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Petite Ombre - unfinishedView game page

Submitted by Kwisarts (@Kwisartz) — 33 seconds before the deadline

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Petite Ombre - unfinished's page


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Authenticity (Use of 64x64 limit)#44.9004.900

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I also included your game in an article of my favorites from this jam, which you can read here


Lovely graphics, fun game! I included it in my LowRezJam compilation, if you’d like to take a look :)


Thank you for playing it!


Really nice graphics and sound! And some cool ideas. I like the theme, too. I bet this will be nice if you decide to keep working on it! I also think the gameplay would work well on a touchscreen, fwiw.


I'll be honest, I'm not very fond of touchscreens, but it's true that it could be interesting. Although I like the use of the keyboard itself! (also it would allow me to "spell" stuff with letters)
And thanks! I consider this entry a prototype to a project of mine. :) I've had nice feedback on it and I could easily had more depth to it in terms of story (since I had no time to had anything there except the intro)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The graphics are fantastic and the music and sound effects are really good too. I like how the sound increases in pitch as you get a higher combo. The battle system is also pretty interesting. It's a shame it's unfinished.

I feel like it's a bit hard, though. It's very easy to die because of a couple of mistakes. This is mainly because losing a combo is so punishing. I think it would be more fair if the combo reset between each attack/defense phase, or if it didn't increase/decrease so dramatically.


Yeah, my time ran extremely short, There was a lot I still needed to do and sadly, couldn't.

At some point during the development, I wanted to allow the player to "break" the combo breaking, but due to many issues I had with the code, it was a bit more complicated than planned(cause I had to add a delay to prevent the buttons to decay while you were on cooldown); so I left it for later and didn't rework on it. Wanted it to be punitive though, but it's true that it's a bit too easy to lose it. Unfortunately, tweaking the difficulty was something I planned to do after play testing, but I didn't have the chance to.
If you find the battle system interesting, I've been looking at it for so much and been changing it a lot. I kinda like how it works right now, aside a few things to fix. Think it could be good for an actual game? Cause I've been thinking about making a game out of this system (of course, tweaking it a bit; each monsters would have their specific patterns too)


Great animations and unique battle system.


Thanks :)


I just love this game, everything works so perfectly. My only turn off might be the balance of the game, loosing a combo against that naughty virus enemy made me instantly every time.


Yeah, the game is unfortunately not finished so this was part of things I didn't have the time to work on. It has some balance potential but I literally didn't change the base numbers I've used to test the game... It has somewhat of a complexity that makes it tricky but if I had more time (and more test time) i'd be easily able to tweak the numbers. :) as you progress in levels, the game gets too easy (cause i didn't add tougher monsters)