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I'll be using Gamemaker Studio 1.4

I don't think you're gonna be able to make it work on an iPad, this is meant to be played on Windows only

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Fun little game, i quite enjoyed it!

Now i don't mean to sound negative, but here's a bug i encountered while transitioning to the next room http://prntscr.com/fxebcm, i was stuck in the floor right there

Oh no that's a shame D: Do you happen to remember what the riddle prior to that message is?

That R isn't supposed to be in that position :/

Combined with the hints from the Ludum Dare comments, we have: B _ _ R _ _ _ _     _ _ _     _ _ _ _     _ _     _ O _ _     M _ _ _

Fun little roguelike, it took me a little while to understand how the combat mechanics worked and te hmovement felt a little clunky, but I guess that can't be helped with the one button restriction. Nice graphics too.

Great experience with lovely simplistic aesthetics.

The pixeley background animation is gorgeous. Seeing the development tweets, I had wished for some gameplay features, but it was still a great experience.

Fun little game. Some one-way platforms were placed to create some raging moments, though this didn't affect the enjoyment.

I very much agree with ProfessorMunchies, the art is fantastic but a solo mode would be appreciated.

The resource collecting part felt a bit out of place but the randomly generated world descriptions were really fun to read.

Clever concept but man do I suck at it.

Polished and enjoyable little game, the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly.

The controls are a bit fennekey, the single jump takes especially longer to response, but the game is strangely addictive nonetheless. Having two shooting aliens in a row is pretty much game over.

This is really fun and challenging and I can't get over how amazingly fantastic the background looks, I'm seriously in love with it. 138 is the highest I could reach.

Got lots of content, really great one.

Nice rythm game, the graphics are really cute, too bad we're too focused to enjoy the animations in the background. Bonus point for the pun titles.

Fun little game, would fit perfectly on mobile. I kinda wish there was something to do with the gold earned.

Pretty innovative concept unfortunately not quite well exploited. The pace of the game is a bit slow, but that's just my opinion. I was a bit confused on how the secondary attack actually hurt enemies, oftentimes the fireball would just go through the enemy and go on its way. Definitely needs more feedback, it's not clear enough when we take damage or stop time. I liked the dialogues as well as the references.

Overall, goo job, this is a really solid base for what could be a great game, I honestly dig the whole stoptime-action mechanics, I really look forward to seeing more of it. (I think I focused too much on the bad points but really this is super cool)

I entirely agree with you, the time stopping mechanic was implemented but I couldn't find any cool gameplay based on it, I didn't want the player to be able to stop time just to ba able to stop time. However, I am currently thinking of ways to add it in and create some funky gameplay, more coming soon.

Sure, check out the game description, there's a trick to keep playing :)

Please detail your issue, kind sir. :)

Haha thanks for digging out that bug, I'll try to get it fixed for future updates :D

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing :)

Sounds like quite the Paper Please! deal *wink wink* ;)

Thanks for notifying it, did you happen to take a screenshot of any possible error message?

Haha, thanks for playing!

Ideally this was what I wanted to make but time decided otherwise. If/When an update is made, this will surely be fixed :)

Thanks! And yes the system was kinda hard-coded in but I'll make sure to do something about that :)

Gracias por jugar? :D

Refer to what's written in the game description, there's a trick to keep playing :)

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Check the description, there's a trick to keep playing ;)

Sadly there's no Mac download available :/

Thanks for playing!

There's a little trick detailed on the game page to keep on playing