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It walks in him.

 photo itWalksInMeBig.png

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My main challenge will be figuring out what to do with all these characters. Also, text at this size is tough!

EDIT: It's a fortune teller bug man. He spins the ball with his tongue.

 photo bugmanFortuneTellerBig.png

Replied to Biim in Screenshot Daily

Much easier to see now.

I put together 5 or 6 scenes like this with different characters.  photo monstersPlainsmanBig.png
Replied to Biim in Screenshot Daily

Hi, you can make the size of your game screen bigger by changing Viewport Dimensions on your game's edit page. Try something like 640x640. Right now it's really small in the browser.

Sounds great

I really like what you're doing with the focus!

The black and white does look great, but the color can open you up to a lot of different possibilities throughout the game.

Actually some black and white elements in addition to color elements opens you up to a lot as well.

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Boy did I have to edit that a lot of times.

Messing with this graveyard that I hope to make work similarly to the lost woods.

 photo gravyardbig.png

Created a new topic Screenshot Daily

Thought it might be fun to have a spot where everybody can post a screenshot representative of the work they accomplished each day in the jam.

Construct 2 is very easy to use. I've got a few examples .capx files here if you're interested.



This was really good!