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I'm not sure if I missing something, but I seem to just lose at random even when I still have most of my health remaining. The background looks nice, but unfortunately there's no adherence to the resolution limitation. The shoot to change direction concept is cool though.

Neat concept for a game. The idea of a fast paced shooter and a methodical puzzle game shouldn't mix, but it was interesting having to push blocks under pressure. 

My major issue is that I wasn't sure what I had to recycle to win. I won after a while by just throwing in random blocks. 

The time continuing in the shop is interesting, but I felt too stressed to think so I mostly just slapped on random weapons. Maybe time could keep going, but at half speed or something?

Other than that, the graphics look quite nice. I like the shadow effect. It adds a lot of depth to the visuals.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, in hindsight I should've tutorial-ised the mechanics better.

Yeah, I tried to have every planet introduce a new gameplay element. The only "trick" is that people seem to miss is that you can stop shooting to move faster. Other than that it's just a matter of learning the patterns and practice.

Thanks for the comment. 

To dodge the spiral pattern you need to stop shooting (you move slower when shooting) and move in the appropriate direction to outrun it. I've had several complaints about this so clearly it's not as intutive as I thought.

Glad you enjoyed it.

What did you find difficult about Gardoxi? I know the difficulty is a bit uneven, but I didn't expect that to be one of the harder levels.

Wow, that's high praise! Thanks for the kind words.

Glad you enjoyed it! Making it circular wasn't too hard really -  just let the engine handle the rotated view and hope it doesn't look too janky.

Congratulations! I'm glad someone managed to beat them game.

Yeah, the difficulty curve is a bit wonky. Originally that attack fired lasers in 4 directions, but they synced up and made it trivial to avoid. I added a 5th laser to make it "slightly" harder, but ended up turning it into wild laser spam.

Thanks! As Wes Casto said, the intent is to stop shooting, then move left/right to outrun the spiral.

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Really neat game! I feel like I've seen a lot of letter based games for some reason, but this still has it's own ideas that work well. I like how the letters you collect always correspond to actual words. Stuff like the enemies giving you all the letters from their names and attacks, and how the chests give you letters in the form of names of items. I also appreciate you were committed enough to the typing idea to also use it for menus and navigation. It makes the game feel very cohesive.

The idea of damage based on the rarity is interesting and works well most of the time. Sometimes it's a bit unbalanced though. I started one run with some common word (CRUSH maybe?) and felt like I never had enough damage to do anything. The next time I started with SLAY, picked up a Y upgrade, then cruised through the game one-shotting most enemies.

Speaking of upgrades, I feel that could've been communicated a bit clearer. I assume you add the damage/rarity for each letter, and upgraded letters are counted twice. This leads to confusing scenarios where sometimes an upgrade massively boosts a word, and other times does barely anything. Maybe the ability interface could show how the damage for a word is made up e.g. SLAY(100) = S(10) + L(10) + A(5) + Y(75).

Regardless, this is still a very well made game with a clever concept!

Probably not going to bother with that. Part of the reason for making a web version is so the game can be played on any OS without having to maintain a bunch of different versions.


You can change the level of screenshake via the general settings on the title screen. Though that plus the music volume issue brings up a good point that settings should be accessible mid-game. Next update, maybe.

Very interesting concept. I like the variety of upgrades you can choose from, and how they can stack across time periods. I couldn't get very far though. I mainly kept reaching level 2, then getting overwhelmed by those tanky knight enemies. Perhaps I'm supposed to intentionally delay completing level 1 to grind? Anyway, the sprites and animations are pretty nice. The UI text seems very small though.

I like the western style and you definitely did a great of using all the right visuals, music and sound effects to really sell it. The top  down shooting gameplay is fun. It's cool how you can dual wield revolvers, shotguns, or a mix or both. Having a boss fight at the end is a nice addition too.

The mechanics could be fleshed out a big more though. The concept of mixing and matching dual wielded weapons is neat but quite limited. There's only two different weapons in the game and both have unlimited ammo, so once you get a couple guns there's no reason to switch. This mechanic could have a lot of potential with more weapon variety, plus some ammo mechanics to force you to ditch old guns.

Interesting game. There seems to a bot of different mechanics working together. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to get the best grasp of it, and mainly just ended up dying when I ran out of grenades. Perhaps I would understand it better if I had played the original Death Stranding.

That said, the presentation is very nice. There's a lot of detail in the visuals despite the ASCII style. The depiction of Sam and his status in the HUD is a particularly nice touch. I like the variety of different colours and environments. The music is also good and adds a lot to the game's atmosphere.

There doesn't seem to be anything in the bottom left. Perhaps the canvas is too large for my browser and the bottom is being cut off?

I just published an update with controller support in case you're interested in checking it out.

Really cool game! I like the variety of different weapons and equipment you can find, as well the amount of flexibility you get when choosing where to put it. I also really like how you can take weapons from enemies. It adds an interesting  level of strategy to the game when you need to considering how to defeat enemies while trying to save their equipment. One thing I did wish for was some way to recover when all your weapons break. It's a bit frustrating how you essentially have to give up and let yourself die.

Glad you enjoyed the combat!

Elemental damage is multiplied  by 1.5 when effective, and divided by 1.5 when not effective (as opposed to Pokémon for example, which multiplies and divides by 2). My intent was that having the right element is a bonus instead of being essential, but maybe that ended up making the effect too subtle.

Neat game. I like the chill vibes you were going for. It's interesting not having much of a goal, and instead just roaming around in the rain seeing what you can find. I like the use of the sort of damp earthy colour palette. It could do with some nice rain sounds, but that was easy enough to supply myself.

One complaint is the lack of indicator for what your current level of motivation is. It's annoying trying to explore, then out of nowhere you get told to restart. I get you probably didn't want to make it too obvious, but even just a small hint to warn you to go back to cabin when you're running low would be nice.

Cool game! The mechanics of throwing the gun to recover ammo is neat. I think it should work on any enemy though. The first time I played I killed all the green guys first, then ran out of ammo and couldn't do anything to do the purple guys. I like the use of brief pauses to make kills more impactful, and also to give you some chance to prepare to dodge the bullet scatter. The music and sound effects are pretty good. The graphics are a bit basic, but work well enough.

I'm not sure if I doing something wrong, but whenever I kill all the enemies the game just freezes.

I like the idea. It's neat getting a different set of dice each turn so you have to adapt to what you're given. Being able to choose between moving or rerolling is also a nice strategic option. Unfortunately, these mechanics aren't used that well. The enemies are very basic and often get stuck behind walls, which removes and sort of urgency when it comes to making decisions.  The concept definitely has potential, so it would be interesting to see what could be done if it was fleshed out more. 

My only other note is that is that the white movement options are difficult to see against the mostly white background.

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I was playing the current version. Yes, the music was playing. I can't totally remember about the the hotbar, but I don't think it was visible.

This seems like a cool game, but wow there is a lot going on! I was pretty overwhelmed to be honest. I managed to get the basics down at least and fought through a few enemy encounters while using attacks more-or-less at random. It certainly seems like an impressive amount of work has gone in here. The graphics are nicely detailed, and the music is really good. 

Unfortunately, the game seemed  to lock up on me during a battle. I could still hover over stuff with the mouse, but it didn't switch back to my characters for their turn. I tried clicking on things and pressing keys but nothing progressed.

What a cute game! There's loads of personality with all the sprites for Ling and the enemies. It's a nice touch how Ling's sprite on the HUD has animations for when she heals and gets hit. Using a thought bubble for the inventory display is clever too. The music is nice as well. I enjoyed combo-ing on all the enemies, and managed to reach the end of the game. 

I love the variety of different moves available and how they all have unique animations. There could be a little variety in the moves mechanically though. It felt like there were basically three moves: High chance/low damage, mid chance/mid damage, and low chance/high damage. I ended up just swapping out when I got moves that were clearly better than the ones I had. I do think the combo system has potential though, and would be interested to see how it could be expanded.

I had issues getting the game to work. The title screen is fine but when I click play it just goes to the black screen most of the time. I did manage to get into the actual game a couple times though.

From what I saw, the game is pretty cool. I like the lighting effects for the bullets and explosions. Shooting at enemies is fun, and the shield is a neat defensive mechanic. There could be a little more variety in the audio (different enemy shoots sound, enemy explosion sounds, etc.) but audio at all is pretty good for a jam.


It doesn't have controller support but I'll add that to the todo list.

Enter the Gungeon is among my various inspirations.

Very well made game! The overall level of polish is amazing. Nice pixel graphics, beautiful music, and well made sound effects. The gameplay is no slouch either. It really forces you to think about your steps to minimise moves and have the best chance of surviving. I lost the first time but won on my second attempt when I realised that you don't lose moves after all the enemies are defeated.

I guess one complaint is the logic of what beats what feels arbitrary. It would've been nice to have clear arrows in the UI instead of the ambiguous lightning bolts.

Really cool game. The concept is creative and seems well thought out. It's particularly clever how stronger spells have longer words so they're both harder to make and take longer to charge. The letters you get seem well balanced in that you get enough letters to make some spells, but not all of them, so you need to pick and choose what the letters go to. The graphics look great and the music is nice to listen to.

My minor nit-pick is that it's annoying having to re-equip spells constantly. The last spell you used should stay selected.

Glad you liked it!

Thanks! Glad you like the screen-shake; I wasn't sure if I made it too intense or not.

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you liked it.

The super/not very effective hits do actually have different sound effects. The damage number size and level of screen-shake also changes with effectiveness (along with colour tint you mentioned). Perhaps I could increase the variation of these effects to make it more obvious?

Neat game, but a little buggy. The fireball doesn't seem to work. I cast it right in snakes' faces several times but it did nothing. The shops inventory also seems to be global, since I bought two items from a shop and the next shop had two missing. Then I bought the remaining two items and the rest of the shops never had anything.

I like the random spell generation. Pretty clever how you generate the names. It could do with some tweaking though. I managed to get a spell that cost 3 mana but gave 5, so I basically had infinite mana. I also had a spell that gave me money, so I had infinite money too. 

Cool game! The concept of baiting enemies is neat, and plays well as you have to think about where and when to place bait in order to succeed. I like how you kept the fishing idea through the special lures. The graphics are also good, with a nice colour palette and some well drawn sprites. I managed to get to the third floor one time, but got killed by a crocodile (alligator?) getting up in my face

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Wow, the presentation in this game is super slick! The colour palette, the way the camera shifts as you transition between the rooms, the stylised ascii characters... it's all great. The premise is clever too. 

I found the combat a bit too challenging, though I'm not sure I fully understood it. I assume you're supposed to try to attack when the power gauge is full? I managed to find all the clues a few times but died  to the curse pretty much instantly each time.

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Neat game. I really like both the lighting and cave generation systems. It's fun throwing glow sticks to light everything up, and finding a new cave with a bunch of crystals is always exciting. 

Gameplay wise it's simple but works well enough. One thing I felt it was missing is some way to heal. Maybe there could be a mining material that heals you? Also, having to quit and re-launch the game (unless I'm missing something) to restart is annoying.

Good job overall, though.

It's incomplete as you said, but I like what you have so far. The art is fantastic and lends a nice sense of atmosphere. The battle system is basic but seems like a good foundation.

I spent a lot of time on this one, slowly inching forward to make sure I didn't lead my bots straight into the aliens. It took a bit to wrap my head around the systems, but once I did it was a lot of fun. There seems to be a lot of strategic depth with how you can set up the robots to do tasks. Having the laser reactivate robots is a really cool idea, letting it function both as a weapon and as a way for the robots to support each other.

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Cool game! The control scheme is unique and very fun, even if it takes a little to get used to. Having the bullets get momentum from your movement is neat as it forces you to think about moving in different ways. The invincibility potion is a good addition as well. I love running into a room with a potion and slamming into all the enemies. Finally, the escape sequence is very cool. Having a light to guide the way to the exit is a nice touch.