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I'm glad you liked it.

I've DM'd you on Twitter about the translation.

Yeah, J works. Assuming I'm not missing something, it would be nice to have the controls listed somewhere. Anyway...

This game definitely feels very authentic to the NES. Arguably a bit too authentic in some areas. The weird jumping does reflect old school games well but it can be annoying to get the hang of. I did grow to like it though - it makes navigating levels an interesting puzzle as you have to figure out where you can/can't jump. What I definitely didn't like was the lives system. It feels like it's there just to be retro and doesn't add anything other than annoyance. It's especially bad in this game since the levels are very specific and if you miss an enemy with a box you've basically wasted a life.

That gripe aside, this is a really well made game. The core mechanics are fairly simple but lead to lots of interesting challenges. I like how there are multiple ways to kill enemies (from the side, from above, into a pit) and how you can push enemies as well as boxes. The level design is all well thought out to take advantage of your abilities. There seems to be some clever details - I noticed that exiting an elevator with a box in front lets you collect the box for points. There's also an impressive amount of content though unfortunately I only reached level 13 out of 20.

I'd like to try this game but I can't get it to run. When I open the exe it shows an error saying "RPG Maker 2003 RTP is not found."

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you liked the ending duel. It feels like I put a disproportionate amount of work into drawing the sprites and such for a few seconds of gameplay so it's good to know it was appreciated.

Nice game. The sounds, music and visuals (as well as the visible arcade cabinet) give it a definite retro feel and it overall seems to be pretty well thought out. I think it's clever how the laser goes through platforms but the bomb doesn't - it's easier to hit the aliens from down the bottom, but you have to be up the top to hit the UFO, forcing you to keep moving up and down the stage. 

One thing I did have a lot of issue with is the jumping mechanics. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but the jump height seems to vary a lot. It's kind of awkward how jump is Space but double jump is W - why not bind them to the same key? It's also annoying how only the double jump goes through platforms. I think the game would work better if the normal jump also went through platforms so you don't keep bonking on the low ones.

This seems a bit incomplete but I like what you have going here. The turn based nature of the game add a sort of tactical decision making to the usual fast paced action of space shooter games. Having to collect ammo rather that starting with it is an interesting twist too. It just needs to restart when you die, have a proper victory screen, and a few more levels and you've got a pretty nice game.

I'm not sure what console you were trying to emulate but it's a bit high resolution for most stuff I can think of. That said, the graphics do look really nice. They have a sort of simple charm to them - I particularly like the look of the alien ships. The black and white colour scheme is also a good choice.

There isn't much content, but what is here is very high quality. The art all looks top notch and is animated very fluidly (aside from obvious placeholder red and yellow blocks). The scan lines are also the nice touch. The sound effects all fit well and have a nice genesis sound to them. I guess some music would be nice but when everything else is so good it's hard to complain.

For what little there is the gameplay is very fun. The platforming controls and the shooting controls both work well. I really like how there are several different weapons to pick up and choose from - they add some nice variety to the game and they're all quite fun to use. Having the power-ups always swap with the weapon you're not using is a clever idea. It gives you some selection over the weapons you have and means power-ups don't interrupt you when shooting. The only minor issue is that the enemies are a bit lacking but you can't really expect super complex enemies in such a short time frame.

This look really good, but I just can't figure out how to push boxes. Walking into them doesn't seem to work and I've tried a bunch of keys but none seem to do anything (other than jumping with space).

It's a refreshing change of pace to have a game from a 3D console following the many NES and Gameboy style games (of which I am a guilty contributor) . After all, the N64 and such do fit under the jam restrictions. That said, I don't think this does a great job of invoking old school games. The texture resolution is way too high and the draw distance is way too far to look much like any sort of early 3D game. The models have a reasonably low number of polygons so I guess it's somewhat authentic there.

The controls work pretty well and having a functional 3D platformer for a short jam is quite impressive. It's fun exploring the environment and trying to reach new places. I'm not sure if there was a goal or not but I had a lot of difficulty reaching one of the higher shelves so if there was an end I didn't see it. The main thing this is missing is more camera control. You can use the mouse to aim the camera up/down but not left/right. I suppose you might have been aiming for authenticity by not using the mouse, but there were better options. Perhaps the directional keys to move the camera would feel like a good representation of a d-pad/analog stick from a retro console game?

The lack of authenticity aside, the graphics look quite nice. I like the character model of the witch and it's cool how the game takes place in some sort of large kitchen, with stuff like plates and cheese as platforms. The music was good too and I enjoyed listening to it. Some sound effects would've added a bit more life though.

PS: Since the game needs both files to run it would be better to package them together in one zip file

I'm not sure if I'm missing something but I can't seem to get past the first enemy in the game. The cats don't jump high enough to get past it and the other buttons don't do much. Because of this there's limited things I can comment on.

One thing I do like is the idea of having to interact with an actual Gameboy inside of the game itself - it's an interesting take on the lost cartridge theme. Once the Gameboy is on the visuals and audio for the real game also look pretty authentic. I didn't see much but for what I saw the graphics look pretty nice. The only complaint I have about this idea is that it's a bit hard to see the contents of the Gameboy screen. Maybe the view should zoom in once the game starts so you can see it more clearly.?

What a great little game! The story is wacky and fun - I enjoyed following it through to the end. It's cool walking around and talking to everyone to see what silly interactions there are. I like how the NPC dialogue changes throughout the game to comment on new events.

The art is really impressive. The Gameboy style looks great and there's an incredible amount of detail in the environment considering the highly limited palette. The music is also great. it was nice touch giving the "thief" his own theme. I suppose there could be more sound effects but that's pretty minor. Considering this follows the actual console limitations that would probably mess up the music too - I noticed it cuts out when pushing blocks.

Oh, and it's super cool how you have an actual Gameboy ROM (plus I a saw a picture of the game running on the real  console). I guess there's no complaints I can make about the authenticity or this one!

While this is a fairly simple game (underlying physics notwithstanding) it's a fun challenge trying to land on the carrier. The description of exactly how the game works is maybe a bit too detailed, but it's cool to see all the research that went into making a realistic flight simulation. Well, as realistic as you can get for the Atari 5200. Though considering how many crashes it took me to get a successful landing I should never be allowed to be a pilot if this reflects reality.

The graphics are pretty nice and do a good job of representing the environment while sticking to the limitations. Sound sound effects would be nice but the Atari 5200 isn't exactly known for it's stellar audio so I can't complain too much.

For a start I want to say congratulations on submitting a game in time for the jam!

It's a little hard to tell what's going on here. I guess the point of the game is to guide the pink guy to collect the flags while avoiding the green monsters? There's a solid core of a game here but it's a bit clunky right now. The most notable issue I can point out is the main character is very slow so moving is frustrating and there's no real chance of dodging monsters.

I'm not sure what console you were trying to mimic but the visuals don't really invoke any sort of a retro feel. The music does sound pretty retro,, so points there.

Woah, this is really high quality for just 72 hours! It feels like a very complete game with stuff like the title screen and smooth transitions between levels. The art is all high quality and well animated, plus it fits the system limitations well. The sound effects and music are also great. It's particularly impressive how there are different music tracks every so often when one would probably have been acceptable.

I like the unconventional movement style of the gameplay. It makes the game feel fresh and it's fun zipping around the place. I  also enjoy how new obstacles and mechanics are introduced every so often to keep mixing things up. I sort of feel like something is missing though. The game is quite easy and the levels are very open so you don't have to put much thought into the movement. If may have been more interesting if there was some of limit to how much you can throw so you would be forced to carefully consider each move.

Hi, I would like to play this but there doesn't seem to be a download link or a web player on the game page. Am I missing something?

Wow, this is really cool. The idea of a math based combat system is super neat and it's also implemented very well. I enjoyed how each of the enemies had a different type of equation to solve, though it was a little disappointing that the math moth was all the same. The balance is a bit off (I didn't take any damage until the final boss) but that's minor. I'm interested in how this kind of thing could be fleshed out in a larger game. Maybe sometimes you could face multiple enemies at once who combine to make a larger equation?

The sound effects are chosen well and all seem very appropriate for the Gameboy style. The Gameboy green is a great look and the limited colour palette was utilised well. There are some questionable things like rotating pixels but overall it's pretty well done. I will say that some of the numbers were a bit hard to read which made a few equations more difficult than they should be.

This a pretty nice retro style game. The graphics are well drawn and I really enjoy the use of bright colours. It does a good job of capturing the ZX Spectrum feel you were going for. The audio is a bit limited but I can't comment on that as it might be part of the console limitations (I'm not that familiar with it).

The gameplay is simple but works well. I like how different objects in the room are used as platforms/obstacles (rather than some arbitrary blocks/spikes or something). The premise of being a guy who tidies up after guests at night is an interesting one, though I'm a little disappointed more wasn't done with it. It's a shame there was only one level but I understand the limits of a jam.


Nice game. Just wish I knew more about the Gorillaz so I could appreciate it properly.

I really like the graphics. There's a lot of detail and variety in the first level (the second is a bit bland but still looks fine) . The main character looks great and their animations have a lot of personality for the low res style.

I couldn't pinpoint too much obviously wrong with the NES adherence but the game does seem a little colourful. The score counter is blatantly breaking the resolution limitations, as is the death skull thing with the scaling pixel size. The audio seems pretty authentic though.

The gameplay is fairly standard platformer fare but it works well enough. The fact that you have to fight enemies by reflecting their attacks back is kind of interesting I guess. The difficulty is a bit punishing (one hit sends you all the way back to the start of the level) but nothing totally unmanageable. Though I guess punishing difficulty gives you points for authenticity!

I extracted the contents of the download directly to their own folder. That folder now contains a folder titled "gaaaaaaame", with contains the RSC folder, executable and a bunch of other files. I am attempting to run the game by double-clicking on the executable. Just now I deleted the folder, downloaded/extracted it again and had the same result.

This is a pretty strange idea for a game, but it's kind of fun chasing the deer to try and get the best photo possible. I think it could be improved a little by making it more clear what elements of each picture were contributing to your score. I know the score tally has some details but they're a bit abstract without any explanation. Anyway, my score was 278.

Very interesting game. I like how it starts as a friendly game about helping everyone but ends up taking a different turn. I'm not sure the whole comic panel thing added much, but it was a neat idea trying to make a comic and a game at the same time. The music is nice. The graphics are just simple shapes but that works effectively with the context of what is being said.

The rush mechanic is super fun, and it's cool how once you get hang of you can constantly jump and rush from platform to platform, barely ever slowing down. I wish you had a bit more chance to ply before a game over, though. Each session usually ends in a few seconds. Perhaps there could be multiple lives? The graphics are simple but effective, and the music and sounds are nice (though the music constantly restarting does get a bit annoying). My best score was 2085.

What a nice little comic. I enjoy the character's design and expressions, plus I really like the limited colour palette thing you went with. It was a pretty amusing and charming (albeit brief) story.

Cute game with a nice (if a little overt) message. I would have liked if there was more in terms of gameplay, but I suppose you weren't really going for something mechanically intensive. The pixel style is nice and the music is good too.

Very well made game. It captures Asteroids quite well, with no major faults that I can see. The only issue is that you have no invincibility after you die so you can easily take multiple hits. The visuals style looks great and the sprites are nice. The audio is a bit limited but what is there works well. However, I was a bit disappointed that it's just Asteroids. I was hoping that would at least by some small twist. I'm also pretty sure the gameplay goes against the "no violence" thing.

Neat game. The bubble mechanic is interesting and the level design makes use of it to its fullest. I appreciation the addition of an undo and quick restart button so the challenge is in figuring out a puzzle's solution not executing it. The graphics and audio are nice, though as fluidvolt said the music can be unnerving. Nothing wrong with that, but it feels a bit out of place in a jam about bubbly pink things.

This seems like it could be really cool. It took me a while to figure out the controls (as well as the fact that you needed to return to the circle near you goal to keep playing after scoring) but once it I did it was cool running around and throwing the ball. I really enjoy how you can catch the ball, and I had some fun throwing the ball up in the air and trying to catch it. Unfortunately, the AI always de-spawned as soon as the match started so I never got to have any real competition.

This clearly unfinished in terms of an overall game, but it's pretty nice for a simple platforming engine. You probably check for a floor collision when jumping though (right now you can jump infinitely in the air).

It's not a game nor a comic, but it was still pretty interesting. I like all the crazy effects that are in the first half of the video.

This seems pretty solid for a simple 3D platformer. Unfortunately, there are some missteps that bring the game down a little. The mouse should be invisible and locked to the middle of the screen so it doesn't distract you and get randomly caught at the edges of the screen. You should also be able to look up and down to be able to judge jumps better. Finally, a shadow would also be nice so you have a clear idea of where you will land.

The basic movements feel pretty nice. I like how the character smoothly rotates towards the direction you're pushing rather than instantly snapping. I alsp like the of spending bubbles to activate bridges, but I think this would be more interesting if you had some option of which bridge to activate, allowing for multiple routes through  level. Unfortunately I didn't get far enough to see if their were any other mechanics to comment on. I couldn't manage to get past the spikes on the second level.

Cool game. I like the concept and it's pretty fun playing through it. It does get a little annoying having to do a correct sequence every time you want to pick someone up, though. Maybe the first time you get someone you could need to do three symbols, but the following times you get that person it would only take one.

Regardless, the visual style is very nice. The colours well together and the sprites are very detailed. The music and sound effects are also great and lend a charming atmosphere to the gae.

Neat comic. Short but sweet, with an amusing ending. I like the combination of cartoon drawings with some real world images.

Whenever I try to run the game I get this error:

Script 'Cache' line 106: Errno::ENOENT occured.

No such file or directory - Graphics/System/MsgImage

Nice little game. It all works well and the presentation is nice. The visuals fit the mood of the game and look great, plus the music is pleasant to listen to. The level design is also well thought out. The one issue I have with the game is that it gets samey quite quickly. Introducing more puzzle mechanics over time would have made it a lot more interesting. Unfortunately, I got stuck on stage 16.

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Really neat idea for a game. The concept is cute and I feel like it could be expanded upon a lot. Perhaps you could see the customers walking past, and different customers would like different displays more?

It seems a little a slow - both the movement speed and the gravity for the items. That could just be my computer or something, though. My laptop can't handle 3D Unity games very well and overheats quickly so I had to quit after a short time.

Really neat game, but it feels a bit tricky for me. Getting a single meal done requires a lengthy process and the whole the screen is getting clogged with blocks you don't need. The mehanics are certainly very interseting and lead to some neat gameplay, but I feel the diificulty could be better balanced.

Most of the audio seems like stock stuff but it's all well chosen. The graphics are nice too - very colourful. I wish the game was scaled up a bit so it was easier to see, though.