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Having this on PlayDate would be cool! Unfortunately there aren't any tools yet for porting GameMaker games to PlayDate, so that would require remaking the game in another language. I don't have time for that right now, but I'll keep it in mind as something to try in the future.


Haha yeah I've had that happen when playtesting! I made the original version on an old laptop with a dim display so the colours looked okay, but it can be a bit hard to look at using a new bright display.

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you appreciated the UI.

I made this during a 48 hour jam so I ran out of time for an ending. I hope to add a better ending in a post-jam version though!

Nice game! The mechanic of launching yourself to move is very interesting, and I like how you can chain  together launches by smashing into items. The slow-mo is a nice touch too, and makes it a lot easier to set up combos. The graphics are good and I really enjoyed the music. Unfortunately, I had the same issue as chmann where WASD stopped working after the first run.

A bit simple, but still a neat game. The enemies move at a good speed where they aren't trivial to avoid but still give you enough space to weave around them. The graphics/audio are quite basic, but still work well enough.

Pretty short, but I enjoyed what there was. I agree with others that the art could be more intuitive, but it wasn't too bad once I learnt what everything did.  Music is nice, sound that plays when you complete a level is less nice.

Wow, this is super cool! The racing mechanics seem well fleshed out. I like how you can get boosts by doing drifts. The jumping feature is also really neat, both as part of the track and when using the power-up to do skips. I also appreciate the huge variety of tracks that are available, especially considering all the different graphics and music. The controls and rapidly turning view are tricky to use, but it's still a lot of fun. The one thing it's missing is someone else to race against. Not that I would expect that - there's plenty of content here already for a jam game!

Cool game. The mechanics are simple but also pretty fun. I like the ability to dive down after jumping - it gives you a lot of control over your height. There's a nice variety of obstacles too. I'm not sure if there's something I'm missing, but it seems impossible to avoid the helicopter's missile. It would always catch up with me eventually no matter what. 

The graphics are nice. I like the consistent use of reds, yellows and purples. The lighting effects are cool, but could be toned down little. Some of my deaths were less because I made a mistake and more because I couldn't see what was happening.

Cool game. I like how there's a decent variety of moves between attacking, dodging and The idea of upgrading yourself and the enemies at same time is clever. Unfortunately, the collision can be a bit unpredictable, and it's easy to get stun-locked when taking damage. You can be doing fine for a while then lose all your health just by getting trapped. Regardless, the presentation is quite nice. The graphics look good given the low resolution, and the audio is well used.

This game is one of the most polished and visually impressive out of any I have played this jam. The various items obstacles are incredibly detailed for such a low resolution. The main character is animated very well. I'm impressed with how you made them actually look and move like a person with so few pixels. The text explaining the story and controls is a very nice addition. I also enjoy how the world is decently large and allows some non-linear exploration.

Unfortunately, I cannot stand the old school Castlevania style fixed jumping. It turns what could be a fun little platformer into an exercise in frustration. Those jumps onto single width platforms a very specific distance apart are particularly bad. The way the checkpoints work is also questionable. You shouldn't have to re-activate them after dying. I had to restart the game over twice because I forgot to activate them. I still managed to reach the end eventually though.

Neat little game. It's fun exploring around trying to find new items. There's a decent variety of enemies, though it's a little disappointing you only encounter once at a time. It would've been cool to fight multiple, though obviously that would require some rebalancing. The variety of rooms and lootable items is nice. I like the way the music changes between rooms too.

Really clever idea. I like how it takes a while to regenerate letters so you're forced to get creative. There was some guess work with letters not hitting the cells I expected, but I'm not sure how you would fix that. 

The graphics and the audio are charming. The duck's expressions are a nice touch. 

I wish the score counted the enemies killed rather than the rounds passed. Maybe some score bonuses if you kill a bunch of enemies with one letter. I could never seem to get further than round 2 so it would be nice to have some more granularity.

Cool game. I really like the way the dragon moves around. It seems to have a lot of variety in animation and attacks. The gameplay seems a bit simple when you can just die and know your damage still counts, but it was fun trying to last as long as possible before dying. The plant system is neat, but I feel it could be made a little more intuitive. I kept forgetting what most of them do, and it was tricky to cycle between them during combat. Other than that, I enjoyed the music and colour palette.

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Very cool game! The rules looked a bit daunting at first, but they were quite intuitive once I started playing the game. I like the options you have and the strategy it takes to optimise everything. The graphics are very charming and there's a lot of polish in the animations and sound design. I especially like the way everything counts up on the score screen. Speaking of the score screen...

Wow, this seems very ambitious! A visual novel is not something I expected in a low rez jam, given fitting text on the screen is a common issue, but this worked well. The backgrounds and characters are well drawn, and I like the use of music. It's shame a there isn't a proper ending, but I enjoyed what there was. Like others, I wish there was some more interactivity.

Neat game. I like the idea of merging snake with an adventure game. I wish it didn't have perma-death though.  I want to explore the whole world but it's too annoying starting again every time. The furthest I got was past the guy who wanted the ring. From what I did see it seems like there's a lot of things to find and obstacles to overcome. The graphics and music are nice too.

Thanks. Will see if I can tweak the sounds to make them less annoying.

Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, would probably agree that Skataar ended up being the hardest planet.

Wow, this is insanely polished and content rich for a jam game! There's a huge number of levels and they all seem quite well designed. There's a hub world, option collectables, unlockable outfits and everything. The art is very detailed for such a small resolution. The music/sound fx are great too and feel high quality. 

The controls feel nice and the mechanic of bouncing off things with the sword is interesting. As others have mentioned though, it could be tweaked to be a little more forgiving e.g. smaller spike hitboxes. I'm not sure if there's an end goal beyond "complete all the levels" but I managed to collect enough items to open all the locked doors. 

Overall, an incredibly impressive job! It feel like something I could see on Steam for a few dollars.

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Pretty simple, but also pretty fun. I like the choice of a skeleton kicking around its own head. It gives the game a lot more personality than itfit was just a guy kicking around a ball. The score counter in the background is cool too. The one thing it's sorely missing is a tracked high score.

Great game! The concept of using defeated enemies to slowly get higher is neat, and executed. well. Getting upgrades and slowly growing more powerful is satisfying. The presentation is very well done too. Everything is animated smoothly. I was particularly impressed by the way the ash piles up. The voice acting is also a nice touch.

Very immersive slug-like experience. The struggle of getting from puddle to puddle is real. I like the way the background and the music slowly change as you get more dried out. As you said, the ending is very satisfying. I also appreciate the double meaning of the title.

I know having to slowly slide along by mashing the button is part of the joke, but I think the mashing could've been toned down just a little.

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Cool concept, but mixed execution. I feel this is one of the games where the low resolution hurt it. The limited view (plus lack of ability to turn around) caused a lot of trial and error. It also took me a while to realise that you can hide from the fish by staying in the grass. Perhaps that could be mentioned in the instructions? 

On the positive side, the concept of a crab walking around walls with only jumping/stopping to control yourself is neat. Once you get used to it, it's pretty fun. The overall art style is very charming - both the colour palette and the sprite work. The music is nice too. I like the addition of shells to collect for extra challenge, though I only got a few of them.

The end screen stopped before I could take a screenshot, but my favourite shell was the floppy disk.

Really neat game. It's interesting how you can use your units in different ways to work together, and choose upgrades to develop your own strategy. For my best run I had two paladins with extra health in the front tanking  hits, then an archer at the back with extra range/damage sniping all the enemies. The graphics are charming and the music is nice. The intro song is particularly enjoyable.

Cool game. I like the variety of weapons and characters. The music and sound effects are also nice. The combat was hard to understand at first but I think got a vague understanding of it after a while. Getting the quad damage power-up and obliterating everyone with massive numbers was a highlight.  Unfortunately, it crashed at some point:

Neat game. The graphics and audio are very nice, and convey a very relaxing vibe. I especially like the way the sky slowly changes from day to night. When it comes down to actual fishing it's pretty simple but still satisfying to catch the fish. 

One thing I will say is that it seems this game had some questionable priorities for a short dev time. The polished menu, over world stuff, and the day/night cycle is cool, but I think it would've been preferable to flesh out the core fishing mechanics more first.

Cool game. The combat mechanics are well fleshed out and it strikes a good balance between being challenging and forgiving. The graphics are nice, with the various animations of the characters being particularly impressive. It's a little light on content, but quality over quantity I suppose.

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Cool game. It's a pretty typical platformer, but executed very well - especially given the low resolution. The graphics look very nice. I particularly like the trail behind the character. The music is good too. The controls are a little slippery, but not to an unusable degree.

Forgot to take a screenshot, but my time was 3 minutes 20ish.

Very cool game! There's a lot of content here. Different weapons, lot of platforming challenges, multiple boss battles, plus even some story. The art is very well drawn/animated, and the limited palette works great for the low resolution. Music and sound effects are similarly high quality. 

I like the creative ways the weapons are used in platforming, but some of the platforming challenges are a little finicky.  The rocket jumps are tricky to do consistently, and it's hard getting the bubbles in the right spot without making them too high to reach or popping them on walls. It might've helped to have simpler weapon switching (e.g. rocket on left click and bubble on right click) to make combo moves easier.

Wow, what a unique way to present the game! I never would think of making a 64x64 game in this way. A rotated view on its own is interesting, but the whole cross-stitch aesthetic is just mind-blowing. I didn't even know you could make itch pages look like that! It almost feels like there needs to be a new category about creativity to properly rate the game.

Presentation aside, the game is a fairly conventional Zelda-esque adventure game, but executed well. There's a decent amount of world to explore and solid - if simple - combat. The graphics are also well thought out. I've played some low rez 3D games that just slap a pixel filter on detailed graphics, but this voxel-y art style works well with the resolution.

I had one bug where the music stopped playing in the grey cave area on the left.

Cool game! There's a surprising amount of tactical options with a fairly limited move set. I particularly like the idea of having to come up for air every so often. It means you can't run and hide forever and eventually will eventually have to confront each other. The graphics and sound design are great too. Being able to tell what the enemy is doing by listening is a nice touch.

Very well made. The colourful art, the great music, the level intros, the multiple characters... everything seems very polished and well thought out. I enjoyed fighting each boss and even played through the game with both characters. Great job!

My shoot-em-up/bullet hell experience comes from roguelikes than classic shooters. but I'll take the comparison as a compliment.

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Thanks. I don't currently have plans to expand the game, but I could revisit it in the future if I come up with more ideas for it.

Short but sweet. The graphics look great - the limited colour palette is nice and the sprites are well drawn. I also enjoyed the music and overall sound design. The movement is a little slippery for my liking, but it's not unmanageable and certainly gives a low gravity feel. Having a victory cutscene after completing the game is a very nice touch.

It took me a while to realise I could shoot the boxes generating the electric barriers and I spent an embarrassing amount of time looking for a key or something. Not sure if that's a conveyance issue or just me being dumb.

Very cute. The graphics are very pleasant and the music fits the tone of the game well. It's impressive just how much detail you managed to fit into the small resolution. All the items are distinct and there's a nice variety of them. The farming mechanics seem quite well fleshed out and I enjoyed growing stuff while fighting off the pesky snails.

Unfortunately, I struggled getting the recipes to work. I think I got a guest to accept my food one time, but the rest just rejected whatever I gave to them even though I thought I had what they wanted. One thing that would really help is some indication of what is in the pot and whether it's cooked properly or not.

Okay, perhaps I was mistaken about the transition. The expanding circle effect seemed too round, but maybe that's just because it moves so fast.