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Cyrano the HotheadView game page

A short game about Cyrano de Bergerac, featuring a card-based battle system
Submitted by noir — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Innovative use of source material#63.7603.760
Stayed true to the source material#183.5203.520

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Public domain

CC0United States

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Glad to hear people are enjoying the game and that some are having close yet successful boss encounters :)

We're definitely going to continue working on this, and deck building with a wider variety of cards is absolutely in the plans.


Very fun and addictive gameplay - and the style is lovely, too. I hope you continue working on this, adding more cards and perhaps a deck building mechanic?


This was fantastic! I didn't entirely figure out why what I did was working, but yeah when I finally put out all 5 cards it was really satisfying, with all the insults and thrusts. Fantastic entry! :D


Holy Moly.. what a mechanic!

The first time you clear all 5 cards at once is so satisfying. There's huge potential for something with this.

"Country BUMPKIN!" xD Nice idea with attack modes, really. I admire cardboard characters - for me difficult is cut something straightly ;D


Insulting and combos with words! Brilliant idea and nice execution. I enjoyed this game so much. Thanks for choosing Cyrano. It was really fun! 


Cool game!  The cards were a real neat mechanic, and the frequencies seemed well balanced; my victory over the final boss was a close shave indeed!

Well done coming up with fun gameplay that illustrates the story's mix of blade-crossing and word-tossing!


Puzzle pieces are a good idea! One of the earlier prototypes used shapes that were eventually intended to look like they could be "filled in" or "completed" by overlaying them with the shapes on compatible cards, and I have some plans for changing the shapes of the flags so they aren't symmetric, but I hadn't really thought much about altering the edges of the cards themselves. I think that would work pretty well.


It's possible you've considered this already, but how about using the edges of puzzle pieces instead of colors to show the possible combos? On a positive note, the mechanics were pretty clear to me without having to read much of the instructions.

Well, I took the time to read the rules and understand them before starting, and had no trouble. This is more than most players will give, sadly.


I'm so glad to hear the instructions were clear! One of my biggest worries with this game was confusing players since some friends I sent early prototypes to had a lot of trouble just picking it up. It seemed the most common issues were either assuming you could just play one card per turn, or not knowing which cards could combo into which other cards (e.g. by not knowing that combos went left-to-right across cards but not right-to-left). 

Tried to address this as much as possible with the behavior and design of the cards, but don't think it's quite there yet since I noticed Jupiter was playing one card per turn in the video below. I have a couple ideas on how to improve this a bit more that I'll look into adding after the jam, though.

I noticed the GIF but since I read the tutorial fully and understood the mechanics, I can't say whether it was helpful of not. I had no confusion. 

Deleted post

Thanks for the feedback! I think a couple people were confused about how the card combos chain together, so I added an animated gif to the instructions on the game page which I hope makes things a little clearer.

Excellent take on the theme! Neat card game. It was always satisfying to chain an attack and a taunt, only to defeat the enemy without touching them at all.

Love the graphics. The game is pretty cool as well. :) I included it in part 2 of my Public Domain Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look :)

I had a blast insulting everyone! They can't handle my swear words!


If you go on, I shall feel myself constrained to cut off your face.