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I've been asked to make a non-VR version, once I'm done adding new content and extending the game I'll probably try to figure out a control scheme for just mouse and keyboard.

I love the aesthetics of this, it looks really good.


The wormhole entry is just a sphere trigger around where you start. A ring gate would have been helpful or I should probably have just disabled controls in normal space, there is no need for the player to be able to fly around.

Thank you, I like these compilations where people play all the games. Thank you for doing these.

Thank you. I used to windsurf growing up, my parents had a couple of boards so I am familiar with how the wind feels on the sail. Originally I had the player control the sail's orientation and the board but it was cumbersome. I switched it over to the character automatically aligns himself with the wind  and let the game feel more chill and arcadey.

For sail/wind calculations I used simplified lift/drag equations for a sail, anything more complex felt like it took away from the experience and brought up questions like "why am I not moving right now" or "why am I not moving any faster".

Thanks, that was my main focus.

Thanks for streaming this game.

Thanks for playing my game.

Thank and sorry about the performance, probably should have skipped the fluid sim and focus on the other stuff.

This game is so fun. I really liked the fighting system.

I love surfing games like this. Very good execution, there is so much going on at times with the sharks and the wind. Your wave art is beautiful.

Great use of soft lighting and simple textures. Even in low resolution everything was clear.

It's fantastic. Great job. Feels very polished, controls great. One of the best I've played this jam.

Fun game, also great sound. I also have the same bug with my game where you can continue to attack after death.

Wow, I'm impressed at how much you were able to put in this.

A little hard for me to play though, my computer was registering a ghost left input (problem on my end I assume). As long as I kept moving no problem but if I let go of any directional keys the character would run right.

Very fun game. I like how the input patterns are more patterned than random. Once you read through the read arrows it goes really fast.

Thanks for the good comments, yeah I had to rush to finish my entry due to being away for a week. I totally agree about adding feedback for when your bullet hit. I had time to do it for the crab and squid but not so much for the pipes and turrets.

For the radioactive stuff I wanted to add a Geiger counter meter in the corner but again, not enough time.

The crab I had planned to add a dotted white square at his base like in Cobra Triangle for the NES to indicate where to bring the mines.

There wasn't much time to playtest or even test on my wife's computer.

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Uploaded a newer version setting engine scaling to Low and reducing memory buffers for fluid sim. Should run better on most machines.

Also added a very low setting windowed version.

I will upload a version with lowered settings and buffer usage for the fluid sim.

btw I am running this on a GTX1070 @ >90fps.

Yeah UE4 is pretty heavy. I could try to optimize but I don't think it would help you in your case, the game is actually running in full 3D behind the scene with extra filters applied to make everything behave like sprites. I am also running multiple fluid simulations for the water which can be pretty heavy.

When I first saw the overhead perspective I wasn't too sure this was gonna work out but the zoom out made this fun and smooth to play.

I'm impressed that you managed to make even lower resolution games for the jam. This is very well done.

Very well done and nostalgic. I was looking forward to play this game.

Great music and sunset.

This is an addictively hard game. Really good sense of speed with the background too. Good job.

Fun runner, liked the concept.

Love that this was inspired by Desert Bus.

Great animations and unique battle system.

I suck at these games but it is very well done.

I am impressed at how well you adapted this idea. Came out great.

You really nailed the look and feel. Good job

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From what I posted here

I made a camera for use in 3D games that eliminates pixel swimming. It allows your mesh to render like sprites and the background to stay static as you move the camera around. The camera can also be used topdown, isometric or from the side as long as there is no Roll on the camera itself.

To use:

  1. Place the camera in your world and orient for your needs.
  2. Implement PixelSnappableInterface on all your pawns.
  3. Pawns should decouple their mesh from the collision and return the mesh through the interface. The camera will adjust the mesh to snap to the pixels.

Google Drive

To reimplement this in other programs, all you need to do is create an orthographic camera and transform the locations of your dynamic meshes with the inverse transformation matrix of the camera, then snap XYZ in camera local space to [Camera Orthographic View Width]/[resolution] increments and finally transform back into world space with the camera's transformation matrix. The camera's location also needs to be snapped the same way as your meshes.

Note: The current follow implementation is not very good and causes some jittering. This camera works best when moved by the player or on it's own.

The music is public domain and taken from valid sources. Youtube is matching to other people's performances of the same pieces. On my gameplay video I had challenge the strikes and all but one backed out of the claim.

Don't worry, I will be uploading updates that fix the physics problems with the wrecking ball.