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Thanks for playing! Sorry about the WASD 1st player confusion issue! (That was an accidental oversight we realized once we went back over the release.) I'm actually really impressed that you managed to play so long, as the single player game is unreasonably challenging (and a bit boring) without the special bubbles that we intended to add, haha.


Haha, yep, I think you're the first person to recognize Magical Drop. ;)

Thanks a bunch! There's a lot that we'd like to tweak, but we're pretty happy with it for our first game (and game jam). I had a lot of fun learning how to make tiny pixel graphics, especially. ;)  So glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! Both modes (but especially the single-player mode) were actually a bit harder/faster than we intended because we didn't finish adding in the "special clear" bubbles and tweaking the game play. We also wanted to try out having only 4 colors of bubbles (instead of 5), especially to make the single-player mode less difficult. ;)

Thank you so much! Both modes (but especially the single-player mode) were actually a bit harder/faster than we intended because we didn't finish adding in the "special clear" bubbles and tweaking the game play. We also wanted to try out having only 4 colors of bubbles (instead of 5), especially to make the single-player mode less difficult. ;)

A really cute start for a game! FYI, I have OS X 10.11.6, and it worked for me. :) Maybe adding some kind of pressure to the game would make it more exciting--like making it a vertical endless runner that scrolls automatically instead of using the up/down buttons? I also thought for a long time that the brown spots were rocks that would kill me (so I worked hard to avoid them), but now I think they were just puddles that slow you down. The flowers and bushes were very cute.

Fun concept; I like the choice to go with something simple but easy to understand for this game jam. It's a good base for a game--adding some sound and some variability in the game play (maybe different flags could pop up to hit or something like this?) would take this to the next level. :)

It looks like the build still requires OS X 10.12 to run; for some reason I apparently have OS X 10.11.6 (lol), so I couldn't play it. I don't have time to upgrade right now, otherwise I would check it out--sorry! I'm guessing that a lot of people are like Max and I and haven't upgraded in forever. :/ Graphics look very nice, though!

A really nice puzzle game! I like your fade effects at the title screen and at game over--very smooth. I didn't realize at first that you could cycle all the way through the combinations (not just flip the columns), but I figured it out. It might also be nice if you had some kind of a fade-out or in-between effect for when the jewels clear (it's a bit abrupt right now how quickly the other jewels fall to take their place). Great use of the whole screen and good design!

I really love the concept; it's so cute how you included yourselves as mahou shoujos. ;) The graphics look amazing and the sound is very good. Although the gameplay itself still feels like a simple demo, I'm looking forward to seeing if you develop the concept further. (It's too great to stop here!)

Really funny concept; I love all of the thought that you put into the entire game. I enjoyed the puzzles and you made great use of the screen space!

Looks amazing! I can't wait to play it if there's ever a Mac version. :)

Awesome graphics! You made great use of the screen space and I like the unique concept for the game.

I spent waaaaaaaay more time playing this than I expected! I got totally lost in trying to figure out every combination. Great graphics and sound, and really fun!

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Really love the minimalist color scheme (similar to the one in our game, haha); the juicing on this is incredible! I couldn't seem to get the "How?"tutorial screen to work in the browser--not sure why. Although there are still some bugs (to be expected), you put a lot of thought into little details and into the overall effect--the bugs are easier to fix than the overall design. Cool project!

Looks so cute and I really want to play....but no Windows. ;_; Amazing graphics, though, and the screen reads very well, even in small format!

Hilarious tribute, and a great execution. (Aaaah, I can't believe the theme song, haha!) Great use of the screen space. Character and ring variety would be a cool thing to add for the next version. Awesome work!

It took me several tries to really understand how the game worked, but once I finally did, I enjoyed the game! Interesting idea. I do think the sound effects are a bit jarring (could maybe have a softer tone or be less loud?). Nice work!

Love the aesthetic and the concept! I seemed to encounter a bug (game freeze) when I tried to "check" while transformed during a battle with the ghoul. The font design was a little hard for me to read sometimes, but otherwise, great use of the screen space!

Really fun concept. The graphics in each game separately were good, but the main menu was very blurry and hard to read. These old-school games are too hard for me, though, haha! Nice work.

Very interesting concept and a strong aesthetic! I did feel that maybe the pace was a bit too slow for the first several minutes. Nice job!

Very cute concept; I also liked how you flipped the levels around to start at the "end" side of the previous level. I sometimes had a little difficulty telling where the edge of your player bounding box was (got killed by stuff that seemed too far away), but maybe that was just me. Nice work!

Thank you so much!

Thank you! I can't say that we invented the mechanic, but it's definitely one that you don't see very often (which is one of the reasons that we choose it).

Thank you, and we appreciate the feedback! The "w" and "s" problem was definitely an accidental oversight, so thanks for letting us know. We didn't know that the arrow keys would scroll the page until too late; the good news is that it doesn't do that if you enter the fullscreen mode. :) We're hoping to fix both problems in the future.

Thank you! This was my first experience making pixel graphics. I made that bat icon while messing around with different ideas and loved it so much that I had to find a way to use it. ;)

Thank you so much! The original arcade game that inspired this one only does vertical clear (with the additional horizontal clear once you've cleared a vertical match),  which I do think is a bit confusing. However, we did have "special" bubbles planned to clear things like a row, or an entire color from the play field--we just ran out of time to get them running correctly.

Thank you! We wanted to add "special" bubbles to make the chain reactions more exciting (and one-player a bit easier/ more fun), but we ran out of time for the jam. :)

Thanks again!

Thank you so much! This was our first game and our first experience with pixel art. :)

Beautiful color palette and really unique character design! I really enjoyed the demo and am looking forward to the next iteration. :)

Thanks so much! We are also making it for the LowRezJam, so the limit was 64 X 64 pixels. This is our first-ever game. :)