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Gravity Ace

Do you have what it takes, pilot? · By John Watson

Welcome, test pilots! Sticky

A topic by John Watson created Oct 25, 2018 Views: 334 Replies: 12
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Thanks for participating in this playtest. Please have fun and take your time. Let me know if you run into any issues getting the game or running it either here or on the Discord server. Once you've had a chance to play it, please post your impressions. I'm looking for feedback on:

  • visuals
  • sound and music
  • gameplay
  • camera
  • controls
  • level design
  • and anything else you think is relevant and would make the game better

Please be honest. I'm open to accepting any feedback and criticism you have. Thanks!


I just played the game for the first time. Just did both tutorials and the first Demo mission.

  • I loved the control, I like the inertia and how hard it is to maniobrate in small spaces.
  • Pixelart is cool.
  • I'm playing in ubuntu 18.04, with a Logitech F310 controler. The game detected the controler flawlessly.
  • I'm on a Intel HD 520 and the game runs steadily at 60fps

I'll keep on playing and report anything I notice.

I'm having a little problem gettin the hang of the controls, but I guess I just need to git gud.


Awesome, thanks! That's great to hear that it runs well on your integrated graphics. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement too. Even small things.

Thanks for letting me test! Playing on a Macbook Pro 15" with a PS4 Dualshock controller. Here are some rough thoughts and a couple bugs.

Crash upon hitting the waypoint in Demo 3

Coins sometimes orbit ship (not sure if bug)

Is there supposed to be a second gas ring? Sometimes after filling up the orange ring, I can hear more gas going in, but there's no visual for this.

THIS GAME IS REALLY FUN! My 4 yo was totally into watching me play, and wanted to try. He loved crashing into the red planets.

Love the pixel art, all the particle effects, enemy design is great.

Love the slow pace of it, where one mistake early on can screw up the whole level. Makes for great replayability and perfection seeking.

Controls work great with no extra setup, but the button prompts don't match (Xbox graphics on screen, playing with Dualshock)

Nice to see something this well polished with Godot!

Thought: accidently blowing up gas stations that are off screen really sucks. Maybe there can be an indicator that one is near, like the waypoint and exit indicators. Or maybe have coins regen some gas, so there's some risk/reward with blowing up enemies and chasing their coins.

That's about it for my first quick play session. Thanks again! This is AWESOME!


Thanks for the great feedback, Jonathan.

When you hit the waypoint itself you exploded? Can you give me more details about that? Definitely shouldn't happen.

Coins sometimes orbit the ship... it's technically a bug but I kinda like it so I've kept it in. Undecided at this point.

Fuel continues to go in but there's no indicator... I get that it could be confusing but I basically didn't want to clutter the UI with the fuel ring until it gets low. Was never super happy with it... could probably use an extra indicator, maybe something small.

I like the idea about coins regenerating some gas... interesting to think about... with respect to shooting things offscreen... how do you feel about player bullets only working when they're visible? In other words, they wouldn't work off screen at all.

Bullets should definitely work off screen, but I was thinking there could be a way to know there was a gas station near by, so you can slow your shooting down to avoid blowing it up. Either a loud warning when you hit one (maybe give them a little more hp to give you time to correct), or another indicator showing the nearest station.

For the extra fuel, maybe keep the same ring, but have look past 100% in a different color? Like reserve fuel or something. Not sure if that makes sense, but I recommend having something showing you're getting more fuel.

I meant the game itself hard crashed to desktop when I hit the exit on Demo 3.

Sorry I answered these backwards.


Gotcha... Those are good notes and I'll work on them. Thanks!

Hey, so I just picked this up today and had a quick play around with it. I'm really enjoying it!

There are a few minor issues I've had:

  • Sometimes when you destroy stuff, the coins go into the landscape. You can still pick them up due to the very large range for pickups, but it looks very odd.
  • When running at higher resolutions, it's very obvious that some of the assets are low-resolution. This is presumably intentional, but having an internal scaling thing that interpolates or some higher resolution assets would definitely help make things look better.
  • Using kb + mouse, when you press space to continue to the next bit of conversation it fires the gun as well.

I look forward to any updates ^^


Thanks for the feedback. The blockiness is intentional -- I don't have the time to create more than one set of assets -- but out of curiosity, what's your resolution?

Wow, I really like what I see - the gameplay is perfect, the interface looks really slick and the artistic style is nice.

The only issues I noticed:

  • My gamepad (or gamepad adapter to be exact) was not detected at all, so I had to use the mouse / keyboard. Is gamepad support limited somehow to support only certain devices?
  • Even though I was using mouse and keyboard, the tutorial messages and dialogues still prompted to press the gamepad keys. Some other games (I think Dust is one of them, but I can't seem to remember the other ones) change the descriptions dynamically, depending on the last input device used - this would also work perfectly fine here.

Platform: Linux


Thanks! What'ss your gamepad?

Sorry for not reporting back earlier. I just discovered that my gamepad is working, but only after disconnecting another gamepad adapter (which had no gamepads connected, but still reports itself) first. Could it be that the game is only using the first gamepad?


Yep, that's exactly it. Better gamepad configuration is on the roadmap. Thanks.