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Mind expanding.

Nice one!

Never stop. 

Your micro-manifesto about being legit regardless of what you do is top shelf.

Spot on. 

Excellent presentation, but I'm going to assume you meant to write "110 Gamejams" and your pen slipped and now it looks more like "No" by accident.

I feel like I might have missed the best part, and a lot of this went over my head, but the incidental manifesto is genius and speaks to me on many levels.

At first I didn't think you "got it", but then I realised you "got it" too much. Nice work.

I agree with the sentiment, but what if I'm too lazy to build my own engines?

Thanks for this! I enjoyed reading it, but my personal manifesto directly conflicts because I feel the right way forward is to redirect cool into a tool that can be used to topple and replace the existing capital with a capital of my own.

Note to everyone else: This guy gets it.

You are spot on.  You manifestos attacking me en masse and demanding to be downloaded individually is a masterful stroke. 

Also thank you for helping me to identify my feeling for slime.

Initially, I almost felt that your piece was too well researched and realised to provide the authentic manifest experience, but your examples around low and true realism opened my eyes to the possibilities. 

I do have to disagree with one thing though: I believe excessive loot *is* true realism. Consider a real task you'd undertake in the real world: Whatever it is you're doing now, for example. In your immediate vicinity, how many objects/things/items are actually useful to your task? How many things are completely inconsequential-to-useless for your task? 

I believe true realism should dictate that 99.9% of all loot should be useless, and you should be surrounded by it at all times to the point where it sometimes gets in the way of accomplishing your tasks. 

100% in support of this, particularly if we can take a more militant crackdown approach in enforcing it. Imagine the kinds of stuff we'd see if people were forced to innovate past genre baselines?

The only worry I'd see is it leading to an eventual disintegration of genre into meaningless descriptors as time goes on and people become better at arguing their differences. "No, this isn't a metroidvania. What you're talking about is a location-focused-battle-based-metroidvania, my game is a time-sensitive-conversation-driven-metroidvania. Totally different."

Brb... Have to go design a time sensitive conversation driven metroidvania...

I'm happy someone gets it. 

Also thanks for providing the name for my next punk band.

Thanks! I like you!

It started out as satire but by the end I wasn't sure anymore. 

Thanks for playing! Thanks also for the feedback and  sorry about the placement bugs!

Beautiful game, possibly the best looking of all the games in the jam (that I've seen so far at least). great music as well! Good effort in using pickups to telegraph level design in a small view. Only critiques: Enemies were hard to handle without trail and error, and camera can be pretty disorientating when changing sides.  

Very hard, but excellent level of polish. Great feeling of speed and impact. Well done!

Really great effort, you've done good to replicate the feel of gauntlet in 64x64 rez. Very hard though!

Great job! A nice and simple concept that is extremely well polished and executed. Animations are amazing!

Great job! This is my favourite game I've played so far in the jam. Concept through to execution is near perfect. You should definitely consider a mobile version. Having different actions (tap, slide, hold) via touch would also be cool.

Had a couple of bugs with guns that spawned without visible elements (or something). Not enough to ruin my playthroughs though.

Really enjoyed the concept of this game! Seeing the animations on twitter were enough to get me considering doing the lowrezjam itself! Seems like the battle system could extend out nicely to a larger game. It's really hard though... I wouldn't have minded if enemies were a little slower in battle. 

The music is top notch though, probably the best of the games I've review so far.

Great design regarding dual-purpose dodge/blam mechanic. It didn't feel that intuitive when I started but soon enough I was blamdodging with the best of them. Well done!

Well done guys, interesting concept and good story telling. I can third the comment about the grey in the text. I would've liked to see some more of the stories played out in pictures.

Incredible animation. It's like playing a crazy nightmare where anything can happen. Well done!

Cool concept! I really like the idea of getting to build a world while you also build your little city. Combining items is a nice and simple way to manage resources. It would be really awesome to see how this could develop (i.e. maybe you could be forced to put down negative tiles which develop on their own, leading the player to build strategically to support/fight/etc). 

Anyway, obviously this concept is quite ambitious for a jam, and it looks like you had a lot of other plans too... but you did good to get this much done. 

Wow... the amount of effort you put into this must've been huge! It's definitely paid off... the systems and apparent depth work well. I don't have anything to critique, you've done some excellent work.

Clever concept and well executed. Gets hard and precise very quickly though. Well done!

Well done! Best in game tutorial I've seen in the jam so far. Great polish over all and extremely mature approach for a jam game. I would've also liked a solo mode, but that's the only negative I have.

Good job! Possibly best sound direction in the jam (at least from what I've seen so far). I had a couple of problems loading but got there eventually. 

I feel like you've done a really good job, but the concept (memory based trial and error) isn't really something I'm that interested in.

Great work! Getting a 4 player coop game in 64x64 pixels is an impressive feat in itself! Graphics looked great and you managed to get a lot of variety in.  although I initially felt attacks were a little slow, I started to like the weighty feel of it the more I played. 

Only real negative I have is that I didn't really understand the 3 bar system while I was playing, which led to me thinking the attack had bugged out sometimes (I guess it stamina?). I also had a few other bugs that came up. Understandable in a jam though.

Congrats on your first game! You've done really well. It took me a little while to understand how I was meant to play but it was fun when i got into the swing of it. 

I disagree with one of the other comments, in that I do feel like there was adequate visual cues. What might have been good is if at the start I knew exactly what colour meant the food was cooked properly, because that was a little trial and error and even now I'm not sure how much I should be cooking each item for.

The other thing that would've been good is having the game loop back around so I could easily try again. All I could find to do that was refreshing the page. 

Good effort though! 

Very ambitious game for a jam! Boat animations and the telescope option were amazing. I really enjoyed sailing and navigating around. It was a little hard to understand what I was doing, and the game loop itself lacked some structure, but I think that's something you could easily fix if you had more time. Only other thing would be to think about your control scheme... it felt a little unnatural to go from two hands on the keyboard to mouse when trading. 

Interesting concept but I didn't have someone else to try it with. I was a little confused about what to do, but playing with the cellular automata rules was fun!

Really great game! Possibly best graphics direction of all the entries. Twitter integration was a great touch too. Tough, but seems fair. I also second simplifying the restart/adding a button press to the menu so you don't have to reach for the mouse between each attempt. Otherwise, well done!

Very cool concept. I liked the mix of thinking + reflexes. Sometimes a little frustrating having to wait for things to play out when you fail and have to start again, but that might be a limitation of the resolution/screen size. Would've been really cool if you could take the concept and fit each puzzle in one 64x64 view. Good job though!

Yeah it was a little hard to tell what my goal was, how I could achieve it, and what was stopping me. Interesting concept though and it might have worked better multiplayer. 

I liked the look of the game and it was pretty fun for a math based game, but it didn't really match the theme enough for me.