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Submitted by 6↓ (@SixDownStudios) — 2 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Most innovative use of the source material#63.6673.667
Staying true to the source material#173.3333.333

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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CC0United States

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@Norbez: No prob, thanks for coming back to it! Picking up all the clues at once will be pretty intimidating at first, but by using the click and WASD, you should be able to pull out a few Clues at a time from the pile, which you can then sort accordingly. In hindsight, I probably should have cut the pages up into 4ths or 6ths instead of 12ths, to turn the total number of pieces into 52 or 78 rather than the unmanageable 156. Sadly, assembling the journals will reveal the story, but there's no other game reward for doing so; once you collect them all, Holmes can find out where he needs to place his watch to reactivate the time machine. I was hoping to make a cutscene of the machine being activated, with flashing lights and a thunderclap and whatnot (as described in the book), but all I managed was this fadein:


Sorry, just played through the game a bit now. Man, that inventory screen is confusing. I picked up just about all the clues before going to it, and that turned those journal entries into a huge mess; I couldn't organize any of it, really.

Like I said, I like the graphics a lot. But that inventory screen . . . man. After you assemble the journals, is there a "final ending"?


@stephen.gurnett: Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! I definitely would've liked to extend the solving/ending given more time, and fixed the gun bugs. Quite right about the controls for review mode too, sticking with the arrow keys instead of the mouse would've been much more intuitive. 'Preciate it!


Great graphics and atmosphere and a creative mix of the different stories. Holmes, in particular, seems to suit almost any setting. Loved the little introduction animation and the subtly shifting moonlight.

Given the limited space for the clues I wasn't sure if it was a good strategy to grab all the notes before going back into the light. If I do I appear to win the game without sorting anything, so I guess Holmes is faster/smarter than me ;) Also, the gun doesn't seem to run out of ammunition for me.

Regarding the controls, it's a little fiddly moving between them but of note was switching between WASD for clues and arrows for moving. Since you don't allow movement in review mode I think it would probably have been fine to use them for movement as well.


@Jupiter Hadley: Thanks! Good onya for playing them all!

Love the graphics, though I found the controls to be a bit too much. I included it in part 1 of my Public Domain Jam 2 compilation video series, if you would like to check it out :)


@Kara Jayne: Thanks very much for the detailed feedback! I quite agree about the Review Screen, Shift as toggle with the mouse would've worked much better. As for the gun glitches, you're absolutely right too; didn't take me long to find the out-of-bullets-bug, sure is a gamebreaker.

@andyman404: Why thank you!


Beautiful game! I like how you combined the different books into one game. Very creative and thoughtfully put together.


I love the mood / style of this submission. The art is gorgeous, the slow melodic music fits the tone well. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to assemble the clues, as others have mentioned, and did give up on that aspect. Reverting to mouse drag would work well I think, as well as having Shift lock the clue screen instead of having to hold it down.

Mechanically the gun seemed to only work rarely, which made the flame much more effective to have the Morlock back off. It'd be cool if the sound of a gunshot scattered them somewhat in fear. A larger area with less Morlock to deal with would work for more clue gathering, though I'm unsure if the game becomes larger once you figure out the first set of clues. I had the game lock up a few times after trying to enter clue mode, and once when I (believe) I was out of bullets. Not entirely sure why.


@donboody: Thanks for the comment! If I'd had more time, Holmes would've had an internal monologue describing his theories as you piece together the clues. If you can manage to put them all together, they describe how to use the machine to revert the temporal field and restore the timelines. I had intended to include watches that need to be positioned properly and a date/time dial that need to be set correctly as well.


Like others have said, clue review screen was tough. I wasn't really sure what to do after I got all the clues. Do you piece them together and then it tells you where to go next? I think if you add some on-screen instructions for how to move the clues while you're in review mode, you can probably get away with it working the way it does. The morlocks looked sweet, I was into them.


@Six Down Studios: Thanks! I'll be playing your game in a bit, then! :)


@JohansenIndustries: Thanks very much! I quite appreciate the feedback. I'd gotten so used to the review screen that I didn't realize how tricky it is. I wanted it to be challenging, but no so much! Next time I'll try to get some playtesters before the deadline. :)

@Norbez: Thank you! You've picked up the clue after the exclamation point disappears, and by holding SHIFT you can look at them (mouseover+WASD then moves them, SPACE+WASD to shift everything)


I really love the idea, the graphics, and the sound.

However, with the gameplay I like all the ideas, but actually moving the clues in the review screen is a hideously frustrating experience since they often seem to come across invisible barriers that they won't pass making it impossible to avoid them being all squashed together and unreadable.


Wow, I really like how this is one big crossover piece of three public domain stories! That's really neat. Really like your title screen and music.

But how to I pick up clues? Whenever I press X, the exclamation point simply disappears, and I didn't discover anything. Do I have to click another button to get clues after spotting them?