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Controls Locked

A topic by John Watson created Oct 25, 2018 Views: 195 Replies: 2
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This refers to a very old pre-release version of the game and is no longer up-to-date and may contain information that no longer applies

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Developer (1 edit)

The game was designed to be played with a controller and the tutorial covers those controls. But you can also play with the keyboard and mouse. There are two schemes you can use and they're both active all the time:

WASD + mouse

WASD moves your ship in that direction. Left mouse fires, right mouse toggles the tractor beam

Arrow keys

Left right arrows rotate ship, up arrow thrusts, spacebar fires, X to toggle tractor beam

Probably this'll get moved into the options menu eventually and you'll be able to configure the controls.


Same as arrows. Can also use Y button to thrust.

Other controls

  • P or Start to pause
  • Control-E to enter the level editor
  • Control-F to add more fuel (for testing)
  • F11 toggles fullscreen

Ah good to know about the two keyboard control schemes, I started playing with WASD and was longing for a way to control relative to the ship's direction, which feels more natural to me in such a game (and which the Arrow keys allow to do). Eventually I may see myself want to play with WASD doing rotation/thrust and the mouse for fire/tractor beam, so it would indeed make sense if this was configurable.

Also, I'm playing on a French AZERTY keyboard where WASD are located as ZQSD, which is far from convenient, so key remapping would indeed be welcome in a later version. I made a Godot demo about it, it's relatively easy to make a GUI for it (harder to make it look cool though :)).

Now on to trying the intended gameplay with a controller :)


Input mapping is on the radar. Thanks for the reminder!

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