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Hack in by breaking the code
Submitted by targames (@targames1) — 3 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline

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I liked the look of the game and it was pretty fun for a math based game, but it didn't really match the theme enough for me. 

Nice game, even though I dislike math... I included it in part 19 of my Cyberpunk Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to check it out


Nice little game. Maybe needs a bit more of instructions at the beginning but when you get started, it's actually pretty addictive :)

Have a go at my entry: A Logical Dive

It took me a few tries to get into it. The first few levels are actually a lot harder than when you get more colors. I mostly brute forced the puzzles until I got to the later levels. Then it started feeling like a resource management puzzle game, which worked out really nicely.

After I got the hang of it, the actual game is really addictive. Let's see if someone can beat 22. :)


The layout was a little bit confusing and could be tightened up a bit.
Unfortunately I'm horrible at maths so I don't enjoy these types of games at all, especially with a timer.

Considerate of you to think of colour blindness when designing the game.


the game does not load centered for me so was unable to play.


@Local Minimum: Great suggestions.  I was thinking of dropping the shapes around the numbers.  I originally made them to help with color-blindness, but then I dropped that, yet left in the shapes.

Also I think the equation templates, which I thought would help players in the first levels, actually confuse them.  I'll keep thinking how to improve them.

Once you make it past the first few (hard-coded) levels, the rest are procedural, and probably easier, at least for a while.  I'll have to figure out an even slower progression through the various skills (subtract, then multiply, then add/subtract, etc.).

I could score it by equation rather than level.  Up for consideration.


You could drop the shapes around the numbers, took me a while to realize 1 was 1 and not warning. Think the one around the 5 would work nicely for all.

The area where you make the eq. you could have the slots marked as the shape of the number tiles with appropriate color (and rainbow if any color).

The progression was a bit too fast. Introduce a new "trick" in easy way, Let player test it once or twice. Then mix it up or combine with previously introduced concepts. Then next trick.

The scoring, I think you should give the unused seconds on each equation to the user as a score. That way even if you only manage 1+2=3 you can still replay and improve.

So don't take these comments the wrong way, they're just suggestions and ideas. I kind of liked the game.


I was also a bit confused at times, the integer division wasn't obvious from start (maybe actions resulting in modulus should be disallowed).

Very good music and sound design! It really fits the experience and makes it more intense.


nice little puzzle game. even tho i felt it very confusing that it not using multiplication first, then addition and subtraction