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I think this wasn't fully working for me, I got to an intro scene where I could move the camera, and it prompted to click, but clicking did nothing. 

Very impressed with this one, great music, really cool character and mech art and models, and nice feeling controls. I did find the enemy sound effects to be a bit much, since having lots of enemies active meant tons of footstep sounds. Overall great job though!

This was pretty fun and worked well! I liked the mechanics, having to deal with your mech getting slower as it got colder. Only real issue I had was that it would have been nice to be able to see further down. Since it's a game about mining, having the character be centered much higher up on the screen would be nice. Graphics were good, mech design is cute, and the music was nice, though I didn't really feel like it fit the overall tone of the game. Great job overall!

I liked this one, great concepts, excellent graphics, sounds and music, and good controls too! As others have mentioned, the primary issue is the sheep getting stuck up against the walls with no way to move them. This was addressed nicely in the 2nd level, with the hay barriers, allowing the player to get on the other side of a barrier sheep are up against, to get them away from it, but sadly, the rest of the levels didn't really offer similar options, so usually most of the sheep got stuck up against the level boundaries or objects that the player can't climb on. Still, great entry, lots of fun, and really charming!

Shame about the unfinished nature, but the music slaps.

The overall presentation of this game is excellent, you nailed the PS1 aesthetic through the models and low-resolution, the combination of 3d low-poly models and 2d sprites really help with that. The music and sound are also really great, and make for quite an authentic feel. Also very cool to see a bit of playing around with height, as I did notice the mech flying higher above the water after a certain point. I wasn't able to get past the portion with a bunch of small objects which chased me (not sure what they are) as the game usually crashed not long after, or gave me a game over screen, I presume from running out of of health, though it's hard to tell since there's no feedback on that. Anyways great presentation, it's really fun and feels good. I wish I could see the whole thing!

Very impressive entry! I really like how you worked characters and dialogue into it too, since that's something you don't often see for jam entries. Game mechanics all worked pretty well, and the assets used fit a cohesive theme quite well. I appreciate having some enemy variety too. I did find the camera angles to be a bit strange, as sometimes my mech took up nearly the whole screen, and I also didn't really like the focal blur effect, as it made things somewhat disorienting, I think it would work better to just have everything in focus. I made it nearly all the way through, though I did die on the boss  at the end. Overall, great job, I had fun with this!

Really cool concept, took a bit of getting used to but worked pretty well. Having to swap between different tools made for some hectic gameplay, but not really in a bad way. I did find the walking sound effect to be a bit grating, and that enemies took a bit too long to kill, but other than that I thought it was pretty good!

Now that I've had a chance to give this a try, I think this is a cool concept! Managing engine heat is a neat idea, and makes for a very unique feel to the game. I do wish the effects of it were a bit more pronounced however. I feel like increasing the speed boost you get from having a warmed up engine could help a lot for example. 

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely keep pepperoni reload time in mind if we do any changes, I realize it can probably be annoying to have to wait for multiple reloads just to get enough pepperonis on the pizza when on a tight time limit. And I’m glad to hear you liked the arm tools too!

Thanks for playing and I’m glad you had fun! Clunkiness was definitely part of what we were going for with controls, we wanted it to feel like operating heavy machinery, so I’m glad that was conveyed. I did the modeling, texturing, and animation for the “gun” tools, so I’m glad to hear those called out specifically!

Glad to hear you enjoyed our entry! I took a look at the steam video you put up of you playing it, I do realize the tank-like controls can be tricky to get used to, but it was great to see that you looked like you were definitely getting the hang of things by the end. Thanks for playing!

I should probably clarify, the enemies didn’t fly around like the player, it’s rather that if I hit the spawn enemy key multiple times in a row, a few enemies might be launched directly vertically upward at high speed, before falling back down. Might be a problem with collision, forcing solid objects out of each other can sometimes cause high velocity launches.


Overall this has some nice setup, but it's a bit hard to enjoy in its current state. I think the biggest issue by far is that the level is just way WAY too big, and since enemies spawn so far away, even with the camera zoomed out, finding them is really difficult, and then it's just as easy to lose them again by falling to the ground because  of depleted boost energy. I think a much smaller level, more energy, and faster base movement could help a lot here. I also think more platforms would be nice. It took me several tries to get back up to the main platform from the ground since I kept running out of energy.

I did still enjoy this though! The spriting is quite well done, and the boost effects look and feel great. The overall controls feel good and responsive too. I'd really like to try the boss level, but I couldn't clear the first level due to the issues I mentioned above. Overall, good job, and it'd be cool to see this  fixed up a bit!

Damn, when I clicked on this I was expecting a fairly short branching mech-themed narrative. I wasn't expecting to be spat out an hour and a half later after reading every page, and feeling so emotionally invested. There's some great writing here, some genuinely chilling lines. Not sure who wrote what here, but both writers did a fantastic job. The art and music are also excellent, I adore the art style, and the music seriously helped with the atmosphere on many of the pages. This is the best entry I've played thus far. Really amazing job!

Two minor points of critique, I do feel like reading the Ceresian side first would probably help set things up better, as I did feel much more "thrown in" by starting with the Earth side, but having the choice at the beginning is still a cool idea. There's also a minor bug, in that if you're pressing space to advance text, the transition at the end of the last Ceres article doesn't kick in properly. I had to refresh the page and let it play out again before it worked.

Nice platformer, the movement feels a bit slide-y and can be a bit hard to control, but I don't think that takes away from the experience. I thought the gun shooting wasn't working at first, since there's no sound or visible projectile, but eventually I figured it out. The graphics, sounds, and music used were all well selected too.

I did find a bug, that the level doesn't reset when the player dies or falls off the level, so opening the menu and restarting the level is the only way to continue, which was a bit annoying, especially when there's some tricky jumps here. All in all, good job on this though!

Can't get this to run, here's the error:

This is awesome! Controls feel awesome, boosting, flying, and shooting all work great. Took me a few minutes to realize that you need to get out of the mech to enter the shielded areas, but once I figured that out, I cleared the rest without too much trouble. It was super fun! Graphics look great, and the sound effects and bgm were very well chosen. Nice to have voice acting and an intro cutscene too, great work!

Never thought pacman as a mech game with a projectile would work, but it kind of does! Pretty neat honestly! Presentation is nice, graphics, sounds and music are all good. Nice polished game overall.

Couldn't get this to run, I think you've forgotten to upload the support files for the game, including the unityplayer.dll file and the data folder. Try putting everything in a zip and reuploading.

This was pretty fun. Having 3 weapons to use was nice, and the flight and boost controls both worked quite nicely too. I did find it pretty easy, as even when I spawned in a whole bunch of enemies, I could kill them quickly enough, and got enough health back from the drops, that I could fairly easily stay alive. It'd be nice to see some more detailed graphics, environment, and music, even if it's just 3rd party stuff.

A few bugs to note: While I do always love seeing explosion.gif in this case it sadly wasn't animating, enemies just left behind the first frame when they died. When spawning in multiple enemies, sometimes they would fly off into the air. And also I couldnt place mines, they just weren't working for me. 

Anyways, good job!

Nice simple game you have here, the sprites you've put together look pretty good, and the 3rd party assets youve chosen all fit in well. I did notice some of the pixel art looked a bit blurry, so it's possible the import settings aren't set up right in unity.

I realize you're probably new to game development, so great job on getting it all working properly, and setting up proper win/lose conditions, menus and everything. I will say however, that unfortunately since it's a 2D sidescrolling game with enemies only coming from one direction, the gameplay isn't really there, since all you need to do to win is mash the space bar for 5 minutes. I think this could be improved by letting the player jump and duck, and creating some higher flying and some shorter enemies so the player has to jump or duck to hit some of them. Also, placing the player closer to to the left side of the screen would work better for a setup like this, because it would allow them to see more ahead of them, to see enemies coming.

Anyways, great job getting something complete and playable, that's a huge achievement in itself!

This is a cute little 3D platformer you've got going here, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it very far. I find the cars are moving just a bit too fast, and the character just doesn't jump high enough or move fast enough for me to be able to consistently land on them, so despite like 20 ish attempts I was never able to make it past the intro section. Still, the graphics and animations of the player character are super cute, and the background music is nice too, so great job on those!

Really liked this! Nice mech, robot, and turret designs, and cool particle effects. The background song was also awesome, it really captured the old school mecha anime opening vibe, so great job on that! Flight felt good, though it would be nice if ascending and descending were a bit faster.

I did find the amount of enemies overwhelming, but I figure that's kind of the point, and I eventually settled into a rhythm of flying around long enough to shake the flying drones off me, getting close to a turret, and full on blasting it with both guns. I also couldn't figure out how to buy the other weapons. Even after getting enough gear points, clicking on them didn't seem to do anything. It'd be cool to see the other weapons, but even with just the machine gun, this game is still an awesome entry. Great work!

I really like this one. Having the ability to switch up your mech arms and legs with enemy ones was a lot of fun. I definitely liked the sniper rifles best. I didn't find much difference in the way the legs controlled however. I think some felt a bit floatier than others, but I'm not sure. I also quite liked the voxel graphics and the music.

I did encounter a really annoying bug on the second level, where the audio began to rapidly move from ear to ear on my headphones, so I had to mute the game from there because it was too much to bear. I did also find that sometimes enemies could shoot me from behind walls, and that the draw distance on enemies is farther than on obstacles, so some obstacles in front of enemies were invisible, while I could see (but not shoot) the enemies behind them.

Aside from that, this was pretty cool, I had fun!

I unfortunately can't get this to run, I don't see an executable file in the zip you posted. Did you maybe submit the godot project folder instead of the exported game?

This is a cool test and concept for a mech game, the cockpit overlay is cool, and it's awesome that you even have moving control sticks! I do wish there was a bit more to it but for a solo project, still pretty cool. Also, is the cockpit texture map properly set up? some parts look a bit strange and squished.

I can't get this to run, when I open the .exe it gives me this window:

I'm a bit confused as to how this game works, and I can't find any info ingame or on the page to clear up any questions. The idea of a game centered around a mech carrier, deploying mechs to defend against attackers, is neat. After moving around a bit, a few red squares appeared, which I assume are enemies, and I switched over to the other tab to deploy mechs. It took them a bit but even after then got out they just kind of circled my carrier, and the enemies stayed a static distance away, so I'm not really sure what's going on.

This is a nice game, and I quite like a lot of the art, sound, and music. I did find that it took a bit long to wear down the hp of enemy parts, which seemed to lead to just clicking the same two buttons over and over. I think it could work better if all the damage, both player and enemy, was ramped up dramatically, so there's actual risk of losing limbs. Also, I assume this is intended to be turn based, but the game doesnt seem to wait for the enemy to be done attacking before letting you attack again, so it's possible to attack many times in the time the enemy does a single attack, trivializing gameplay.

Still, great presentation, the graphics, sounds and music are all great!

What you have here is quite impressive, especially as a solo developer, creating a large scale team based FPS with multiple classes is a serious undertaking.  I do like the amount of variety here, you've accurately captured the feel of games like Star Wars Battlefront.

That said, I think things are just a bit too buggy to be really enjoyable. I found tons of allies and enemies with broken AI, just standing there, and was also taking fire from enemies through walls. I tried to play long enough to try out all the classes, but when playing as humans the game lag became extreme before I had enough points to try out either of the mechs. 

You've done great in putting together something this expansive within the available time, but I do thing the game would work better if scaled down, with a smaller map and fewer enemies and allies active at once. Also, credit where credit is due, the menus, intros, and character select are all SUPER nice and polished!

I really like this one, the robot designs and animations are excellent! I did find it to be pretty difficult, I played through it 3 or 4 times and lost every time. I think it could help if the money gun fired more quickly, as the main issue I had is that by the time I finished paying the last robot, the first one needed to be paid again, so I never had time to improve productivity. The concept was unique and the controls were smooth, so overall great job!

Thanks for the feedback! We admittedly definitely could have explained the movement controls a bit more. The movement controls are based on the Mechwarrior games, meaning the mech's legs are rotated with Q and E, while the body is rotated with the mouse. Movement overall is based on the direction the legs are facing, so if you're not looking in the same direction the legs are facing, movement feels slow and weird.

We may want to put more detail on how this works on the controls and jam pages, so thanks for voicing your problems with it!

Nice little FPS prototype! I like the look of the turrets, and explosion effects, and the controls feel decent, though the jump didn't seem to be working. It would be nice to have more to do, but I understand you did this all on your own, so kudos for that!

This is great! Great presentation overall, nice style, and I LOVED the detail put into the level. It felt a bit clunky to control, and the left click swing was the only one I got to consistently work, but all the same I was able to win in all(?) 3 levels. No real issues, just a solid and fun game with an original premise!

This game looks and feels great, the models, animations, textures, and lighting are all excellent, and the movement, with double jumping and directional boosting is really fun. I unfortunately couldn't figure out how to progress very far. I explored each room multiple times, killed two enemies and found some kind of pickup on a walkway. I found several red doors which I couldn't open, and one with a lock symbol on it, but I couldn't find a key. Anyways, great job overall, and do let me know if I'm missing something!