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Max W

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Cute and solid! I was thankful for keyboard controls.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely wanted to add sound but ran out of time. The metaphor problem was also a result of last-minute corner-cutting, believe it or not. I may come back to this project and resolve both issues later on (and maybe even the difficulty of the last stage or two), but I'm glad folks liked this jam version a little! :)

Similar feelings to Deathray about this game. It needs some polish, but there's lots of cool potential here!

Remaking Pokémon is aiming pretty high for a game jam, but there is potential here.

Great graphics and SFX! The end was a little frustrating, but cute and fun overall.

Kinda rough around the edges (literally - I fell off the side of the map!), but perfection is not the point of a game jam. Overall, funny and original.

It's so hard! I couldn't get past the second level. It looks slick, though, and I dig the slowdown option.

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I will stay tuned. :)

(Edit) I am on a Mac, if that helps.

Created a new topic Change game resolution?

Is there a way to change the size of the game? It's too big for my monitor (I think I'm seeing about half of the display), and I can't resize the window. I want to play it, it looks cool!

I think it's necessary to show your character's shadow directly under them in a 3D platformer, otherwise it's super hard to predict where they'll land when jumping. Good graphics and music, though! :)

Hooray! Glad I could help.

The game is awesome, by the way. My BF and I are both hooked. :)

Posted in Bug reports

Summary: Two adjacent bats burned infinitely by Fire Sword


  1. I think my Archer was attacking a lone spider on top of the two bats, using a lit flaming sword.
  2. To the bats' right was a pile of at least 7 spiderwebs.
  3. Both bats were transformed vampires, but I don't remember if any doppelganger transformations also took place.
  1. I attacked the spider, which killed it, then caught the bats on fire.
  2. The fire burned the bats, then the spider webs to their right, but then the bats never stopped burning (I waited 20 seconds or so, it showed no sign of stopping).
  3. I took a screenshot and closed the game.
Observed on OSX, full version 0.96
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I beat Archeos in my second game (demo version), using all of the easiest Rank toggles. I had a Knight, an Archer, and an Adventurer, and my final score was 12. It still felt kind of hard! I came very close to losing, but maybe I'm just bad at the game. :P

(edited for my correct winning game's score)

I liked the Android version!

Sure thing!

Based on the screenshots, it looks like a lot of this game's art was copied directly from Zelda: Link's Awakening and Final Fantasy Legend 2. There isn't anything wrong with borrowing assets, but that's kinda uncool when you're charging money for the game.

I haven't read those games' copyrights, but "Violating copyright by posting content without permission to distribute" is prohibited in itch.io's Terms of Service. You might get yourself -- or worse, itch.io -- in trouble for selling a game that blatantly uses Nintendo's graphics. Maybe make your own sprite art and then reupload the game...?