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Oh, that's unfortunate. Good luck with the keyboard, I guess.

Thanks for featuring the game. I'll be sure to check out the video.

Just played it again and it seems I was mistaken - the sound does change a bit. I guess I just feel it could be a bit more obvious where you're supposed to be aiming.

Oh, and thanks.

Nice little game. The visuals are great - I really like the backgrounds. The music is nice, though it sometimes feels out of place with the hardcore platforming. I also enjoyed the gameplay. It's neat how there are a bunch of different levels with unique themes and enemies. As others have mentioned, it feels like the game needs some checkpoints (I did get to the end despite this). Sliding under stuff can also be a bit awkward.

Other than the restart button, I'd say you should add some way to tell how close you are to the target. Perhaps the sound could change as you get closer?

The graphics are amazing! It's super impressive how much detail there is considering the limited resolution. The sound and music are also quite good, though there could be a bit more variety in the music. The gameplay is solid and there's a great amount of content. I like that you can get new spells, but I would've preferred it if there was more need to use them. I did get the bomb last so perhaps there are some shortcuts you take with it if you get it earlier.

Thanks. I was a bit worried about how small I had to go with the sprites to fit everything in there, but I think it worked out pretty well.

I "beat" the game! It's actually really cool once you figure out the timing for the beat. It's an interesting combination of a rhythm game and a space shooter. I like the upgrades you get. The main thing I feel it's missing is some cool music to shoot along to.

I like how you saw 64x64 restriction and were like "Pfft,  I can do lower rez than that!" Anyway, very nice concept for a game and very well executed. The graphics are great and each mini game is pretty fun despite the lower than low resolution.

It's great to hear that you liked it so much.

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I'm glad you enjoyed the game. It's unfortunate you couldn't finish it, which is why I made quick gamepad version that you can download here:


It should be compatible with your old save file - just make sure to choose "continue" on the main menu. Also, try not to use it for rating.


  • Move: Left stick or D-pad
  • Shoot: X or RT
  • Dash: A or LT
  • Magnet: B or RB
  • Lift: Y or LB
  • Map: Back
  • Exit: Start
  • Select: Left stick or D-pad
  • Confirm: A

Neat game. The music is nice and the sound effects work well. I like the detailed animations of the player character. Knocking the balls into the hoop is quite fun, and surprisingly challenging. My best score was 6.

I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks, and good luck.

Wow, this is really good! The graphics are great, the music is nice, and the gameplay is fun. It feels very polished. There's some really cool details like all the different game over screens. It's too hard for me though. The furthest I could make it was the mini-boss of level 2.

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Really nice game. The visuals are nice, the music and sound effects are appropriate, and the gameplay mechanics are very interesting. I love the variety of different enemies that make you approach battles in different ways. The one thing I don't like is there seems to be a bit of luck involved. Is the special attack random or do I just not understand it? Anyway, I made to stage 8.

The graphics look pretty cool and the music is nice. Unfortunately, the gameplay's quite tricky. It's really hard to tell exactly where the meteors will hit. I couldn't even finish level 1.

Pretty neat game, especially for a prototype. It all works quite well and is pretty fun. I like how you can float and wall jump, though I think the level design could have used these abilities more. The graphics are nice, but they don't seem quite adjusted for the 64x64 resolution - the text looks blurry and the clouds shift around weirdly as the camera moves.

Decent game. It all works well and some of the puzzles are quite tricky. Still, it feels a bit bland. It could do with some different mechanics and some more interesting visuals

Interesting idea for a game. The graphics are nice, though some illustrations of the events would be welcome. I think there could be a bit more variation in the way the stories play out - it would add more replayability and reinforce the "game of chance" concept.

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Pretty cool game. There's a lot of content with a variety of different enemies/obstacles, as well as some secrets to go for. The colour palette is nice. I wish there was some music or something though.

Unfortunately, the gameplay can feel a bit unforgiving. The limited view leads to some trial and error and the controls feel a bit stiff - I would have liked a way to modulate jump height. The run button also feels unnecessary. I do really like the slow-mo aiming thing, though

Neat game. The mechanics are pretty clever and are easy to understand once you realise what's going on. The graphics are nice, though some some stuff (e.g. the dust particles) doesn't stick with the 64x64 resolution.

Neat game. It's fun flying around and shooting stuff. The background is really nice - I like the lighting on the poles that go past. The sounds effect are cool, too. Personally, I would have liked multiple lives as it's pretty disappointing starting over after one mistake.

It's simple, but very well executed. The red arrows add just enough complexity to make it interesting. The visuals and music are also great.

Cool game. The "YOU ARE THE NEXT LEVEL" thing is a neat concept that works well. The presentation is super good, but I'm not sure it fits the gameplay. With this music I'd expect to be beating up some enemies, not thoughtfully solving puzzles. Regardless, it is quite fun.

The music and visual style are both quite nice. I really like the 3D effect. The gameplay is cool at first but it becomes too easy once you realise the other bikers always spawn directly in front of you.

Neat game. The concept is pretty interesting and works well. I think there could be a bigger variety of block layouts, though. Also, some sound would be nice.

Nice game with a beautiful story. It's a bit short and there's not much gameplay, but I still enjoyed it a lot.

This is such a brilliant idea, and it's executed very well. The presentation is top notch and it's a lot of fun. My best score is 100.

The only thing I'd add is different ways to interact with the loading mechanisms. Currently all you do is click but maybe there could be some that you have to drag or double click or something.

Nice little game. Grappling hook style items in games are always pretty fun and this is no exception. Not being able to jump is an interesting twist. I wish there was some indicator of the grapnel's range, though. I also find it a bit awkward how you have to press the button again to let go. Personally, I would have made you automatically let go when you hit a wall, but allow you to stay on the wall if you hold the button. Anyway, the music is good and the graphics are decent.

Nice puzzle game. The graphics look very nice and the concept and mechanics are pretty original. It's a bit too tricky for me, though. I had to give up on the puzzle with 4 clouds that can move any direction, 1 cloud that can't move, and a bunch of white clouds in the way.

Really good game. The gameplay is fun and ramps up well with new mechanics. I like the addition of time and move records for each level. The graphics look quite nice and there's a surprising amount of detail. It's overall very polished.

The one thing I dislike is how some levels are larger than the screen. You can't tell whether going off the screen will kill you or lead to another part of the level and it's hard to figure out where to go when you can't see everything. Maybe there could be a way to pan the camera around the level?

Cool game. The music is good and I like the background. The idea of shooting into the center is neat and well thought out - the lasers that shoot along the edges are a good way to force the player to move around the arena. I think an interesting thing to add if you extended this would be enemies that can only be hit from certain directions. Though  the directional controls can be a bit confusing, I can't think of way to do them better.

Also, the binary score counter is interesting but a bit hard to read at a glance. My best score was 1011001 - er, 89.

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The graphics are fantastic and the music and sound effects are really good too. I like how the sound increases in pitch as you get a higher combo. The battle system is also pretty interesting. It's a shame it's unfinished.

I feel like it's a bit hard, though. It's very easy to die because of a couple of mistakes. This is mainly because losing a combo is so punishing. I think it would be more fair if the combo reset between each attack/defense phase, or if it didn't increase/decrease so dramatically.

Hey, Kwisarts. It's good to see you participating in this jam.

Zelda-like? Come on, it's obviously Metroid-like upgrading! The game has a Varia Suit ripoff and everything. Regardless, I'm glad you liked the progression.

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with using directional keys. Being able to choose the controls is definitely nice but it's one of those low priority things that often gets left out with a limited time frame. Having to use an AZERTY keyboard certainly wouldn't help with the A being out of place. In the future I'll make sure to bind any A actions to Q as well.

You may have trouble with the direction lock thing, but I imagine the game would be a nightmare without it. It's mainly combined with shooting so I can get as much functionality out of as few keys as possible. A dedicated strafe key is a good idea, though. The issue is just finding a good key to use. I guess I could try using Shift and finding another way to interact with the lift.

I know what you mean with the hitbox, but it's a bit hard to tweak with such low resolution. I tried a 2x2 hitbox at some point but it was weird being able to walk halfway inside walls plus it made it easier to fall into pits. I guess I could try using a different hitbox for different types of collisions, though.

The slow movement of the final boss was partially done in attempt to make it feel more threatening and creepy, though perhaps it didn't result in the best gameplay. Admittedly, I don't have much experience with making bosses and the boss here was a little rushed.

The ammo meter is so limited because I intended for it to be upgraded - this was just its starting state. The original plan was to have collectables that would increase your max ammo (and ones that would increase your max health). However, I left it too late and didn't have enough time to redesign the levels to have optional areas for the collectables or balance the difficulty with the stat increases in mind.

I'm not a big fan of the font, either. The S looks like a C, the N looks like an H, the M looks like a W... It was basically the first small font I found when searching online and I never got around to changing it.

Really cool game with a very nice visual style and some good music too. It's super fun speeding up the levels. The one thing I dislike is how touching a wall completely stops your vertical momentum - it really kills the flow when it happens.

Really cool game. The gameplay is pretty unique and a lot of fun. I also like the graphics, particularly the way the character runs. However, I don't really the colour distortion effects (I'm not sure what to call them) as they seem to go against the 64x64 concept. My best score is 187.

Neat game, though I'm pretty terrible at it. I couldn't manage to make it past level 2. The graphics all look quite nice. I particularly like the damage effects.

Cool game. The main mechanic takes some getting used to but it's pretty neat. The graphics work well and the music is good too.

Pretty cool game. It's not really my style but it all seems to work quite well. I like the lighting effect. The visuals are simple but effective and the audio adds some nice atmosphere. I only made it to level 4 before getting killed.