to beat the slime boss, but not the other two. Overall a lot of fun though!

Fantastic atmosphere and aesthetic with this, the low poly  assets, creepy music, and huge kaiju constantly getting closer. It took me a few runs to beat because I really wasn't sure what I was looking for at first, so some kind of indicator of objectives like "find a way into the office" or "(optional) find X number of HDDs" would be a nice addition

This was really cute! Great job on the visuals, polish and presentation, it came together quite nicely!

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Great start to a project here. I like the look of the Kaiju, and the way it moves. It feels a lot more like a cheesy Kaiju movie, with an actor in a costume smashing through a city model, than it does an a realistic monster and city, but I think that's a plus, it definitely adds to the charm! I'll add though, I found it really hard to play with the inverted mouse controls, so an option to change that would be great. 

Haven't been able to actually play this, as I am a poor peasant without a VR headset, but I hate to see a project that so clearly had a bunch of work go into it get so little attention, so I'll give it a review and rating based on your video! I'd love to see you put out a keyboard and mouse controlled FPS variant so others can experience it.

The game looks like quite a bit of fun. Using a VR/first person perspective works great for a kaiju game, to provide a sense of scale to the monster you're fighting. Gameplay looks to be simplistic, but smooth and bug free from what I can see. I think the game could benefit from a bit more variation, perhaps through powerups or different weapon types, even changing things as simple as damage, fire-rate, and bullet speed could go a long way! Also, adding hit effects, or a health bar to the player and large tomato could help a lot in communicating to the player whether they're doing any actual damage, and if/when they're getting hurt. Finally, I think exaggerating the little hop-walk animation on the tomatoes, making them jump higher in the air when they move, instead of just bobbing slightly could help them feel more alive. Overall, good job on this!

Definitely one of the more slept-on games of the jam. I really like this! It looks like a lot of work went into designing the environment and characters. It all looks really nice, and the writing is good too!

I'd love to see this fleshed out into a longer experience. I couldn't find anything to do after finding all the Kaiju and getting them to the beach barbecue, but I had fun getting to that point!