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The Battles Untold is a brawler game with unique characters from epic tales.
Submitted by matchola, paulordbm (@paulordbm), thiago (@ramirorepetente), Elvex Kidd (@elvexkidd), adrianogil (@sandmangil) — 1 hour, 36 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Most innovative use of the source material#222.2722.429
Staying true to the source material#232.4052.571

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Based on:
Dracula, Joan of Arc, Merlin, Blackbeard.

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Really fun. Tricky to start and a short timer prior to the match would have been nice since a few times I was killed before I'd even spotted where my character was starting from. Once I got the hang of it though I had a blast and even spent a little bit of time with just one player to enjoy the character animations (particularly enjoyed Blackbeard's double-jump).


Buckets of fun, sweet sound, and truly excellent pixelart, everything from the character design and animation to the background and particle effects.

Well done balancing the characters too, that's not easy when dealing with unique mechanics, but I think you guys really succeeded here; Merlin's tricky at first, but once I got the hang of him he became my fave to play (though my favorite sprite is a tossup between Joan and Blackbeard, both some top-notch low-rezzing).


@Jupiter we checked your video out and were glad to see that you had some fun with our game! Thank you very much for the kind words!


@Norbez the skull means you won the round. When you complete your banner you win the match. It really is confusing. We appreciate the feedback! We are discussing ways to improve the game and the UI is one of our top priorities, but since PDJam ended we are doing things in a slower pace. We believe this game could turn into quite a fun, polished little product, so we are in the process of refactoring jam code into production code, discussing general directions and objectives we want for the game, trying to get it to a state that we can pitch to a publisher or search any other type of funding :-)


Ok, just tried the AI build. When I hit the enemy and get a skull in my banner, does that mean I lost a life, or won a round? It's kinda confusing, especially since the game doesn't declare a winner at the end; it just says "quit".

@paulordbm The thing is that I started playing Towerfall just recently and I was getting used to its keyboard controls. No big deal :-)

Beautiful, fun game. I included it in part 2 of my Public Domain Jam 2 compilation video series, if you would like to check it out :)


Hey @tnoleto, do I know you in person? :-)

Unfortunately, right now, the controls are locked. We didn't have time to implement input customization and I wouldn't reccomend messing up with the input tab in the configuration screen (the one that's shown before you launch the game).

Did you find the controls difficult somehow? What changes you were trying to do? Answering these questions would let us understand your necessity and reprioritize the importance of input customization in our game.

Thanks for playing (and for testing our untested Linux build)!

I have just tried the Linux build and it looks really beautiful, well polished and fun. Looking forward to play other levels. Amazing job, guys! :-)

Just a small question: is it possible to customize keyboard controls somehow?


Guys, we've uploaded a new version of the game with some prototype AI code. Anyone having trouble please read the game description. To use the AI you should choose "4 players", select a character and start a match. The AI will pick any remaining characters automatically and you can get a feel of the game. It's a little rough but can be a lot of fun and we are making efforts to improve it. Thank you all!


@Kara thank you so much and glad you liked our game! This build is a little rough because we kinda had to rush it out for the PDJam. We also have had very stressful days after release (massive layoffs and all) and haven't touched it yet but we'll get back to it tomorrow. I'm glad you liked Joan, she's my favorite character!

@Norbez I'm really sorry for the delay with this feature. Our AI ninja also happens to be a very busy man (father of a lovely three-year-old girl too). He will be giving a talk at a local University tonight but he promised me that tomorrow he will be integrating his latest AI code into the game. I'll let you know as soon as this build is available. Thank you so much for your time, patience and interest!


Please let me know when you implement the AI! You can leave a comment, or tweet me @NaomiNorbez!


Oh gawd this is cool. Sprites look awesome, movement/attacks are hella polished, and each character has a unique moveset, also, yay female option (Joan of Arc is rad). Unfortunately I don't have anyone around to play with right now, but I'll be trialing it at a friends next time I visit ^_^ Reminds me of Tower Fall (which is a good thing). Menu screen was a little bit temperamental (triggers on play seemed to sometimes fail).

If you manage to get AI in at some point, hit me up at @riotjayne and I'll play it again :)


@DanielMullins Thank you Daniel! We're sorry we couldn't implement the A.I. in time.. but thanks for checking out the game anyway. If you have the chance, play the game with your friends, it's crazy fun! :)


Wicked sprite art! Unfortunately I was unable to play single player; entering a game with AI opponents didn't seem to work. It was still fun to go through each character and test out their moveset.


@paulordbm: I think it would be ok to update the game with UI code. I'm pretty sure you're allowed to implement updates. Also, that would be awesome. :)


@Norbez thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, you need at least one joystick to play the game with two people. This way one would use the keyboard and the other would use the joystick. We have working AI code but were not able to submit it in time. Do you know if we can update the build to include AI code? People seem to be having trouble to play the game since they need joysticks and friends :-)


Hey, trying to play local multiplayer w/ the keyboard only. What are player 2's controls?

Also, I think this is pretty neat! The animation is nice & smooth, and the art is pretty sweet. Basically a public domain Super Smash Bros, and I think that there aren't enough original moves, but I like it!

(btw, also in this jam, with HummingBird Haunting. Check it out? Feedback is always welcome:

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