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Yeah it was a little hard to tell what my goal was, how I could achieve it, and what was stopping me. Interesting concept though and it might have worked better multiplayer. 

I liked the look of the game and it was pretty fun for a math based game, but it didn't really match the theme enough for me. 

I thought the hacking minigame was pretty great. I tended to get lost/stuck while trying to navigate the level. Very well done though and some great graphics.  Nice work!

Really nice look and concept. I had a hard time understanding what I was supposed to be doing the first few plays but I think I got the hang of it. It did sometimes feel a little inconsistent how long you get locked in the files (viruses seemed to hold me forever, data seemed to slip by much quicker). As Local Minium said, I think you could benefit by simplifying the start and having it serve as a psuedo tutorial (i.e, send 1 piece of data solo until the player can hack it). Good work though. 

Nice shooter! I would've been cool to have some other defensive options though (i.e. to help dodge bullets etc). Good job though.

I liked the graphics a lot, but the mechanics seemed a little inconsistant sometimes. I'm sure with a little more time for polish it wouldn't have been a problem. Well done!

Really interesting concept that has a lot of depth and gameplay potential. It blows my mind how complicated whatever is running behind the scenes must be. Only real criticism here is that it doesn't really draw a lot of relevance from the theme pic, but still... Great game!

Seconding what Loon Of Nature said about it being more enjoyable on hard. The switching mechanic just felt a lot more responsive for some reason. Really nice style though and pretty fun to play. Nice work!

Really interesting concept, but I think the core mechanics weren't really telegraphed too well (i.e. I couldn't find where the doors were initially). It also does seem a little one sided to the overseer. It might be better to have his abilities on a cool down but make them a bit stronger so they have to be more strategic in their usage? Nice effort though!

Very hardcore but pretty fun. Would've been nice to see some variation in the platforms/backgrounds. Good job though!

Really great game for a jam! Excellent look and sound. If there was only one thing i would change, its that I'd either try and match the windows to the music, or have windows spawn in patterns instead of randomly. It was a little had to get the button presses right when they were at a different time to the music or radically changing their spacing. Other than that though, nice job!

Very slick and very awesome. It was an infinite loop I was happy to be stuck in. Great job!

A lot of really nice touches (loved the news ticker/dialogue bar at the bottom). Very relevant to theme too. I had a hard time wrangling with the controls but nice effort!

I really get the feeling that the humans want to die in this game, but pretty fun nonetheless! Good job!

Fun concept! I liked the graphics style. I agree that it didn't really connect with the theme image though.

Love the art style! Very fun gameplay mechanic too. Nice work!

Beautiful aesthetic. Well done!

Great concept and awesome way to interpret the jam words. Very addictive puzzler. Well done!

It took me a while to understand what was going on, but pretty cool concept when I finally understood. Nice work!

Very solid concept and great execution. Well done!

Great art! Nice work dude!

Very nice artwork! Congrats on your first game, it was very good!

Terrific art style and music! The credit card thing was also hilarious. Very well made. Good job!

Very well made and some clever level design. Nice work!

Pretty addictive! Nice work!

Surprisingly good gameplay concept, coupled with the best music I've heard in the jam so far, and the most amazing ending that actually had me laugh out loud. Great work!

Really nice art style! I enjoyed playing but it was really hard in some places. It would've been cool to have things you could pick up for more cash too. Good job overall though!

Very polished work for a game jam! It felt really good to play, I just wish there was more of it ;). Good job!

Really solid platformer! I liked the graphics style and the level design was tight. The controls felt a little slippy at times but otherwise a really great entry. Well done!

Nice graphics and fun mechanic. I enjoyed this one!

Interesting puzzle concept. Good job!

Excellent subversive look at puzzle game mechanics. Well done!

Very well made, good job!

Pretty fun to play! I found a few ways to cheat though.

Fun concept and pretty addictive! Well done!

Amazing art style! Well done. 

Nice graphical style! The scope of this game is also amazing considering the timeframe to make it. The combat mechanic was a little confusing though, but I think I got the hang of it by the time I was done. 

Good attempt! Shame you couldn't get everything you were after done.

Really great puzzle mechanic! Would play again. 

Pretty fun and addictive! Good job!