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I am extremely stoked for 3.0. Generated monsters, custom mode, new keywords... woo!

franken randomizer when?

Congrats on your release! You even made a Mac version!! <3

Cool concept, but I confess I brute-forced the code because the clues did not make sense to me. Any chance you want to explain? :)

The semi-aimless platforming reminded me of Knytt a little. In a good way!

Interesting and dark. I liked it.

Really interesting idea! This takes randomly generated starting gear to another level. :)

Hi, Six Eyes. This demo was awesome! Impressive stuff, seriously. I can tell you're true FFT fans, haha. This is shaping up to be a cool, modern take on the genre. There's so much to praise, from the overall design, to the characters, to the little extra touches, like the detailed camp scene in the party menu.

Tiny bits of feedback (I'm using a 13-inch 2013 Macbook Pro, OSX 10.9.5):

  1. The icons for different types of skills are a little grainy and hard to distinguish from one another when scaled down. They looked a little better with the game at the largest resolution.
  2. The text-color difference between learned and non-learned skills could be bigger (i.e. the unlearned skills' text could be darker to help differentiate them).
  3. Spell animations are generally cool, but there's some "oomph" missing. Maybe if you darkened the screen during a spell animation so the effect stands out more? Just a thought!
  4. The SFX for the confirm button is a little squeaky/grating, at least on my computer.
  5. The Peddler is an interesting class, but it was frustrating to fight one! I hope there's eventually some way to sense traps before you step on them. A passive skill, perhaps? Or an active skill that just reveals all traps on the field? :)
  6. I think I found a bug.... Either Loading or Continuing from the title screen sets all unit's AP to zero? I think? I'm not sure what caused that for me if it wasn't quitting to title & then Loading/Continuing. Seemed like it was happening on both Load and Continue (I never saw that AP again!), but I didn't dig super deeply.

That's all I could think of. Again, really amazing work here. Thanks again for making & posting a Mac version! I don't have any issues to report regarding that, specifically. I was also stoked that my Logitech controller was supported!

Oh, shoot. OK. Will watch for another update. Good luck!

Interesting. Probably good call on the demo first, to see what issues players have with it. For what it's worth, I'm running OSX 10.9.5 on my Macbook, in case you need someone to test on a slightly older OS....

Thanks for responding, either way! I'm glad to hear you're at least considering a Mac version. Everything about this looks great based on the trailer. :)

This looks really good! Any chance you're planning to make a Mac version?

Update: I have a USB controller (Logitech Dual Action), but doesn't work with the Windows machine I used to play AO! Boo. Only my Mac likes it, not sure why. Oh, well... I'll try to finish the game someday using just the keyboard. >_<

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I found a Windows machine to play this & loved every minute of it. :)

I really hope there's a way to make a Mac/Linux version of the final game!

This was definitely one of the most impressive entries! Congrats on #1, you earned it! :D

Thanks! I did much better this time! :D

Wow, awesome! Thanks! I will definitely play this later. :D


What were the healing items supposed to be, by the way? Syringes? Food?

Thank you very much, rogueNoodle!!

Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! The last stage & boss are definitely tricky, but great job getting that far. I definitely agree on the text readability... it's one of my biggest regrets with this project. I was originally planning to draw all of the info pop-ups, but I ran out of time to do that or find a better low-rez font to print with. Next time for sure.

I think by "too big from the get-go", I meant I didn't know which way I was supposed to go from the starting room. There were lots of options that all seemed equally (quite) dangerous, instead of a clearer, safer path or two to follow.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks. Other people seemed to get it just fine, so maybe it was just me! :P

I'm either unlucky or really bad at this, but it's cool, either way! Maybe a little more explanation of what you're supposed to do would help give RTS noobs like me a fighting chance. :)

I'm also gonna chime in and say it's too hard! But super cool ideas, and good aesthetics. Neat entry overall!

Thanks! :D

This is a phenomenal entry, one of my favorites for gameplay. I really wish it supported controller input because it's quite difficult, and I really wanted to finish it! Too hard for me on a keyboard... the heat shield was as far as I could get. Great level design, great music... the graphics aren't beautiful, but they convey the mechanics very clearly. Full marks.

I love this original mechanic! This game would fit right in with Professor Layton minigames. Good aesthetics, also; the music was so depressing that it made me laugh. I wish I were smart enough to finish all the puzzles without looking at the solutions! >_<

A lot harder than I was expecting (I really couldn't get the timing for killing enemies, and infinite respawn made me sad; I came nowhere close to beating level 2), but cool entry overall! Very nice graphics and sound.

The graphics and controls are slick. I would love to see you continue on this one! I agree with others that background music and multiple lives/hit points would be nice (maybe an easy mode? hehe). Very nice entry overall.

Cool! Could use some sound effects and a little more exposition, but good stuff overall. It's definitely a nice start to something.

Stage 8 is nearly the end, but it is pretty tough! Nice job getting that far. 

Yes, the special attack hits up to 3 random enemies, sorry that that was unclear. Future versions will definitely have better abilities & explanations for that sort of thing. Thank you very much for playing and commenting. :)

Looove this concept.  I'm all about turn-based roguelikes, plus I'll never not get excited when I hear the phrase "treasure map". The music was sweet, and character customization was a really nice touch (could only be improved by adding a "random" button). The game is a little too hard, in my opinion, but great execution overall! :)

The camera was definitely not my friend, and turning & walking felt somewhat slow. Great aesthetics, though! It's random, but your music made me think of Final Fantasy Legend, an old GB favorite.

Fun concept! I like the simple graphics and music. It was a little hard to understand what to do sometimes (especially regarding dragons' favor; not sure why they suddenly started hating me on day 10), but interesting and cool overall. A design this dense would probably benefit from both a longer difficulty curve (stages and/or gradually unlocked mechanics) and higher-resolution graphics. Maybe make a simplified 64x64 version? Or enhance/remake in a larger format! :)

Haha! It must have been my imagination about the chest healing me - I thought I was at 1 HP and then I had 2 HP. Wishful thinking, I guess!! XD

It was unclear at first whether P1 and P2 were taking turns or fighting simultaneously. I agree with others that some attack-charging indicator would also be nice. And I don't really understand the point of mana...? It didn't really fit with the theme to me.

Overall, the game feels kind of awkward, but the concept is interesting, and awesome job on the sound and graphics!

Really nice graphics and sound! And some cool ideas. I like the theme, too. I bet this will be nice if you decide to keep working on it! I also think the gameplay would work well on a touchscreen, fwiw.

Manic and pretty! It's a little too hard for me, but the gameplay is well-executed. 

Pretty weird, but interesting! Probably faster turning & movement would have made it more enjoyable.

Awesome entry. I couldn't beat the boss on floor 7 (never claimed to be good at roguelikes, much as I like them), but I played through about 3 times. Great gameplay, enemy & item variety, and implementation of D&D rules. My only complaints are that 1. killing enemies has no real benefit, and 2. I didn't like it when the HUD overlapped with the field, but really good stuff, overall.

Really good graphics & sound! And really fun & satisfying until the timing puzzles started at level 19. That's just a personal preference, though. Awesome job overall!