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This game is different from everything you have played until now, and that is awesome, because the game has a very unique and creative mechanic that it is pretty cool, the game is kinda crazy but it is what makes the game so special, the art is well done and it has a great soundtrack, i think the controls could be more intuitive(simple) and I missed a restart button though, anyway it is a 5/5 game !

That makes sense xD

The game is very well made, when I first started to play on the blue/orange version I did not like, because it was very confusing to know where I could walk, and etc, was not that good to play, but when I changed to the gb version it was way better, and the game is great, the music is really cool, and the art is amazing, although I missed some animations, Very impressed to see that you did everything by yourself, very impressive, congratulations you did a great job !

This game is amazing, great idea, with a good gb graphics and a catchy music, I loved this game, you have to work on this game after the jam, it is way too fun, I loved, great job !

A simple but very well done game, very fun to play and with one of the coolest graphics I've seen in this jam, the lack of sounds took away a bit of the mood of the game, but overall is a good game, great job !

I really liked this game, the concept is good, the art is amazing with that gb look, and it has a great concept, the things I did not liked was the controls, they are not intuitive at all in my opinion, I missed sounds both music and sfx, but besides is one of my favorites games so far at this jam, great job !

The concept is good, but I had some "movimentation" problems, I was not able to turn the main character to the direction I wanted sometimes, I also missed a music or a background noise =p, but overal is a good concept with a good look, it can be something good in the future

The game is cute and I loved the music, I think that the jump system could be better, but it is a cool game, I liked !

Cool game, I love pokemon so I am biased, the game is very fun with an it has a good gameplay, and you did one of the best paint arts I have seen so far in this jam , great job !

Legal ver um jogo de pokemon e br ainda por cima xD

Very cool platformer the concept is also very good. The game looks very well made, the art is beautiful, especially the main character it looks cute =p The music is very catchy and fits the mood of the game, overall is a pretty good game, the level design is good, controls are easy and intuitive, I liked =D 

Legal ver os BR representando hehe =p

I had some problems with collision, with no "objetc" in particular.

For example, one time a object was stuck in the top of the bag, but it was like it was invisible, because all objects were passing through it and I was not able to move it.  

But I played a good amount of minutes and this(or something like) happened 2 or 3 times, so you dont have too worry too much, the overall work is very good

It took me some time to figure it out exactly what to do, but this game is very well made, the art is the best part, good mechanics and a simple but fun gameplay and concept, great job !

Cool game, the music  and sfx are very good, the gameplay is fun and is has a lot of things happening at the same time which I think is great, the art is very well done, and you did a lot of sprites, effects and everything, it is possible to see that you put a lot of effort in this game,  great job, I loved this game !

Pretty interesting concept, very fun to play, the game looks good, the sounds were good, but for some reason the collision system was not working sometimes, but the overall gameplay is pretty good, very fun game, good job !

The art is amazing, my favorite so far, simple but so cute and unique, I loved this game the concept is good, the gameplay is fun and everything looked good, although I missed some music, the overall work is amazing, great job !

I think this game has potential to become a full game after this jam, the main character is too cute =p

Pretty cool game, I loved the different sprites, although the game is pretty simple is very intense and fun, besides the good art the game has cool sounds and the gameplay is fun =D  

Fora isso legal ver um jogo BR hehe =p

The game is very fun with a catchy music, the art is very good and I liked the jump animation, what I think it could be better is the controls, besides that I liked a lot =D

Pretty cool spaceship game, the gameplay is very good, and is very fun to play, the music is very good and fits the game idea, but what is amazing in this game is the art, you did an amazing job, the game is just beautiful. Congratulations !

I did not know how to play, but the sounds were good and some of the sprites were looking good =p

Really interesting idea, it is always good to see a good clicker game !

I could play this game only because of its music, but the other elements in this game are also very good, very fun, everything well made, good game!

Cool game, very simple but I loved the cute graphics, good job !

What an amazing game, a "plant vs zombie" alike, really cool, I liked the background story =p, the gameplay is very cool. although I missed some sounds during gameplay, but anyway the game is so fun, I would love to see you working on this game after the jam, has a lot of potential, very creative game, I loved !

I am surprised that this is the second basketball game I played in this jam, and it is really cool, I like this "physics" of the ball, the gameplay is very different and really cool, this game is a very creative way of play a ball game, I loved, the art is really cool, great job ! 

Funny concept, I love runners and the game is very good, but I thinks the game could be a little bit faster, the art is beautiful, really beautiful pixel art, I loved, the audio is amazing, cool songs so catchy and good sfx, cool game, great job !

Great "remake" you definetely add a lot of enemies just like in the original, great game it is really fun, and you nailed using the sfx, the game looks amazing on the 64x64 screen, great job !

Loved this game, the main character is so cute =p hehe The game is really good, it remind an old flash game I used to play, really cool, simple but I had a lot of fun playing, and I love basketball so this makes the game more appealing to me ! The main character has some small animations that are very subtle but looks so cool, great game ! 

Só os br huehue na area haha =p

What a smart game, really different so cool, the use of sounds in this game it is perfect, amazing job, I loved this game so unique, great job !

What an amazing game, very cool, I loved the character creation, so many features to customize you character, the sounds are so good, a gameboy vibe, I loved, so many things done in this game and everything so well made, great job, it is possible to see that you put a lot of effort in it, great game !

Cool game (kinda hard also =p) but very cool with some cool features, the music is cool and fits the game giving the right mood, the sfx are very well made, although the beep sound on the menu is way too loud, but the game is very cool I liked =D

Great game, loved the art, the animations like the train, the wind etc look so cool and well made, great job, the game is fun, and I loved the controls they are very intuitive, it is great to see a game like this in a 64x64 screen, congratulations, awesome game !

Very good game, I loved how you guys made a new way to play this classic, so cool and creative.

I missed a solo mode =(, but the game is amazing, the art is great, the audio stuff is very well done, and the tutorial is exactly what a tutorial should be and teaches the player about how to play. Great team effort, you guys made an amazing fun game.

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Great game idea, it is really cool to play a  game that made us think, I loved this stories inside the game, although some were too dramatic, but that is what life is sometimes... too dramatic =p. 
Overall is a great concept with a cute art and a good music, one unique game for sure, great job !

* I think that maybe the font could be a different one, the one you used was hard to see

Cool game very interesting, maybe the gameplay could be a little bit more intuitive, and I missed some sounds, but it is very cool, the art is very good.

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Wow great game, I loved the art of the game very good, the "background" art is amazing, for real it is incredible, I loved the subway level, and the walk animation is awesome, he looks so badass haha The music is also very cool, great job, really good game !

I loved this game, I could play all day, I wish that more levels were avaiable to play =p Cool art, good music and good gameplay.

Great game, I really liked the concept, I can see this game growing into a more complete game with some cool features. I dont know if it was my fault, but sometimes (on level 1) I felt that  the clock was running (maybe a few miliseconds) after I finish the level, because of that I died some times after I had finished the level, but anyway I loved this game, great job ! 

Really intriguing game, very different, cool game, good gameplay and a unique art, one of the best "art concepts" I have seen in a game jam's game lately !

Fun simple game, the "story" is very unusual and funny I liked, the gameplay is good, the only thing I did not like was the water sfx was too loud, besides that great job, the art is very cool !

Great game, the first thing that gets you when you play are the colors that were used in the game, add to that a great song that sounds like it came out of those videos of a random episode of simpsons from early 90s (yeah, a SIMPSONWAVE video lol), and you have the perfect mood for a game. 

What surprised me was the speed sensation, it is really good, I could ride faster than I thought it was possible, the gameplay is simple but is very fun. 

It is a simple idea but works very well, the beautiful art and the great soundtrack give this game a great vibe, overall is a great game, I loved !

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A game about potato, this game is the real deal, it cannot get better than this.

Very cool concept a mix of harvest moon/sim city where you have to manage resources, plant potato and etc.

What I like about this game is that it really made a good use of the 64x64 screen, it is a a good game with some good small animations, very good job, even more for a 1 man's work. The shop is the best part of the game lol 

Cool game, well made and with a good concept ! Good job !