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I extracted the contents of the download directly to their own folder. That folder now contains a folder titled "gaaaaaaame", with contains the RSC folder, executable and a bunch of other files. I am attempting to run the game by double-clicking on the executable. Just now I deleted the folder, downloaded/extracted it again and had the same result.

This is a pretty strange idea for a game, but it's kind of fun chasing the deer to try and get the best photo possible. I think it could be improved a little by making it more clear what elements of each picture were contributing to your score. I know the score tally has some details but they're a bit abstract without any explanation. Anyway, my score was 278.

Cool game. I like the arcade feel and the bubble mechanics is pretty interesting. The graphical style is and the music is pretty catchy too. Overall, it's just a really solid package.

Very interesting game. I like how it starts as a friendly game about helping everyone but ends up taking a different turn. I'm not sure the whole comic panel thing added much, but it was a neat idea trying to make a comic and a game at the same time. The music is nice. The graphics are just simple shapes but that works effectively with the context of what is being said.

The rush mechanic is super fun, and it's cool how once you get hang of you can constantly jump and rush from platform to platform, barely ever slowing down. I wish you had a bit more chance to ply before a game over, though. Each session usually ends in a few seconds. Perhaps there could be multiple lives? The graphics are simple but effective, and the music and sounds are nice (though the music constantly restarting does get a bit annoying). My best score was 2085.

What a nice little comic. I enjoy the character's design and expressions, plus I really like the limited colour palette thing you went with. It was a pretty amusing and charming (albeit brief) story.

Cute game with a nice (if a little overt) message. I would have liked if there was more in terms of gameplay, but I suppose you weren't really going for something mechanically intensive. The pixel style is nice and the music is good too.

Very well made game. It captures Asteroids quite well, with no major faults that I can see. The only issue is that you have no invincibility after you die so you can easily take multiple hits. The visuals style looks great and the sprites are nice. The audio is a bit limited but what is there works well. However, I was a bit disappointed that it's just Asteroids. I was hoping that would at least by some small twist. I'm also pretty sure the gameplay goes against the "no violence" thing.

Neat game. The bubble mechanic is interesting and the level design makes use of it to its fullest. I appreciation the addition of an undo and quick restart button so the challenge is in figuring out a puzzle's solution not executing it. The graphics and audio are nice, though as fluidvolt said the music can be unnerving. Nothing wrong with that, but it feels a bit out of place in a jam about bubbly pink things.

This seems like it could be really cool. It took me a while to figure out the controls (as well as the fact that you needed to return to the circle near you goal to keep playing after scoring) but once it I did it was cool running around and throwing the ball. I really enjoy how you can catch the ball, and I had some fun throwing the ball up in the air and trying to catch it. Unfortunately, the AI always de-spawned as soon as the match started so I never got to have any real competition.

This clearly unfinished in terms of an overall game, but it's pretty nice for a simple platforming engine. You probably check for a floor collision when jumping though (right now you can jump infinitely in the air).

It's not a game nor a comic, but it was still pretty interesting. I like all the crazy effects that are in the first half of the video.

Neat little game. It's short but fun while it lasts. I like the addition of screen shake to add some impact to the shots. Some of the graphics look nice, but the wildly differing resolutions of the assets doesn't look great. The music is nice and the sound effects are good, though. That said, I feel like this goes against the spirit of the "no violence" rule. Even if you're technically turning the blue slimes pink instead of killing them, the gameplay is basically the same.

Oh, and as a fellow Game Maker user:


It's just an annoying hassle for anybody who wants to play your game. Just compile your game as an executable or zip file.

This seems pretty solid for a simple 3D platformer. Unfortunately, there are some missteps that bring the game down a little. The mouse should be invisible and locked to the middle of the screen so it doesn't distract you and get randomly caught at the edges of the screen. You should also be able to look up and down to be able to judge jumps better. Finally, a shadow would also be nice so you have a clear idea of where you will land.

The basic movements feel pretty nice. I like how the character smoothly rotates towards the direction you're pushing rather than instantly snapping. I alsp like the of spending bubbles to activate bridges, but I think this would be more interesting if you had some option of which bridge to activate, allowing for multiple routes through  level. Unfortunately I didn't get far enough to see if their were any other mechanics to comment on. I couldn't manage to get past the spikes on the second level.

Cool game. I like the concept and it's pretty fun playing through it. It does get a little annoying having to do a correct sequence every time you want to pick someone up, though. Maybe the first time you get someone you could need to do three symbols, but the following times you get that person it would only take one.

Regardless, the visual style is very nice. The colours well together and the sprites are very detailed. The music and sound effects are also great and lend a charming atmosphere to the gae.

Neat comic. Short but sweet, with an amusing ending. I like the combination of cartoon drawings with some real world images.

Whenever I try to run the game I get this error:

Script 'Cache' line 106: Errno::ENOENT occured.

No such file or directory - Graphics/System/MsgImage

Nice little game. It all works well and the presentation is nice. The visuals fit the mood of the game and look great, plus the music is pleasant to listen to. The level design is also well thought out. The one issue I have with the game is that it gets samey quite quickly. Introducing more puzzle mechanics over time would have made it a lot more interesting. Unfortunately, I got stuck on stage 16.

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Really neat idea for a game. The concept is cute and I feel like it could be expanded upon a lot. Perhaps you could see the customers walking past, and different customers would like different displays more?

It seems a little a slow - both the movement speed and the gravity for the items. That could just be my computer or something, though. My laptop can't handle 3D Unity games very well and overheats quickly so I had to quit after a short time.

Really neat game, but it feels a bit tricky for me. Getting a single meal done requires a lengthy process and the whole the screen is getting clogged with blocks you don't need. The mehanics are certainly very interseting and lead to some neat gameplay, but I feel the diificulty could be better balanced.

Most of the audio seems like stock stuff but it's all well chosen. The graphics are nice too - very colourful. I wish the game was scaled up a bit so it was easier to see, though.

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Neat game. The graphics are really nice and the music is cute. The two mechanics are cool and I like how they work together. I think the blowing could have some more practical uses, though.

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Interesting comic. I like how the panels all sort of blend into each other. I don't quite understand what's going on, but it looks nice at least.

I glad you liked the game and the graphics. Sorry about the tiny hop stuff - It takes a lot of practice to get right. At least you managed to make it past the first level that uses it, though.

I had a feeling people would have trouble with the small hop mechanic. I probably should have made the timing more lenient or something - I guess I just got too used to the timing to realise that how tricky it can be.

I'm glad you liked the graphics. They're technically not 1-bit because of the partial transparency with the dust and transition effects, but it's close enough.

Thanks for playing the game. I'm glad you liked the exploration elements.

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Oh, that's unfortunate. Good luck with the keyboard, I guess.

Thanks for featuring the game. I'll be sure to check out the video.

Just played it again and it seems I was mistaken - the sound does change a bit. I guess I just feel it could be a bit more obvious where you're supposed to be aiming.

Oh, and thanks.

Nice little game. The visuals are great - I really like the backgrounds. The music is nice, though it sometimes feels out of place with the hardcore platforming. I also enjoyed the gameplay. It's neat how there are a bunch of different levels with unique themes and enemies. As others have mentioned, it feels like the game needs some checkpoints (I did get to the end despite this). Sliding under stuff can also be a bit awkward.

Other than the restart button, I'd say you should add some way to tell how close you are to the target. Perhaps the sound could change as you get closer?

The graphics are amazing! It's super impressive how much detail there is considering the limited resolution. The sound and music are also quite good, though there could be a bit more variety in the music. The gameplay is solid and there's a great amount of content. I like that you can get new spells, but I would've preferred it if there was more need to use them. I did get the bomb last so perhaps there are some shortcuts you take with it if you get it earlier.

Thanks. I was a bit worried about how small I had to go with the sprites to fit everything in there, but I think it worked out pretty well.

I "beat" the game! It's actually really cool once you figure out the timing for the beat. It's an interesting combination of a rhythm game and a space shooter. I like the upgrades you get. The main thing I feel it's missing is some cool music to shoot along to.

I like how you saw 64x64 restriction and were like "Pfft,  I can do lower rez than that!" Anyway, very nice concept for a game and very well executed. The graphics are great and each mini game is pretty fun despite the lower than low resolution.

It's great to hear that you liked it so much.

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I'm glad you enjoyed the game. It's unfortunate you couldn't finish it, which is why I made quick gamepad version that you can download here:

It should be compatible with your old save file - just make sure to choose "continue" on the main menu. Also, try not to use it for rating.


  • Move: Left stick or D-pad
  • Shoot: X or RT
  • Dash: A or LT
  • Magnet: B or RB
  • Lift: Y or LB
  • Map: Back
  • Exit: Start
  • Select: Left stick or D-pad
  • Confirm: A

Neat game. The music is nice and the sound effects work well. I like the detailed animations of the player character. Knocking the balls into the hoop is quite fun, and surprisingly challenging. My best score was 6.

I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks, and good luck.

Wow, this is really good! The graphics are great, the music is nice, and the gameplay is fun. It feels very polished. There's some really cool details like all the different game over screens. It's too hard for me though. The furthest I could make it was the mini-boss of level 2.