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Thanks for pointing out the error, the version of the game is actually an outdated one. I'm updating it right now ^^

I feel like I've seen your videos quite a few times in the comments, I appreciate the enthusiasm but don't abuse it ;)

Check out the description, there's a trick to play after that screen ;)

No worries man, keep up the great work! :D

Really cool take on sokoban, too bad I suck at it, these levels were pretty intense for me xD Music and artstyle are pretty great too!

Really sweet game, the controls were a little too icey to my taste and the wall jump was a bit buggy about 1/5 of the time. Enjoyed it tho, the artstyle was cute ^^

Awesome puzzle mechanic butI would say a couple tweaks are needed on the difficulty curve (might just be me tho :P). I love how the cube gets back in place when you die, really cool!

But please, please I beg you, when you export GameMaker games DO NOT export the NSIS installer, you can export a .zip or an .exe but please NOT the NSIS intsaller :c (no hard feeling tho :P)

Gotta love those disco walls! And those were quite the unusual controls but it was pretty cool, though I did have a bit of a hard time telling enemies and bonuses apart at first.

From a design standpoint this is close to perfect, this shuriken mechanic where the stronger the attack, the less risk you have to take to get the enemy, is amazing. You've also got a nice variety of enemies and a clean interface. Could really benefit from some audio, at least sound effects, it would feel even more satisfying!

Also for a space game I kinda wished for a starry background but I'm just nitpicking at this point ^^

Amazing take on the old pacman formula, everything feels great together, just a little sad I couldn't see my score after the game over screen :c

 Oh it also seemed like the blue would sometimes not draw at all, was a weird little thing but didn't matter.

The premise is great and the couple mechanics I could see were as well but in practice the game is infuriatingly hard (at least to me, i'm not good at this kind of thing). You had a lot of great ideas, the dialogues are kinda cool and I love the base mechanic but the collisions feel unfair and the multiple jumps felt a bit underwhelming. I couldn't manage to get past the first "switching sides" platforms and I gave up after a dozen attempts because there was no checkpoint and I had to start all over again. 

I'd love to this mechanic developed further in the future!

I love puzzle games and this one has quite a gimmick, the sky/ground split screen is really a finder. On top of that it's pretty well executed, I absolutely adore your menu interface, it's lovely! The level design is fairly well handled and I'm surpised you could fit this much information in such low resolution, good job!

I love the idea, very clever. It seemed like it was a better strategy to rush saving the people and not use any water, the water was pretty inefficient for the time it takes to refill it.

ps. Je vais supposer que tu es français ViexuSlip, points bonus rien que pour ton pseudo xD

This is a pretty cool game, some spikes or walls couldn't be seen btu the fact that it was a sort of memory game was kinda nice.

Cool little game, I like the challenges but man do I suck at this type of game xD 

There's the beginning of something but kinda lacks a sense of goal ^^

The mechanic is mind-blowingly clever. I'm a fan of your sound effects and this cute artstyle hits the spot!

This is my personal favorite of this jam, it's a very smart take on the breakout formula and I just loved it, it was so much fun to play :D

Thank you very much for making it, keep up the good work!

I'm confused...

The base idea is cool but it seems we can spam our way through the game. As there is no variation on the base idea, it gets kinda repetitive after a couple games. I kinda like the visual style. Also it would be cool to see how our score is doing while playing and not have to wait till the end.

I really love puzzle games but this one was particularly satisfying to play, very impressive entry!

A simple mechanic that's well exectued and makes for a very fun game, I had a lot of fun!

Haha yea that's sad we couldn't make it in time, we'll have to wait for the ratings to be over ^^

Lovely! Awesomely polished game with very interesting mechanics! <3

I just love this game, everything works so perfectly. My only turn off might be the balance of the game, loosing a combo against that naughty virus enemy made me instantly every time.

I do quite like the idea and the style direction but sadly the controls and collisions are pretty unforgiving.

I'll be using Gamemaker Studio 1.4

I don't think you're gonna be able to make it work on an iPad, this is meant to be played on Windows only

Fun little game, i quite enjoyed it!

Now i don't mean to sound negative, but here's a bug i encountered while transitioning to the next room, i was stuck in the floor right there

Oh no that's a shame D: Do you happen to remember what the riddle prior to that message is?

That R isn't supposed to be in that position :/

Combined with the hints from the Ludum Dare comments, we have: B _ _ R _ _ _ _     _ _ _     _ _ _ _     _ _     _ O _ _     M _ _ _

Fun little roguelike, it took me a little while to understand how the combat mechanics worked and te hmovement felt a little clunky, but I guess that can't be helped with the one button restriction. Nice graphics too.

Great experience with lovely simplistic aesthetics.

The pixeley background animation is gorgeous. Seeing the development tweets, I had wished for some gameplay features, but it was still a great experience.

Fun little game. Some one-way platforms were placed to create some raging moments, though this didn't affect the enjoyment.

I very much agree with ProfessorMunchies, the art is fantastic but a solo mode would be appreciated.

The resource collecting part felt a bit out of place but the randomly generated world descriptions were really fun to read.

Clever concept but man do I suck at it.

Polished and enjoyable little game, the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly.