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Interesting adaptation of the source material and an enjoyable story to boot. Nice work!

Funny and gruesome. Suitably Grimm ;)

Really fun. Tricky to start and a short timer prior to the match would have been nice since a few times I was killed before I'd even spotted where my character was starting from. Once I got the hang of it though I had a blast and even spent a little bit of time with just one player to enjoy the character animations (particularly enjoyed Blackbeard's double-jump).

Took a few goes but I finally made it. Interesting distillation of the story's themes and the graphic style both complements the game play and helps maintain focus. After a couple of false starts I had fun with this one.

Six Down Studios Thanks. For how simple the background is (basically the second thing I did after getting the player moving) I'm really happy with it. As for the source, I initially had a load of notes for another game and was just browsing when I hit this one and almost everything fell into place without any further consideration needed ;)

XGames studio Thanks ;)

Great graphics and atmosphere and a creative mix of the different stories. Holmes, in particular, seems to suit almost any setting. Loved the little introduction animation and the subtly shifting moonlight.

Given the limited space for the clues I wasn't sure if it was a good strategy to grab all the notes before going back into the light. If I do I appear to win the game without sorting anything, so I guess Holmes is faster/smarter than me ;) Also, the gun doesn't seem to run out of ammunition for me.

Regarding the controls, it's a little fiddly moving between them but of note was switching between WASD for clues and arrows for moving. Since you don't allow movement in review mode I think it would probably have been fine to use them for movement as well.

Very impressive. Did get one hang when washing my hands but otherwise I was sold on the spooky atmosphere of the castle which matches the plot perfectly. Great entry.

Jupiter_Hadley Nice, it doesn't seem like a Jam's complete until there's a Jupiter Hadley video!

Ian Burnette Thanks, good to hear you had fun. I'm glad you feel it was balanced as well because that's one area where I had to make my best guess then cross my fingers. I wish I could take credit for the story as well ;)

I've fixed the timer bug and I'll be uploading a new version which (amongst other things) fixes that once the voting ends.

Looks and sounds beautiful. Good one to relax with.

Fun and I really liked the art style - the character design especially is humorous but still evocative of the characters. Great fun and a nice take on the story.

Really nice... catchy tunes and some lovely art and animation... just a pity I'm focussing too much on the falling notes to see more than some glimpses.

Very nice work on the animation and graphics. Good cohesive feel to the world and characters which I think comes from it not being tiled on a grid and the subtle use of parallax scrolling as well as keeping the animations from being too large. I particularly liked the style of the buildings and was a little disappointed I couldn't go in them.

It would be nice if the game paused whilst showing the scrolls... I couldn't read them without being savaged by a zombie horde ;) Though it did mean I had to go and find the original poem which in turn led to others so... mission accomplished?

Also, the camera lets Sappho get ahead so I'm sending her running into the unknown. It's not a big problem since it's not so fast paced that I get into trouble or miss things but it feels a little off.

Am I a bad person for expecting Aphrodite to arrive and cast Turn Undead?

Short and sweet. I ended up reading a bunch of his stories ;)

Jumping mechanic works nicely though the initial run to the left had me jumping blindly the first couple of times through. Once I started heading north it felt a lot smoother and clicked for me. Indeed, I was worried that going straight into the screen would have the foreground trees obscuring the direction of travel but it doesn't feel like an issue whilst playing. Nice work and congratulations on getting as much done as you did. I enjoyed the dev videos you posted as well (particularly the 3D modelling).

Really enjoyed the humour in this one. Very impressive work with the house, narration, and the ending reveal!

I tried to play but it's crashing right after the second screen :( I pasted the crash log here:

I changed the font (edited style.default.font = "Zapfino.ttf", in game/options.rpy) to point at a font on my system and I didn't encounter any other issues.

I like the art choice, picking single elements, rather than depicting the whole scene fits well with the narrator's obsession. I also like that the choices lead back to the same point which, again, fits with his madness and lends a pleasing sense of inevitability to the affair. If anything, it would have been nice to see it used more heavily to drag out the ending.

Interesting take on the poem, mixing the original imagery with a new interpretation. I ended up going through it a few times. The use of pages to break it up gives it an interesting rhythm versus just reading it on a page and the breaks themselves are well chosen.

Given that it's short enough I didn't mind re-reading, I wonder if it would be possible to make that a mechanic of the game and vary the text to create new meanings each time.

Good work, I've made a note to check out HCF.

@Norbez Thanks for the comments, very good feedback. It can get a little bit brutal and I definitely considered some tweaks along those lines. Hard to judge at this point now that I've played through it so many times :D As it stands, there's infinite continues and no leaderboard. Losing power ups is basically the only real punishment to the player so I decided to keep it as is for the jam (though maybe I should have made your starting gun a little less weedy).

Oh, and if you haven't already, the story's well worth a read ;)

Thanks! I'm still playing with the mechanics when I get some spare time. Glad you didn't run into too many issues. It ended up being a rush to finish in the time I had available so it's always a relief to know when it doesn't completely fall over for other people ;)