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Submitted by JackOatley (@f_oatley), Isaac Schanno Johnson (@Musicbyisj) — 6 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of 64x64 limit)#254.7504.750

Ranked from 28 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really lovely game! I included it in my LowRezJam compilation, if you’d like to take a look :)


I spent waaaaaaaay more time playing this than I expected! I got totally lost in trying to figure out every combination. Great graphics and sound, and really fun!


Thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, experimentation and discovery was what I was going for with the buildings and the different combinations. I did plan to add achievements to reflect this. When I do an update next month, I'll add more buildings and get those achievements and other features in.


Reminded me of playing Sim City on the SNES when I was a kid! The soundtrack's really great, and gives the game a kinda relaxing mood, which is awesome. But what really got me was experimenting with items and buildings, it's really cool that using stone/wood + something would lead to another building, with more items to experiment! And, even with low resolution, it's really easy to find out what's on each tile, the description of items really help, but the pixelart is also really well done! :D

Does the game have any rule on placement of roads? I couldn't place some turns to link buildings with roads. :P

Sometimes, when I accidentaly double clicked the inventory, the game froze, but the music kept playing.

Anyway, it was a great experience to play it! Good job!


Thank you for your comments!

Yes, there is rules to road, and all tile placement. But it's handled for you, it should show green highlights in spaces you can place a tile.

Yes, I've heard a few issues with the inventory... I didn't have them during development but I will look into them! I plan to release a new version next month, so hopefully that'll fix all these things. :)


I think sim city style games are fascinating. Something about tiny worlds and tiny people and tiny cows. It's definitely on my list of achievements to make a chill sim sandbox game like this one.


With surfing. ;)


There's a lot more depth to this than I was initially expecting; it's a very cute sim game!

I could play this game only because of its music, but the other elements in this game are also very good, very fun, everything well made, good game!


Very nice base to extend upon!

Reminds me a lot of tile-placement board games, particularly in how you're restricted in where you can place things, giving a good bit of strategy to just planting things all over the place.


Cool concept! I really like the idea of getting to build a world while you also build your little city. Combining items is a nice and simple way to manage resources. It would be really awesome to see how this could develop (i.e. maybe you could be forced to put down negative tiles which develop on their own, leading the player to build strategically to support/fight/etc). 

Anyway, obviously this concept is quite ambitious for a jam, and it looks like you had a lot of other plans too... but you did good to get this much done. 


Thanks, for the comment. And that's a really great idea about having negative tiles that expand themselves. I did plan to add workers and soldiers, that's actually why you can craft weapons and build a barracks/castle, but the idea was just to protect from rampaging barbarians. I'm already stuck into another jam atm, and have another one to enter after that. But when both those are finish I will be back to this to add in that idea lol!


Really neat! I love the simple concept & execution, and the sound & graphics are solid. I got some castles and guilds (? brick + bread + weapons... I think), and it seems like that's as high as you can go.  I don't even think the game needs goals, really, although I did also have some issues with items sticking to my cursor. Discovering right-click functionality helped, but the inventory still felt a tiny bit sketchy.

Freedom to build whatever, with no costs, AND a small element of randomness, is a winning formula, I think. Reminds me of Puerto Rico, one of my favorite board games. Cool stuff! Also, thanks for hosting another Low Rez Jam! :D


The guilds are actually a barracks, so close enough. And it's one of those things that can just continually have stuff added to it, so when I have time there will be higher tier buildings!


Barracks! That makes sense. :)


Aewsome!! This game is so fun! (I really like strategy games)
I have only one issue to report, while dragging and dropping itens from the inventory the game crash some times! =( 


Cool game. The graphics are nice, the music is great and it's fun building a world. It seems a bit unfinished, though - there doesn't seem to be much of a goal.


Really neat! Enjoyed the depth of the interaction with the titles. I was a little confused about what I was actually supposed to do or what my goal was but I'm definitely am looking forward to this one being more fleshed out with more features and a help menu! :D


Weird but intersting concept, first time playing I had no idea what was going on, I was just picking up appes and placing segments. And then I got some wood, and this game picked turn for the best. It has a really nice concept of getting goods from nature, then getting stuff from the working people and it brings diversity and sense of progress.

Pretty sad that the road system was not implemented as you've stated on the page, but even without it game is very entertaining. Great job.