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Rated by 6 people so far
A jam entry

Don't Touch the Walls!!View game page »

Submitted by Antelopes Go Productions with 7 days, 4 hours before the deadline

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Fun game, having an alternate movement style with slower speeds was a great way to make the later levels easier to handle.  Additionally, the patterns in the background and assets made the graphics much more interesting and visually pleasing.


Thank you for the feedback! I think that while minimalism can be nice it's relatively boring, so I wanted something intersting to look at without being a distraction.

Nice game, simple idea but well executed :)

The game could also use a bit of music, it feels a bit empty by moment; there is a lot of free music on opengameart.org that could increase the feeling of the game ;)

(also, and just for this jam, there is a problem with the 64x64 pixel limit; the player use sub-pixel rendering)


I had noticed the odd pixel collisions as well. I couldn't see any way around it inside the limit. 

And thanks for the feedback!

I love this "challenge" game, the more you play the harder the levels get, good game, a simple idea but the final product it is a cool game, the game has some unique elements that I really liked, good job !


Thank you! I have found it best (for now) to make games that doesn't change the industry, but rather games that are just fun to play, tightly made, and something interesting that you will have experienced.