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Max W

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Neat! I forgot that you CAN run Love games on the web. I'll have to look into that....

Very interesting health mechanic, good difficulty curve, and the alternate weapons were a nice touch. I'd love to see what else you can do. :)

The little characters are really cute! Nice job.

Difficult, but cute!

Interesting idea. You could definitely use automata for some kind of RPG mechanic.... What do you mean by "fake casting" in the description?

Impressive that you made a turn-based puzzle platformer that feels this smooth to play. I also dig the 8x8 sprite -> 8x8 level mathemagic, and "you are the next level" is a really fun concept. Great job!

I've never seen a cellular automaton with more than 2 cell states, and this one exhibits some complex behavior! Did you make up these rules? Cool if so!

No idea what I was supposed to be doing, to be honest. It looked and sounded good, though. :)

This looked kinda cool, but it seems like there's no way to play without a numpad. Bummer.

Cool concept! Nice animation on the wyrmling and campfires, too.

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Cute! I like the concept. Nice touches with the red-matter blocks/walls + the fact that all (?) NPCs are save points.

How do you pronounce it, by the way? "Fly-pul"? "Flee-pul"?

Thanks for including a "clean up" feature, haha. I definitely misplaced a bone pile or two. Nice entry!

Truly impressive sound and graphics! The extra features are also very neat, like leaderboards, and mobile controls, and random daily mines. Great entry.

Absolutely wild. Definitely an art game if ever there was one. I think I reached an ending, and wow when I got it. The synergy between theme and gameplay is perfect. Please make a higher-res version of this!? It's amazing.

Super cute! I love the subtle shading for that oldschool liquid-crystal look. :D

Thanks so much, Diego! I really appreciate it. I'm glad you could tell the game was "made with love", because that pretty much summarizes my whole design philosophy. It's a thing I look for in games, too.

I'll let you in on a secret: this entry was basically a 1st prototype for a mobile RPG I've been designing for years. I wanted to test out some of my "micro-tactics" combat ideas and figured this jam was a good time to do so. The next prototype will probably be similar to this one, except bigger, prettier, and designed for mobile devices!

Yeah, maybe a number of stage "packs" or "worlds" (maybe "floors"?) or something that each introduce a new mechanic in a tutorial level or two, then include a handful of stages that are harder and incorporate mechanics from previous floors? Just an idea. :)

Great job including opening & ending cutscenes, by the way. Those make it feel much more complete as a game, and a lot more satisfying to finish! I can tell you spent a lot of time considering the player's overall experience.

Silly and fun. The different skills were neat, and I liked the variety in the graphics.

It's not really a complaint, but only a couple stages were challenging! That means your hints & difficulty curve were good, but I would love to see some more complicated stages with no hints. Really good entry, either way. :)

Thank you very much! I will check yours out today. :) *turn-based high-five*

Some bosses have that! ;) Although the adds are more of a hindrance than a boon, haha. If I'd had time to implement powerups, there would have been healing, for sure, both manually and enhanced "fish-healing". I will almost definitely include those in future versions... although the bosses will also get harder, hehe.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it overall!

This looks so cool. Is there any way you can make a Mac version?

Awesome! Thanks for the web build. This was cute and good. I like the little guy's expressions.

No help needed, but give my game a shot if you feel like it. :)

I would definitely give it another shot if you added that! :)

Thanks for instructions. This was really weird & really cool. I'm super frustrated that I couldn't find everything after sinking almost an hour into this (missing 1 blue and 1 gold. Afterthought: I should have tried Planting hedges). Anyway, well done. o_o

Barracks! That makes sense. :)

Oh, you have to press Down on the title screen! Haha! I literally thought the  vINFOv was cleverly referring to the instructions on the itch.io page. I didn't even see that screen before, now I feel silly.

Simple but engaging. I dig it. Thanks for making an Android build! My high score is 2489. :)

Good animations!

Simple but fun! I enjoy sliding puzzles.

I only see a .exe file + a folder of assets and .dlls in the zip download. Can you publish an actual .app for Mac users?

Thanks! I agree, turn flow feels a little bit awkward before you get used to it. I hoped the day/night cycle would clarify that, but it's really easy to miss when the 3-pixel sky changes color!

The unstoppable Jupi! Thanks for the feature, glad you liked the concept. :)

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it!

I was not expecting the Samurai Kirby shoutout. Nice. 😎

Wait, was there a "boost"? I only saw controls for steering and acceleration.

This was really nice, either way! Smooth controls and good aesthetics! It definitely feels like a SNES racer. :)

You die if you run out out ammo! That's rough. I like the lighting effect.

I get this error on launch from the new Mac file: https://pastebin.com/TDmtVX9q 

It's cool of you to keep trying to make this work. Have you gotten any other Mac users to try it out, maybe with OSX 10.10 or 10.11? I hate to think that it's just my outdated OS that's causing you this headache. Sorry again!

The little slimes looked good. :)

Love me some Tetris Attack. The shifting colors were cool, too. Great job, very solid!

Unforgivingly hard, but very pretty! I agree that the controls, especially when wall-jumping, were a little difficult to get used to. Dash-attacking felt slick, though.

I really liked that first boss fight! But I had to stop after I died in the next room... no checkpoints. ;_;

Slow but satisfying. Surprisingly emotional, too. You put a ton of work into this! The self-recorded music was a really nice touch.