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thanks :)

I think you did a good job on the sound effects. They make the combat pretty satisfying, although I think the game is almost impossibly difficult. Good work, though!

Yeah, the sprites and landscapes are not bad, and the intro looks pretty nice. Don't worry about the incompleteness or lack of polish, since this is your first game jam. You will improve at these things if you keep game jamming and aiming to make something better than you did last time. Good work submitting for the first time!

This was really good. The music and sounds are well done, and the stealth can get pretty tense. There are a couple problems with the controls, specifically with ladders and ducking. Sometimes the player doesn't duck or stand up when he should, and at the top of the ladder he can get stuck until I jump off of it. I thought standing up might be disabled while moving but this was not always the case.

Well, I took the time to read the rules and understand them before starting, and had no trouble. This is more than most players will give, sadly.

Good work! The art style is cohesive and fits the theme well. The music is also pleasant. I felt really stupid after falling for both optional traps. :P

Cool to see more interactive fiction in the jam. My game is also somewhat of a visual novel, though we picked very different source material.

After getting the hang of it, the gameplay is kind of fun and the difficulty scales nicely for a challenging experience. Nice job.

I'm adding this to my collection of favorites.

This is really great! Your core mechanic is elegant and a joy to discover when playing blindly. I stopped reading the description after it said the game was designed to be self-evident, and I think it delivered on the promise. Very well polished, though jumping seemed more difficult than it needed to be, as has been mentioned.

I noticed the GIF but since I read the tutorial fully and understood the mechanics, I can't say whether it was helpful of not. I had no confusion. 

Glad you found my comments helpful. 

Great game. The graphics are fantastic, and the mechanics really do convey the themes of the source material quite well.

It took me quite a while to realize that the other whales were the dark shapes in the foreground, though. I read the tutorial before playing and then I was wondering where the other fish were. Once I did I got much farther. :P

I'm adding this to my collection of favorites from the jam. Good job.

Lovely ending: "Bill Sikes cuts your throat and dumps you in the river." :)

Pretty fun, and a great use of the source material. Maybe you could have added a "Stop, thief!" voice bubble to further reference the novel.

Very nice.

The graphics look well done, based on the screenshots. There's no download or game link, though. At least you made something, but I would like to play it if it comes to anything more.

Good work. The gameplay is polished, and I enjoyed how you tied it into the play (and the theme, though I almost missed the connection).

This is a fun, challenging game. It got really scary when I was down to my last health unit.

I like what you've accomplished for the lowrez jam, also, but I don't see how it addressed the theme of the pdjam.

Good work.

Very polished. As Jupiter mentioned, there's no apparent goal, but I actually see that as a positive element of what you've made. It's aimless, peaceful, and relaxing. I liked picking up the birds, enjoyed gliding through the clouds, was sad when my birds left me, then calmly accepted death as the plane caught fire. (Hope there wasn't more to it that I missed :P)

Incidentally I made an Icarus-themed game for the Flappy Jam a couple months ago. It's also called Icarus but we definitely took it in opposite directions.

I'm adding your game to my collection of favorites from the jam. Good job.

Challenging game. I enjoyed it.

I added your game to my PDJam favorites collection. Good work.

Your game is the first I've put in my "Public Domain Jam Favorites" collection. Good work.

OK, lots of thoughts on this one.

  • Good use of screenshake. The controls are very kinesthetically polished. Were you inspired by Vlambeer at all?
  • Fantastic art style. Animations were great, especially on the tripods. I love how small the player is, relatively, and the presence of so many human survivors who all get picked off so easily.
  • Great tagline, really.
  • You did such a great job conveying hectic, stressful emotions and total hopelessness. After sticking with it for maybe 15 minutes, I was able to kill 2 tripods (in separate games :P). I love how the new tripods can arrive while you're still dealing with the first one.
  • Gilfoyle. Do you watch Silicon Valley? :)

I really like the pixel art more than anything, especially the main menu which was particularly detailed. Good work, and good choice of material, too.

Good work. I like the feeling of dread and urgency as the horseman slooooowly catches up to you.

Very interesting entry. Learning the controls at first is confusing, even with the help overlay, because the player starts in a formless void and really can't tell where they're moving to because they have no landmarks to compare their position with. However once I figured it out I really enjoyed the rest. The poems are great, and fit together well. The character model and animations are very detailed, and very well done. The environments you created really connected with the emotions of the poetry (even the confusion in the beginning can be seen as fitting the poetry - an 
"unconquerable soul" will figure it out and keep playing till they get it. :)

So good work on a more experimental entry. I liked it a lot, just wanted to give helpful and honest feedback based on my experience.

Great blended use theme and source material! Fun game, too. I was surprised and impressed with how you used confusing visuals to increase the difficulty. I think, if anything, it could be improved with better music and synchronization with the rhythm, but it's a very good proof of concept from 7 days.

Excellent take on the theme! Neat card game. It was always satisfying to chain an attack and a taunt, only to defeat the enemy without touching them at all.

Wow, the graphics are really nice and polished.

This game is seriously awesome. I included it in my Cyberpunk Jam Favorites.

Very challenging, looks beautiful!

You concept is brilliant, and it's very well done! The first to join my "favorites" collection.

Pretty enjoyable, and nice graphics!

Very good music and sound design! It really fits the experience and makes it more intense.

Great art, great music, great sound. Fun and difficult.

Very nice!

Not bad. I like the inversion of the classic controls, and the shark is pretty funny.

This is one of the coolest ones I've played. It took forever to get the hang of it.

Similar mechanics to my game! I really like the art and aesthetic.

Funny death animation.

One of the best, I wish I could beat it.