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I think sim city style games are fascinating. Something about tiny worlds and tiny people and tiny cows. It's definitely on my list of achievements to make a chill sim sandbox game like this one.

Nah, it's a bit derpy, you're right. Surfing might work with your gamepad (left stick and A button). I didn't do any testing with the gamepad though so none of the UI works with it.

Liked the theme and the length felt right. The stories were interesting and I did a few playthrough with my kids. They were a little put off that it didn't seem possible to "win." :-)

Nice tower defense with a unique theme. It's fun! Some sound effects and UI polish would make this a complete game. Once I got a few upgraded flame throwers at the entrance it seems like you can go on forever. Just peeked in the other tab... I'm at 5th quarter, 9th down and a big red stain at the entrance. A few of the fast ones make it to my third flame thrower. :-)

Controls felt awkward and it's pretty difficult at first because of that. But after a few sessions (maybe more than a few) you start to get the feel of it. Nice game.

Felt pretty bad for the slimes after I killed a few. :-)

I liked the music and art work.  Probably a little on the easy side. I think the environment repeats which makes it easy to learn the pattern. But fun!

Pretty fun and so frantic. My best score was 20 . I kept thinking... "ok, whoever designed this gun deserved to be eaten." haha.

It runs! I like the idea but I wonder if the controls are working correctly on the desktop version. They don't seem to work very well with a mouse.

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I liked it. Sort of like Pac Man.  Doing a maze game like this in such a small resolution is hard. I think I might have ramped up the difficulty more slowly by starting with fewer batteries. I liked the ape sound effects!

Hi. I'm getting this error when I try to run the Linux version:

SCRIPT ERROR: load_play_data: Invalid get index 'yards' (on base: 'Nil').
   At: res://World.gdc:220.

Thanks, yah... there's a scene transition bug that happens sometimes. Haven't been able to find it yet.

Looks great. The explosions especially with the shrapnel and smoke trails were very good. It was fun but a little too difficult for me. I think it would be an improvement to increase the fire rate and reduce the force of gravity slightly.

Wow. Graphics and art style are amazing. I think everyone should play this.

I tried the .love version and I got an error:

sounds.lua:74: attempt to call method 'getDuration' (a nil value)


sounds.lua:74: in function 'checkBGMTimerAndTransition'
main.lua:153: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

I have Love 0.9.1

That's a pretty cool game. It's like Sim City but card based. It would definitely benefit from a tutorial. Additional building types and animated people and cars would be nice touches. My first play through I started in a corner and ended up really quickly in a situation where I couldn't place any cards and was just stuck. Next time I started in the center and it worked out much better. I actually really liked it. With some nice music it could be a very relaxing solitaire city builder. Nice job!

Creative use of the low resolution! Also I learned what a gerenuk is. Thanks!

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I liked it. Got stuck on level 23.  I liked the smaller levels best where you could plan out everything in advance. The big ones where you couldn't see the whole level felt like it was game of chance. Really liked the graphics, glow effects, particles... looked and felt really nice.

Nicely done. I liked the controls. No need for three point turns, just spin in place! :-)

I thought, will I be punching the toaster?  [spoiler] No! catching the toast. [/spoiler] It made me laugh. Good job!

Heyo, please let me know if it doesn't run for you... I wasn't able to test the mac or windows builds. Thanks!

Ah, that's what's happening. Yah, hopefully that's fixed once 3.0 comes out. Thanks!

Cool game! I once worked on a prototype similar to this except the goal was to drop the blocks in such a way that an AI controlled character could climb the blocks to safety. The blocks were always sinking into water so you tried to keep placing blocks so that the climber could keep climbing forever.

I took your suggestions and started adding some in-game help to let you know what to do next.

Very cool.

I agree about the tutorial stuff. Building a tutorial/hint/help system in tandem with the game is something I'm doing with all my future games. I already built one in to Zombie Tactics.

That's weird. What browser/os are you using? I've tested on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Really like the grenades. Down to shoot feels odd though.

The little explosions and movement are very satisfying.

Nice job!

Sorry, no idea what I'm supposed to do.

Cool game! The color thing gets tough.

Well done!

Beautiful game. Fun to play. I think you've really got something here.