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Screenshot Daily

A topic by donboody created Mar 31, 2016 Views: 6,158 Replies: 318
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Thought it might be fun to have a spot where everybody can post a screenshot representative of the work they accomplished each day in the jam.

Interesting idea.
If I can't deliver a screenshot, I will probably write a short log each day in the jam.


Not much to show as I set up the code.

I will give this a go using Ruby with Gosu.

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what i did today:


I was cleaning out my email when I saw an email about this jam, and it starting today so I decided to jump into it.

Here's a concept image so far, I'll likely use most of it anyway. :P

It's going to be a base attack/defense game.

Looks neat! I like the clean style.


Not much to show but... i m working on a less colored (black in white) style game... :D


looking forward to this one!

thanks, i will post more screenshots :D

I have done my work :D

u can play it here- https://itch.io/jam/lowrezjam2016/rate/62024

Quick question: wich tools do you guys recommend to capture some gameplay gifs?

i went with ScreenToGif for windows, it works fairly well

I suggest you to use ScreenTo-Gif, it has a friendly interface and it works really fine for me... :D

gifcam works for me, very simple and easy

Licecap has always worked great for me.


Heres what I have so far: β– 


still in sketching phase so far.




I want to play that!

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->AndreScreamin: Try LICEcap - its super simple - you will like it


Example gif

Many, many thanks! I'll download it and share the results later.

Also, nice example, hahaha.


A little mockup of our unconfirmed project:

I think I will have some fun to code some AI for this little game :p.

Hey looks great for the size. Why each one have two scores "00" ΒΏ?

Thanks from the artist :).

The idea is to show the score without hidding the action. In this mockup all score panel are shown. But in the final version, we will show only the most relevant one.

(Sorry for my english, I'm french ^^).

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Your mockup is great !

Here a gif of my project :

(Thanks Ansity Games for the tips !)

not sure if there's an easier method, but if you click html and type <img src="IMAGE_ADDRESS_HERE"> it works.

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My Halloween-themed game, Snakepit, will have a sharp pixel mode and a widescreen mode:

The game is 63 x 63 pixels and uses only THREE colors.

Lovely pallette choice! Looking forward to seeing more.

omg so many freakin tallented ppl here *-*

I've been figuring out GameMaker Studio today and setting up the project, but now I have my first tileset working and a controllable player (although not yet animated). Yay :-)

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Not much because I started late, got the 64px filter working though :)


Horror combat/defense RPG thingy...still very WIP, but the combat engine works! :)

Funny thing is I didn't realize it was recording the blues I was listening to in the BG! HAh!

Hey ! It reminds me the combat system from Resident Evil: Gaiden ! Good luck, I like monsters and gore project :)


Hah, awesome! You're the second person who's mentioned that, which prompted me to check out RE:G. Never played it when it came out, but I def see the similarity! Looks like a game I would have loved. :)

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Been tinkering with my raft based survival sandbox today. I spent waayyy too long on the fish spawning code :P

Tomorrow is the crafting system start :)


In reality the pixels aren't dithered like that, they are gif artifacts.


Fun idea. Will you be able to fight the polar bear for food? :-P


As soon as the other half wakes up and draws me some fight animations ;)


Looks sweet, love the armchair and the... I'm going to say brandy... because I've got something similar in the cupboard. :P


Screenshot and a video recorded earlier in the day. Spaaace!


This looks awesome! Can't wait to see how it develops!!

Very nice! I hope you'll have time to make buttons blink in all kinds of ways in reaction to player action/ship states. :)

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menus! Which took waay too long to do. And the start of a color scheme.

Just spent way too much time on the menus and message windows myself...
Your selection treatment looks great!

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Boy did I have to edit that a lot of times.

Messing with this graveyard that I hope to make work similarly to the lost woods.

 photo gravyardbig.png



Made a mock-up so far.

The game will be based on my old game, Runny Square, developed using HaxeFlixel.

My game for this jam will be also developed using HaxeFlixel.

The game won't be as plain as the old one, I mean not just plain square.

Currently, I am making a kit based on the old game, which makes me easier to develop similar game like this in the future.

That day 1, I have improved the sound system and implemented more sprite system for player.

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Had to change engines about 2 hours ago but now I'm chilling on the final frontier...


Well having recently enjoyed a month worth of streams from the series, and not being very creative at the moment, I've opted to make a sorta Mega Man demake for my entry. May switch to something else if I get a better idea, but for now have some disorganized and maybe not very good sprites and mockup work from today.

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And here I thought I could get by with cheapo graphics. Hopefully I can stylize the hell out of what I've got.

Here's a gif of one of the mechanics at work, should be pretty representative of how it looks in the final game.

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A procedural platformer dungeon.


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Haven't created an entry yet as we're still coming up with a title, but here's a couple preliminary mock-ups of what will become an exploration-based monk dating sim.

p.s. The white border looks a little funny recurring and against white background but eh


Looks very cute!


I really like what you're doing with the focus!


Started from scratch with SDL2/C++ and Golang, 12 hours later and this is what I've got!
Although now I'm lost for ideas, If anyone has any suggestions for game mechanics, I'd love to hear them!


Deleted post

One more Quick shot or i say screenshot of my game :D


Here's an update on my project.

Created a main menu:

The parallax will be slower on this menu, but there will be more animations, such as characters fighting eachother and such.

It seems the parallax goes to the wrong side, isn't ?

It's correct, I think, just a little out of context at the moment.

I got it semi-decent in the actual game section, so there will be improvement. :)


Hopefully you got some camera movement in the game lol. Parallax with a still camera makes no sense which is probably why it looks so wrong here xD


I have a bunch of sprites I've been meaning to do something with - this is a great opportunity! Have mocked up a couple of demos and trying to decide between them:

1. Metroidvania/action platformer:

2. Action RPG style:

I prefer the graphics of the metroidvania style, but think the sprites need trimming a bit to fit with the resolution.


help me choose (color or black & white) i m confused :(


I'm quite fond of the black and white. I made a whole game once, in color, then added what I called a "50s mode" that was basically black and white with a film grain and it looked so much better. :P

Hell, add film grain to it. ;)

thanks for your idea, i will think about 50's mode :D


Loving the black and white :)


I reckon black and white fits best!


I like "Black and White" more - it give better feeling and some space for my own fantasy

also B&W will give more time to create more content : D


The black and white does look great, but the color can open you up to a lot of different possibilities throughout the game.

Actually some black and white elements in addition to color elements opens you up to a lot as well.


I m thinking to choose color but, with a option (50's mode) to switch to black in white mode instantly... it give more control over the game to users and they can also play in mode which they like most... what about this idea ??? :D


Sounds great


Playing around with some rendering options.

gorgeous, obviously!

well, thank you :)



This is how looks now my game, also you can play the actual alpha HERE.

I guess i will do some .gif soon :P


Hope you like it!


can you add "AWSD" button to "arrows" control as well?

will be great (kind of uncomfortably to use Arrow+mouse)

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64x64 UFOs

Hi guys, I am new here and I have joined after have seen the competition.

I have no much time to develop the game since I am busing developing my first game but I was interested in the jam as personal challenge. So I have developed 64x64 UFOs just for fun. It took me 15 hours to make it (including lunch and dinner break).

I am pretty satisfied about the work done even if the game isn't perfect.

I wish you good luck with your games!

Hi, you can make the size of your game screen bigger by changing Viewport Dimensions on your game's edit page. Try something like 640x640. Right now it's really small in the browser.

Hi, I have uploaded a new version of the game. Now it is possible to upscale it.
By default it starts at 256x256 (scaled from 64x64) and I added the fullscreen button but the mouse pointer looks too tiny now. Should I change it as well?

Thanks for your suggestion :-)

Much easier to see now.

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Sup guys! Yall projects are looking really great. Boggles my mind how some have already submitted games, like damn.

I started doing some mockups today, using the Pico-8 palette. Such a cute palette! I guess I'm gonna make some kinda zelda-like thing maybe?


Man, these sprites are seriously cool! You can never have enough zelda-a-likes! Looking forward to playing it!

Thanks man :D

\drools\ looks very cool - this jam getting better and better D:


I have this. I can drive a straight road but don't know what to do next with that :)

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It's super great ! I like the colors and the little fuel sign over there.

You can add a radio, some trees and houses to look at...


Heres my mockup, plan on making an RPG life time gameplay, OBVIOUSLY those sprites... are like out of the question but you can expect some neat gameplay.

NOTE: I'M ONLY DOING A DEMO!!! I'm going to raise the resolution after this and probably make more of this game with a higher resolution.


Been working on a sort of streamlined twin stick shooter rogue-lite.

looking great : ]

the shadow effect looks awesome, but you should decrease the pixel size of the shadows to make it more realistic and it will create a less eye strain to the player.


Testing out some stuff

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Thought that I'd show off what progress I've made on my entry.

Terrific stuff from everybody else

Ha! Underwater game - very interesting

seems interesting, add another clip after adding some more stuffs and a pinch of concept to it, and u should add some water ripple effect and bubble formation to it, it will look more watery and awesome :D


My small steps to gamedev: https://yadi.sk/i/CqzS3-WvqgiJC

Made with Love2D

Sorry for yandex drive

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My first idea was not working. So i started working on turn based game, will probably be some kind of rogue like (after missing the last 7DRL). Right now I can movement nicely and the basics for the map generation is working. The data structure in the background was a lot of work.

First I tried a platformer but with the restrictions I couldn't find good movement. Either it was too fast or it was stuttering.

(Edited 1 time) (+4)

Here is the first .gif with the actual gameplay, not much but you can see perfectly in what i'm working ;)

Also you can play the last alpha here: https://kronbits.itch.io/chaos64

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I tried implementing my usual "smooth" camera code, but I'm not sure how well it works at 64x64 resolution, most of the "smoothness" is kinda lost. But I guess it's not gonna get any better unless I break the rules. Thoughts? Is it too barfy or is it fine?

EDIT: Fixed camera for comparison. Actually, now looking at them side by side, fixed might just be better lol

EDIT: I'll be trying out a Zelda like camera tomorrow. My hopes are high. That worked well for Zelda on the GBC at least.


I think the smooth camera is a little distracting compared to the fixed follow, but I don't know if that's just me. It's looking nice either way!

well - smooth camera give better feeling of motion - i like it

can game have both camera mode options? : o

Hmm, i liked the smooth camera. I tried to put on my game too, but not work with my idea. But in your game looks cool!

I put together 5 or 6 scenes like this with different characters.  photo monstersPlainsmanBig.png

Didnt get quite as much time on it as I wanted today. But got the bones of object selection, crafting system, item spawning and some things :) Time for a few days of ploughing though making as many items as I possibly can and then on with the crafting tree, weather and survival specifics :)


hey, everyone!! i'm working on a platformer game w/ the game being about farming & interacting with the furries and all that stuff.

i got my inventory & the farming system to work which was the hardest part of my game probably, the inventory looks pretty neat & compact I think? hopefully the farming system feels nice enough for players! i wasnt able to link here the gif of harvesting, but it can be found from this imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/PzUFn

here you can see few of the gifs of stuff I have done today! :>

^ not actual ingame dialogue, but like, the game wont be too serious or anything im not a serious person lmao

wow - this is looks very cute and interesting

This looks really lovely! Can't wait to see more.


I went to imgur to upload a screenshot. It's 2 hours later now.

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This all my progress, for now e.e

EDIT: Oh, and some art too:

House (don't know where i will use it haha)

Tileset tests:

(Based on https://twitter.com/Bakufreak tileset organization) i suck on tilesets haha

And initial game mockup:


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Today I figured out how moving between rooms works in GameMaker Studio, added the walking animation for the 4 directions and drew the second area's background art (street).



Still slowly making mock-up.

Currently still focusing on the kit.

The sound system has finished. Only the animation left.


Night 2: Not a TON of keyboard time today but we're flying and shooting!


Did a bunch of behind the scenes work today so I don't have much to show, but I did end up making the start of a title screen.

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Not sure what the simplest way of making a gif of my current progress. (If anyone has any tips for me I'd be really appreciative)

Meanwhile here is a screenshot :D Will be adding environments tomorrow.


If you're on Windows, try GifCam, it's really great for recording short bits of gameplay: http://blog.bahraniapps.com/gifcam/

wow - this program have nice options

Thanks a bunch! :)

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Mini Games!

(Edited 1 time) (+6)

Yes, that's raycasting ;)

Awesome! tell us more. What engine?


I'm writing it in C# with XNA and my own "engine" we can say ;)

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Making a video game based on my card game that is based on my video game.

(Edited 2 times) (+3)

Finally thought of an idea and finished my mock-up last night

(Edited 1 time) (+6)

Still playing around with Rendering as I'm trying to come up with some gameplay ideas. Although I believe I might have something now.




such style. *-*

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I'm putting together a rogue-like with a nice CC3 sprite sheet I found on opengameart.com.

Any thoughts on the transition effect for ladders?

It looks like the black-wipe is occurring after you've already drawn the next floor. Fix that but otherwise it seems satisfactory, unless you'd like to do something cool like a comic book panel transition. Take a snapshot to a texture of the current screen as you reach the ladder, without the health bar; render to texture your current screen and pan up or down between them for a few frames.


Updated the graphics a wee bit, and got the parallax looking decent, I'm quite happy with my wee flags there. :P

(Edited 1 time) (+2)

I'm struggling along with the code, at least I made a little progress with it. I expanded the first room a bit. Only two background arts left to draw now.

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

I've got the walk cycle finished and a tiling background. I'll need to get the background to tile a bit in-game and then have the camera follow the character.

(Edited 8 times) (+6)

not a screenshot, but character art is coming along

EDIT: Fixed the green skin and added more characters


Cuteness overload!!


I thought they were supposed to be green so I didn't question it xD

They're lovely!


They live! For now ...

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Got a decent amount done today I guess?

  • Camera system now has 3 modes that the player can switch between: "fixed", "smooth", and "grid" (inspired by classic Zelda).
  • Made HUD more minimal. Before with the bigger HUD you couldn't see where you were going when travelling vertically using the "gird" camera. I also made it go half opacity when player is at the top or bottom of the screen, to minimise issues with the "grid" camera even further.
  • Changed my font from monospaced to proportional.
  • Made a few more sprites, implemented collisions, and tried my hands on a logo. Also obvious inspiration from Zelda, lol. Might as well steal everything now that I'm at it!
  • Drew the player character is high-res to get an idea of her design. 8x8 is cute, but really hard to imagine how the clothing etc. works. Should be easier to animate now that I know how she looks, too! (pose from here)


I love the Zelda style font on the title you've got going, very fine work.



Still handling the mock-up.

Changed and reduced the color and also changed some stuffs.

Also, I was still doing the kit. Finally finished the animation. I can probably use the kit now for the game, but I need to check something first.


Day 3:

Yet another day of mostly beating on things until they actually work. Hopefully progress will speed up now that a good chunk of the difficult stuff is taken care of. Did manage to get the basic title screen running though!


Night 3: In which I create an alien race that would stop at nothing to see me dead.

(Edited 2 times) (+3)

Day 3: More mechanics - lighting and enemies showcased here. This lighting implementation is pretty computationally intensive so I probably need to limit the size of darkened rooms, we'll see.

(Edited 3 times) (+2)

My main challenge will be figuring out what to do with all these characters. Also, text at this size is tough!

EDIT: It's a fortune teller bug man. He spins the ball with his tongue.

 photo bugmanFortuneTellerBig.png


Pew pew pew. Got some basic item pickups and shooting conrols in.


(Edited 1 time) (+5)

I hadn't started until today, but here's what I've got so far.

There's a cat! She can move, kinda. She can't yet animate, though.

Current ideas are for there to be some sort of cat & mouse tag-team system?? where the mouse would be able to fit under those half-high gaps? i dunno, we'll see what happens.


hehe hi

also looks cute


Day 3, our artist make an another mockup:

Got more time to code the gameplay. Maybe I will publish an alpha this week :).

Menu update
Score test

This is what i made in weekend:

Tileset added(generating random, i will change the algorithm):

Wave system and chests finally done! (Provisory title screen[and name, maybe]):

And "Y based depth" too! o/

(Don't know what happened with gif colors ;-;)

And collisions too! o//


Haven't posted screenshots in a while, so here, have a few from the past day or so!

Now I mostly need to work on enemy types, bosses, and weapons.


Well i still don't have any gameplay, because the random generation took me a lot of time. This example is actually planed to be a dungeon/cave, but i took the grass/forest sprites I already had. I could use the same algorithm for a forest overworld by changing some parameters a little.

Here is a zoomed out, higher resolution (for debugging) version of another generated map:

Next is some gameplay. I will implement enemies and the fights first. I also have to spawn some interessting stuff on the map, but that should not be too much work.


Got in some character animations, derpy AI, fighting and some particle effects:


Added a gun and have been working on the map, also muzzle flashes are amazing.

this looks pretty cool, nice lighting effects!


I'm going a radioactive direction with the title screen.

Although you can't hear it, there's a geiger counter sound that plays along with the green glow. :D



Added multiple caverns, warp, hp bar, battle mode(partially), and an enemy.



I spent like an hour trying to figure out why the camera wouldn't center around my character... Turns out I never centered the sprites origin ^.^; I think I got a good chunk of work done today. Next I'll figure out how to do collisions.


I finished my pathfinder system... I'm very bad with this (first time I tried this kind of system, it's on "Breadth First Search") and this is not perfect but I'm happy with it for now (I spend 3 days for this... I can't spend any more time on it).

These little bastards are too sticky ! I need a fonction to kill them all, NOW !!!

So, tomorrow, I'll start the combat system, and after the generation map and tileset.
I hope after I will have the time to add an skills, inventory and collectible items too.

(Edited 3 times) (+8)

Today I didn't do much. No real sceenshots to show. What I did do, though, was start animating the main character, which was pretty troublesome >w<

Previously I've drawn her at a weird angle that frankly looked like something for a platformer, but since this is a top-down (well, 45 degrees or whatever) game with 4-directional movement, that couldn't work. So I drew her again and tried to make a downward facing walk animation:


The result was a damn catastrophe LOL, way too small to do anything that looks even halfway decent. So, I increased her size by a bit (from 9x9 to 10x15) and tried again. Also made an upwards walk.

and the idle frames:

Much better! She also doesn't look flat as a pancake any more, lol. Still no face as there's basically no room, but I think that's really cute in a weird way. Thoughts? The shading on the dress might also be a bit too intense, but eh, it's fine for now :v

And that's it for today. I spent way too much time on this. Extreme low-res is sooo hard D:


I was doing similar animations today, but yours look super smooth! I'm impressed! Big improvement (and I, for one, like the intense shadow)


That new animation is great, diggin it


This is the opening of my first boss fight. See if you can guess the inspiration :)


(Edited 1 time) (+6)

It walks in him.

 photo itWalksInMeBig.png


your screenshots are cracking me up!


Night 4: Asteroids

I wanted these asteroids to be a huge pain in the ass for every living thing in this game. It was a huge success.

(Edited 1 time) (+8)

Mostly been writing dialogue trees lately, but today I did get in some animation time to make a tiny (glitchy) version of our logo and get our player moving in the 4 cardinal directions we all know and love:

The glitching might not fit with the aesthetic of this particular game, but I think it's cool so whatevs. The running animation needs... somehing. I don't know. I really don't want to make it bigger and make traversal feel claustrophobic, but I can't get the smoothness I want with so few pixels.

And here's a quick quick slide-through of all the characters, breaking pixels and gettin' dizzy!

I think it's only the left and right animations that are weird. The up and down are really good looking, certainly better than what I could do at such a tiny scale.

The problem might just be the legs imo

I agree with Baku, I suggest trying some brighter or more distinct pixels on the feet to get complexity in the animation without adding more pixels. Was reading this article just yesterday, if it helps.

i'm loving all the portraits! :>


Didn't do much today. Just testing if I switch the brightness.

(Edited 2 times) (+5)

Done some room transitions and the layout of the settings menu, including; music toggle, sound toggle and achievements button.

The in game interface has full navigation now, some of the buttons still need to work and change based on conditions... But at least they're not exploding in my face because some other button isn't handled. :)

EDIT: And now I added an earlier stage of the castle:


the very start of PuPeura :> i've added like the first dialogue to the game and the first quest. i've made few sprites for the villagers so they change expressions when talked to. i also made a selection system for the dialogue so you can pick "yah or nah" for stuff.

dont bully the queen (this is what happens when you use a tool on her)


That looks awesome, looking forward to playing that. :)


Good progress today, More to the map, New SFX & Optimizations :D

Video: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/7174469286660...

Screenshots (You should watch the video though ;D ) :


Slowly making progress with this

(Edited 2 times) (+7)

Not much done today either >w<

First I tweaked and finished all 4 walk animations:

The side ones look more like she's running. Eh, that's fine, actually. That means I can use the same animations for both running and walking without it being too weird!

Then I spent all day trying to implement dialogue. I used this excellent dialogue engine by my friend @JujuAdams. It was a challenge to make it work with views and have it work at this tiny scale, but I managed it! So here's my first dialogue test:

Here's my font btw, in case anyone likes it. I tried to make it tiny but also as easily readable as possible.

And that's it for today! I'll be very busy for the coming days, probably won't have time for a lot of jamming, so maybe don't expect daily posts from me for a couple days, who knows Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


Loving the animations!

Thank you! <3

Lot of amazing work you're doing here! Borrowing your font!


What started on a whim ended up getting a little carried away... I suppose my entry is a Fallout 3 demake now!

(Edited 1 time) (+3)

Here's the last (?) room art for my game (there's also one I'm not sharing pics of so there'll be something left to find out), the only art left now is for the intro screen and some small sprite things. Made a lot of scripting progress earlier in the day but then I got stuck and focused on other stuff for the rest. Hopefully I'll at least have a mildly functional game by the end. Going to look for more tutorials on similar scripts.


Your color palette is really interesting. Looks nice!


A terrible half-complete skybox really sells the illusion of rotation, despite being a simple 2D image.

The game's looking great, but do you think there might be a few too many stars? It comes off a little cluttered imho


Here's a bit of animation for when you obtain a new power. I spent most of today making puzzles, but you'll have to play the game to see them :)


Day 5: Currently working with the AI (what a pain!) and starting to make the basic UI.

In the meantime, our artist have some fun with this mockup:

(Edited 1 time) (+4)

Got my galaxy generation, galaxy map and jumping between systems in.

Need trading in next.

really enjoying Pico8


ship in overworld is looking good, added foam particles to it :D

this looks really nice, great work!


Context sensitive buttons, popping out from the right of the screen as needed, in stages.

I surprised myself this evening with code I wrote only two days ago and forgot about, it was neat! I can't tell if I had foresight or accidentally covered edge cases that pop up mid-development.


I got a little bit of a late start, but here are the 2 screenshots I've done so far:

The one on the right side is actual size and shows my 2 fonts! yay!


Reminds me of the original Sid Meier's Pirates! a bit. :)


Some stuff from today. :)

I just done a wee test for building upgrading:

And some knights fighting:

(Edited 1 time) (+4)

My progress from yesterday, today I added stun and skip turn on top of this.

I'm blown away, that is fantastic.

Thank you for your nice words :)
I hope it plays as fantastic as it looks for you :)


Haven't had much to show lately. Mostly having a somewhat difficult time putting things together and figuring out how it should work. I have made progress though! First I changed the title screen to make the menus more readable and added an intro animation.

And the beginnings of a level and actual gameplay.


Simple movement in one of my game scenes.


Great colors, looks like an interesting one for sure!



so i completely reworked the inventory system it looks the same but now it can handle more than 3 objects lmao

the whole thing is literally just cursor object overlapping item objects outside the view this is so silly but it works since i dont get arrays lmao

aand you can buy seeds now


SnakeTris - the love child of snake + tetris!

basic movement

Got Basic Movement Done

tetris added

Added The Basic Tetris Shenanigans

physics is hard...

WOAH! That's Too Much Shenanigans!

Pretty fun banging this little idea out, now I just gotta add 'flavor' :)

if u need to make "full line" to "crash it" and get score like in tetris..

its mean i can just always drop 1 cell\cube to make it effective ? ...


I'm currently working on a system to prevent things like this, so you wouldn't be able to just constantly drop 1 block pieces.



Hi all - I've been enjoying seeing everyone's progress - you are inspiring!

I finally have some WIP footage to show of my Liber Cryptis game - got my maze navigation in and a start to making the environment tiles prettier (I had simple wireframes a la Wizardry 1 before). Still a long way to go!

And I just noticed how extremely dark it looks against a white background here. Might have to tweak the levels a bit.


Land Ho!

Also, you can't see it here, but this game has seamless map scrolling now, so you can't even tell if you sail off the map and get put on the opposite side! Woo!

This looks really interesting, but what's the objective, I'm curious? :P


So it's going to be an exploration/inventory management/trade game where you control a trade ship and you have to sail across a big, unmapped ocean to both find and trade with multiple islands with a procedural economy. You can set a course and sail in any direction indefinitely while you manage your inventory and stats and stuff so sailing isn't too much of a bore, but you have to pay attention to where you're going because if you crash while you're moving too fast, the game's over.

The main goal is pretty much to survive and to make as much money as you can at the moment. I guess I should come up with an idea for a win state, though, huh? Haha!


Sounds cool! As for a win state, could always have a few options, some potentially endless games have life goals, such as amassing a certain amount of money. You could do that, and add it other more fitting elements like' Find X number of ports, Sail X distance, etc. Then the player could choose whether it's going to be a short game or a long game. :)

That's a great idea! I'll probably do something like that. :)

(Edited 3 times) (+3)

So my project finally has some gameplay. Movement, melee combat and ranged combat are working. Some things are still wonky and especially the UI has to be improved. The most important next steps will be an interesting AI, different enemies and spawning interesting stuff on the map. At least I got an idea for framing whats happing and whats the goal. Here is a gif of the ranged combat (the animations play, but the game/ai turn does not wait for it to finish...and the enemy is a placeholder):



Hi Meursault, you can defeat an enemy! Eligible for early access now I say. It want to suggest untying the camera from the player character, that way the camera can travel a pixel at a time instead of jumping instantly.

Thanks for the advice, I already put it on the list :-)


Been super busy most of yesterday and today, so still not much progress, at least not exciting stuff. I'm also booked all day tomorrow, so I won't have time for more until the weekend >w<

Since last time, I managed to find a way to get tiles animated in GameMaker, which is horrendously more difficult than it should be. So far I'm just using it so the water actually looks watery now, but I'll surely find lots of other ways to use this system. Here's a gif:

I also completely rewrote all of my movement code. Long story short: it was shitty and buggy before, and totally awesome now. It also supports diagonal walls now, so you won't get caught up on terrain as much anymore. Here's another really unexciting gif:

I realise these things are not very showy, as it's mostly behind-the-scenes work. But if I don't put effort into these systems, the game will be shit. Next up is the combat system, which is probably when the game will get really exciting!

(Edited 2 times) (+2)

It's just my 2nd jam here, I think it is a really interesting one! I don't know if will have time to make lots of features but I hope to do something at least playable and fun ^^

Here's a quick preview of my space/collect entry, in pure 64x64:

Really good stuff from you guys until now! I'm looking forward to play all your games :)


Finally going to drag myself to bed, here's some screenshots from today, all about archers. :)

They do have a melee attack as well, where they jab their foe with an arrow.

I also worked on the AI for a bit, it can now save up to launch periodical fullscale attacks, and they will get progressively larger.


So today I learned Processing and its 3D renderer don't support more than 8 lights. So no cool blinking probe/warning lights for me :(

Day 7: Victory Screen, wooh! More UI work, and I begin to make some animation.

This week-end will be fun.

Looks really awesome!

Thanks from the artist :)

Thank you Baku! :'D Your 2D are beautiful, it's really cool to have a positive reviewer from you.

(Edited 1 time)

I recommend adding a tween effect for the billboard movement. Maybe a parabolic curve?


Surely :). I think I will use the smoothstep() function for that:

This is only a mockup for the moment :p.

(Edited 1 time) (+3)

It's been a few days but I have enough new stuff to now present to the class :P

I spent some time trying out a few UIs, some inspired by Fallout 3, some by Fallout 4. I ended up liking the one that was the least "fallout-ey", but takes up the least amount of space on each screen edge.

I set up an AP system for when the player moves, attacks, or shoots. Melee combat also does a little damage to the enemy body parts (Which when destroyed completely will cause status effects). I applied the smooth camera to the player movement, but it looks pretty bad in gif form. I swear it looks nice in game!

Next up is the inventory and ranged weapon attacks.


Neat :)
Have you tried smooth character movement? Some kind of tweening? I wonder how it would look.

(Edited 1 time) (+3)

Good idea, there are so many types of tweening to choose from.

I dug up a cool gif I saw on Twitter last month. Maybe others will find this helpful.


Yeah I thought you could try sth like 3rd in bottom row.
I've also seen this a few days ago.

(Edited 1 time) (+3)

Okay, so I tried a few, but tweening between 16 pixels in a pixel perfect way is pretty challenging.

I ended up setting up an array for the values to move by. So in the case of Easy Ease, the distance moved per frame is this: [ 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4] While Easy Ease Out is more like: [1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 2, 1]

I guess best to have him slow down at the end of movement so controls feel responsive.
Great work, are you planning to add some story?

Yeah, I have a plan for one scene with some dialog, but it would be minimal.


I like Easy Ease, because it brings a sort of impact to each step that I think works well in your genre.


Really really helpful reference gif for arty types and code monkeys alike.


Well, I added the first achievement today! Some will be basic, but if you want to unlock others you will have to try different strategies. At least that's the plan...

(Edited 6 times) (+7)

Now the forest is not a kingdom of ratmen, there are 10 types of enemies with different stats & behavior.


Over a week in and I have all the basic player movement sorted out. Not animated yet. Starting to feel I might not finish in time, but hopefully I can get out a demo with at least one full level.


Back on the screenshot train for night 8. Working on choreography and power-ups--the lifeblood of a successful scrolling shooter. Bosses next to complete the holy trinity.

(Edited 3 times) (+12)

Still can't give gameplay screenshots (I promise we have a programmer working hard, the game's just not in a functionally sharable state at the moment), but here's a sample of what the map is lookin' like. I think I may be spending way too much time on this project, but meh. WHO NEEDS TO STUDY FOR FINALS?? Not me!

And I promise this is the last time I'll upload these character portraits, but I've done some additional shading and colour correction and made the outlines coloured instead of solid black and they're completely finished now so yay! (The stripes on some of the characters looks weird in .png form, but they a lot better in-game.)


Hello, this is my entry for the jam.


Game is yet unnamed, but here are some sneak peaks.

This looks really fun! Is it always the same pattern of blocks, or are they randomly generated? :D

The pattern of block will stay the same, although what you will find and the end of each path will be randomized. What you see here is just one part of the game, the fight system with the bosses will be like another minigame in this game (like in undertale).


Oort update

Screen at 256x256... sorta

Completed fighting system.

Thinking of adding upgrade system.



I did a lot of fixing with the code, created the final boss and added score to game over screen.
This gif came out bad but you get the idea.

(Edited 1 time) (+2)

Hey there! I finally have some things sort of working ^.^ Did some work on the text box system :D


Here's a few screenshots of the game I'm making "Rafa the fluff" inspired in Mario vs Donkey Kong series.

There's a little bit of contrast between 2 art styles. The cutesy art that my girlfriend is making and the bloody gore art I make :P

I'm also looking to see if someone could give me a hand with the level creation.

You can follow it's development at my twitter: @rmbsevl


Day 9: CATCH! Well, this is a little bit buggy and the arena is empty. But we are on the good way :).

Next step: adding some sounds!

Looking neat, but a bunch of this stuff is at a much much higher resolution that 64x64? :V

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Exception for the ball trail and camera movement, the game resolution is 64x64. But we are not rendering "perfectly" on a 64x64 grid.

I will do that on the next week :).

This will be fun to play :)

I love that bouncing ball animation. Really nice little use of squash. Nicely done, dude!


Hi everyone.

During the first half of the jam I have been writing a custom game engine. Now it is has reached a state where I can start focusing on gameplay and polish. First I am going to add animations and tweening. I don't really know what the game is going to be about, but I have set the following constraints:

  • turn based
  • playable with mouse or touch
  • use a 4 color monochrome palette. (though I am very tempted to add full color after seeing the beautiful stuff in your projects)

Looks nice! The horse is cute. :-)

(Edited 2 times) (+2)

Pokemon demake 64mon

Excellent idea !

Where are you on your project ? Do you need help to draw some pokemmmoooons ? I'd be glad to help !

I don't have any monsters yet. Currently world building. The engine allows entering buildings and moving around the map.

You can reach me via Skype if you'd like adam4813

(Edited 2 times) (+9)

I'm making a little Tamagotchi Girl, inspired by Mountain (a no-interaction game by David O'Reilly)

You'll have to listen, and help her grow a little plant, becoming eventually a nice tree.


Looks gorgeous!! To what extent is it non-interactive though? More on the Tamagotchi side of things, or more along the lines of Mountain?

Thx !

I'm a little ashamed to use the word Tamagotchi... There will be no challenge. The concept is : the more time spent with Tina, the bigger the plant grows. And that's it.

Just leave Tina.App open somewhere, to hear her say things, and do stuff.

It would be cool to "feed" the plant or something like that, but I didn't find a simple way to do it... yet.

Sweet! The pixel art is so nice here. Keep it up!


Um, I kinda wasted the first week of the game jam just thinking about what to do. I'm reducing the scope of my game a bit as I've never really made an RPG, so it's just a simple infinite runner in Game Maker. ^^; Made some music before today, so today was just drawing sprites and getting the main stuff running. (Also trying 60 FPS 'cause I've never tried that before. ^^;;; )


You already can play here: https://kronbits.itch.io/chaos64


Not much more to do for Tradum now. Got trading in, system jumping requires fuel now, the System intro screen now shows an image for the planet, and I put a title screen in.

Just the Ship upgrade screen, System Details screen and "Galactic Events" before I can call the game 'done'. Any time after that I can maybe add in actual missions.

It can be played here: https://geeitsomelaldy.itch.io/tradum?secret=2p9Vz...

Looks detailed and interesting, would like to give it a try now :)

(Edited 1 time) (+2)

I started building the graphics.
Lots of code so far, not much to show!

This is an RPG, there are 12 player races which also double as the NPC's.
Each one has at least 2 hand to hand attacks, and 3 ranged attacks. They are all unique, and based on a list of attributes so that your adventures add attributes instead of just increasing your strength. When you start, the character you play will be able to win in one area, but has no effect in other places.

Introducing: dwarves, pixies, space aliens, robots, drones, trolls, kung-fu kitties, pirate kitties, spectres, and steampunk ratties. The graphics are not done for wyverns, satyrs and giant spiders.

(Edited 2 times) (+1)

Added some graphics, and integrated Google Play for achievements.

Im hating my battle system. I'll change it to a percent system as part of rewards.



not actually an screenshot, but is the scene =D

looks awesome bro I want to play that!


hopefully you will, =D
rvrn if i can't finish for the jam i'll do it.
sadly just started doing it 2 days ago, i wasn't aware of the jam before XD


Didn't have a lot of time today, but I made a couple UI things: the whole startup sequence and an animation for when you get a reward for completing a quest. Plus, we finally have a name!! TaαΉ‡hā is a Buddhist term for thirst, craving, or desire- perfect for a game about monks breaking their sacred vows to get with each other!! :P


That reward animation looks insanely smooth, when the size is taking into consideration! Game looks better and better with every post!


Thanks!! Took a while to get it nice and crunchy, but since the game primarily revolves around getting and giving gifts, we needed it to be satisfying.

(Edited 1 time) (+9)

Day ??? now. These last days have been such a blur for me. End of last week I got real busy with other stuff, then I spent the entire weekend just working on this game, and then today I started feeling ill but tried to do what I could anyway. So I have a bunch of stuff to show you now!


I started adding enemies! The only implemented so far are the classic "slime" enemies that seem to be in every RPG ever. Their AI is super shitty, just walk in random directions, but eh, they're slimes! Slimes don't have brains.

(Oh yeah, you can also see the "area marker" in the corner of that gif, just shows the name of the area when you change rooms)


First I implemented simple melee attacks. Then I implemented spells, the first one being Fire. Currently, the S key on the keyboard uses your spell, and D key is melee attacks. All attacks use some stamina (the blue bar, recharges a bit every second) so you have to manage that in order to be able to attack efficiently. If I have time, I'll add more weapons and spells that you can change between.

Melee attack animations: (they're real janky, I know...)

Here's what the "getting hurt" effect looks like by itself. It's just some screenshake + RGB splitting, but it's pretty cool looking:

Increasing stats

Throughout the game, there will be a few of these statues that will increase one of your stats, HP or Stamina. These are single-use, so think ahead! The A key is for dialogue (see the pattern? Controls are Arrows + ASD, nice and simple!)

Angel statue sprite: (proud of this one, pico8 colors are great for stuff made of stone!)

I hope you like my game so far. Next step is more enemies, more environmental stuff so I can build the maps, then figure out the story and add in NPCs.

I still have no idea what to do in terms of music. I can't make music myself, so I guess I'll have to find some free stuff or someone to make music???


Arggh! Sound! I had completely forgotten for my own.

I can make some short music for your game if you're fine with midi-based tunes (either simulating 8-bit sounds or regular midi/Garageband instruments). There's a few samples on my Soundcloud (not necessarily my favourite compositions, but I haven't taken the time to upload much over there yet): https://soundcloud.com/j137/sets/musiksnuttar-till...

Let me know if you want me to, and if so just tell me what sort of tune you want :-)

Sure! I guess since I'm already borrowing a lot from Zelda, the music could be in that vein as well? I'm thinking to begin with I need at least 2 tracks, an overworld one that's adventure-y and fairly happy, and a boss track that's super intense. Thinking 8-bit chiptune stuff. Would be best of they loop, of course.

So totally, go ahead and play around with the above concepts if you feel like helping me out! :D

No pressure tho, I've found some free music here that, in a worst case scenario, could also work, but stuff created specifically for this project is of course much cooler.


Allright, I'll play around in my midi program later today when I take a break from scripting and see what I can do! It's relaxing to compose for me so it's not a problem. But if I don't end up with any nice sounds, yeah, it's good that you have a back-up plan as well, haha. I'll let you know on Twitter when I have something (earliest late tonight, otherwise over the next 2 days).




Some screenies from today:

There's also now 14 achievements, gamepad controls, HTML5 support, Intro credits, hotkeys for faster navigation and I've started on the help screens (will add in-game tutorial though if there's time.)


Well, I spent a lot of today just animating. ^^; Fun~

I should also make these gifs smaller, but here's a title screenshot;

And here's some gameplay. (I had to butcher the quality to get it to fit on the internet.)

(Edited 1 time) (+2)

I made some progress since last time: I've got a titlescreen, composed the main music and the graphics are a little better. There's also a multiplier that can enable a MAX mode!

I don't think this is a pure 64*64 grid though as there are some rotations, especially the arrow that points out the nearest meteor.. Anyway, I think this will be my last "screenshot" before releasing my entry, I don't have many more features to add from now. I know this is just a minigame compared to most of the entries, but I'm pretty satisfied with it :)

PS : I can't find a way to upscale the game in any resolution I want in Construct 2, it's just fullscreen :/ Does somebody have a solution or it's not a problem to play in fullscreen ?

(Edited 1 time) (+2)


So, the previous day I didn't post any screenshot here, I posted at Twitter instead because there was no screenshot.

I have finished my Runny kit (and also on sale). While trying to make a 64x64 runny game, found some glitches that cause improper size and position which is good to me because I know what to update next for the kit.

As I mentioned above, I am making a 64x64 runny game which is based on my very old game Runny Square which was made to participate in Ludum Dare last around 2 years ago. The difficulty won't be as nasty as the older one. Also, I learned on how to record screenshot gif.

I am still trying to adjust the font size and fixed the incorrect positions.


Newest work moving between world and buildings:


With the deadline fast aproaching, I think the main mechanics for my entry are finished.

I set up a simple menu for items, weapons, and options. (No weapons to choose from yet, just a simple "pistol" like thing)

For the shooting mechanic, the camera tries to focus the bullet. It looks a little weird and I'm open to advice on how to improve the effect. At one point I set up the camera speed to be fast to catch up with the bullet, but it ends up looking like it's snapped to the bullet. I also tried having the camera snap back to the player when they shot, and then following the bullet, but it looked very jerky.

The bullets will hit other solid objects or enemies they collide with first.

I haven't decided if I'll write a random dungeon generator or write some dialog and setup 3-4 "levels". With 5 days left it can't be both. x_x

It looks really cool now. Great development !
The bullet thing is real annoying though, I was thinking, maybe showing only the enemy and doing some shake + blood or something similar so without seeing the bullet we see the moment it hits? Bullet travelling is cool but not sure how you can solve this repetitive camera movement.


inventory trade

I've been working on GUIs! It's tricking in HTML5 canvas, but I've streamlined it pretty well for myself. I have the Storage (Inventory) GUI all worked out, and the trade GUI is coming along nicely. If you set your speed before opening the Storage screen, your ship will keep sailing while you manage your things. You'll have to be careful not to crash, though!


Tiny Gain, my Russian-roulette style beat-the-deck card game is almost an actual game. I've got a TODO list coming out my ears! Damn you Dark Souls 3!


Today I learned how to use the paint tool (?), but seriously, graphics look "dirtier" and "fuller" :D



Improved the graphic.


Been a few days since I posted. I've added a title screen, an NPC and gotten more dialogue working as well as setting up a simple inventory/trade system. Still need to clean up somethings, but everything is functioning so far ^.^ Will be replacing the pickup items with something that makes more sense. I need to get rid of that test string too.... That's the easy part though. 4 more days... I've got this XD


Didn't get as much done today as I hoped, but at least I added platforms, a 3rd size, a few enemies, and hit detection. ^^;


Now I have to add more encounters like this one. My ambitious number is 20 but I don't know if I can manage to reach that.
Then there are some level-experience balancing stuff.
And finally fixing cut sprites in the build because Unity.

I fixed the menu screen because the original font had a lot of interpolation. It's extremely simple so I may change it again, but its not a huge priority at the moment. I have a lot of the main functions completed. All that is left is to have the player give the npc enough coins to complete the repairs, followed by some sort of end sequence. Most likely will be a cut scene of some sort.


Added more enemies, breakable boxes and platforms, and springs! ^^;

Now hopefully I can just work on cutscenes and level design. ><;;


Added lasers to chaos64!



light effects O.O looks good!

Thanks! ;)


Finally had a chance to work on some story elements.

The menu is complete, and the mute sfx and mute music options work as well.

Here's a look at the shotgun and weapon menu.

All that's left now is some dialog for the cut-scenes, a couple new weapons and a few new enemies. (You know, the fun stuff :D)

The pressures on because I plan on taking part in this years Ludum Dare with a friend, so this is essentially the last day for me on this jam.

seems very cool, and the font/text looks awesome!



Trading! Creating a working economy is hard work, but somebody's got to do it.

(Edited 3 times) (+5)

now my game has a llama Headphones On, World Off


I can't wait for you guys to try this game out, it is a puzzler.

Each blue outlaw card has a bonus that makes it more or less suited to solving each encounter. Right here, we've got a lady whose power is to remove trees. By removing the tree on the left, we'll not only enter stealth-mode (reducing the standard difficulty of each enemy) but remove the buff the tree is providing to the blue squid enemy, reducing him further to only 1 strength.

That 1 strength means one of your six Russian-roulette cards need to be drawn, rather than three.


Today because of school and work, I could only do the scroll encounter and a new cover image for game page.
Anyway, now the game has two working non-battle encounters.
I put my trust in next two days.


looks very cool

thank you :)

(Edited 9 times)

A shot of my lava tileset from my game.


As I'm useless and forgot to upload gifs other than on Twitter ( on @stuckieGAMEZ my personal account ) I've been forgetting about posting what I've been up to here..
So, here's all the gifs so far, plus a new one of what I got done last night and finished quickly over lunch time.

First off, I scribbled in GIMP to make a little title mockup.

I had the idea of doing a game similar to the old Spectrum game Scuba Dive - where you tootled around some cave like systems and found treasure, avoiding the nasties, and slowly running out of air. I had thought it a bit difficult, so instead of three lives and instant death on hitting anything, I decided that your oxygen got lowered instead, so you could at least continue on. Couple of hours in GameMaker:Studio and I had this:

Some weeds, an eel, and a happy crab!

Life gets in the way as it usually does, so took me a few days before I could get back to it.. and added some things to collect:

A snappy clam!

A treasure chest, a big pearl, a bubbly thing for more oxygen, a raft, and a bugged eel floating backwards...

At this point I was relatively happy with how things were going, but not quite sure where else to diverge from the original Scuba Dive and make it more my own.. then I had the idea of using the boat - or raft in my case - as the timer. It'll drift from right to left across the top of the screen, and once it reaches the left you best be on it! I liked the idea of your treasure not counting unless it's back up on the boat as well, so I've kept that in.. but instead of losing it when you touch something, I've made it weigh you down.. so get too greedy, and you're going to have a bad time trying to get back up!

A test run of the game from starting to err.. drowning from being too greedy and caught by an eel... so close to the surface too!

So that's where I am just now.. it's somewhat playable.. there's quite a large level to swim about in ( though I need to add a few more bubblers I think - as there's only one in there just now ) with lots of things to collect. Still got audio, particles, and a proper start/end sequence to deal with.. and perhaps fix the "hurt" image as it looks a tad out of place. The swimming is rotational ( like in Scuba Dive ) and takes a bit of getting used to, but works well I think. I think a standard 8-way would make it a bit too easy anyway.

Now have the fun of whether to finish this off as best I can tonight, and do Ludum Dare this weekend, or just continue with this.. suppose I'll see how much I get done.


Today's progress: Tall image for intro.
And some small intro stuff. I have to speed up tomorrow.


Long time I haven't posted anything. The reason ? Polishing my game again, again and again. But the end is soon ! :D

By the way, can't wait to test other games!


My friends say my game Snake Pit is a lot of fun to play so I'm excited to share it will all of you soon. It is basically Super Mario combined with Kirby combined with Gargoyle's Quest with a hint of classic Sonic and RPG.


Hey all,

It's not much right now, but this jam has given us a chance to get our first "finished" (in great big quotation marks) made. After hours of grappling with Unity, we've got this fun little spooky quicktime dungeon crawler together in a playable-ish mode. Going to do as much polishing as we can before the end of the jam, but we're honestly super stoked to even get this done.

Everyones stuff looks so good, super stoked to play through a bunch of them!


I have pushed a lot today.
I've finished the intro.
I've added the final battle with evil wizard and its stages.
This battle also has 3 cutscenes.
Win cutscene.
Balancing and changing of loot / level up system.
Fixing bugs (of course)

Now the game is 100% playable even though there are only 2 non-battle encounters.
You can test it and give me feedback so I can edit the game before submission. I'd really appreciate it.


sooo cool..

It really is the worst time to have started your #LOWREZJAM project right near the end (was busy with a capstone project for college), but I'm jamming all day today to get it done!

Basically, it's me returning to my LRJ2014 project, Marble Incline. The original was probably one of the toughest projects I worked on, since I tried to really hold myself to the low-res feel. Even had the game land on a YouTube show, which made all the legwork worth it.

It had a weird executable when I wrapped it up, so not a lot of people were able to play it properly. At least with my growing knowledge of Construct 2, development appears to be a whole lot better.

Anyways, have a logo, a screenshot, and a (death animation) GIF of Marble Incline Redux! Still have a lot to work on in the next few hours, so wish me luck!


Two days ago I finished my game. I felt pretty tired and didnt have any motivation left. But i think that the game I made is okay and was a good learning experience. Now i'm looking forward to play all the other entries to the jam.

This is the games intro:



I know what you mean, this jam took it out of me too. Good work!


Finally uploaded my game 'The Sheriff', and i m really happy with my work :D



...so against all reason I decided to enter this jam incredibly last minute, and made something short and simple over the last few days. I'd actually heard about the jam itself a few days after it started, and it just kept sticking in my brain until I felt like I had to do something for it.

You can find it here: https://itch.io/jam/lowrezjam2016/rate/62192

And some screenshots. It felt good to do some pixel art again after several months (years???) of not pixeling, as well.



After a very long days and weeks, The game is finally finished. As I ever mentioned before, the game itself is based on my old game, Runny Square, but its difficulty is less nasty compared from the old one. I also use my modified tool "Runny Kit" to develop the game faster.
The game can be played here: https://neithr.itch.io/looping-zip.

Gameplay is simple, just click or press space to change direction. Gain point as much as you can by touching the laser.

Looking forward to play other participant's game when the vote session has begun. In my times, it means I have to play them tomorrow because my data plan's limit in noon is 10x smaller compared to midnight limit.

Also while waiting, I will make another game for sale. This time I will release it in PDF platform. I have been waiting the moment to make another PDF game. The game for this jam is a warm up especially for my pixel art before starting the project.


I've finished capturing and uploading some animated gif finally.

Play it here: https://itch.io/jam/lowrezjam2016/rate/62711

Some drifting: