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That was a very compelling environment to explore! I wish I understood the ending or the function of the machine but the mystery of it is still cool.


It may be too late to change it, but the jam overlaps GGJ 2020. You might get more people signed up if it was a week later.

Really nice presentation. Also, I had to go back and double check that my portrait had changed during the conversation with the old lady in the main area; I wasn't even convinced I had seen it. Sneaky because at that point in the conversation you are reading and moving through the messages faster. That was a nice touch!

Awesome graphics and sound! I love the doors-slamming-shut transition especially. I really wish you spent more time on creating enemies instead of making the huge roster of playable characters though.

Excellent recreation of the NES aesthetic. The music and sound is particularly great.

I really like the atmosphere created by the vibrant graphics and quirky music. I had some difficulty figuring out how the 'spacebar' special actions of the 3 forms worked. I wasn't sure if falling through the ground as the ball form was a bug or intentional. Overall, enjoyable though!

Really simple, and it would have helped if the difficulty increased over time, but the strange combination of the background noise, splatting of old ladies, and minimalist visuals created a surreal experience.

I really like this one. The premise is hilarious and so disgusting.

Wicked sprite art! Unfortunately I was unable to play single player; entering a game with AI opponents didn't seem to work. It was still fun to go through each character and test out their moveset.

This was quite fun. The story was presented nicely and the bi-directional flipping is a cool twist for a bullet-hell game (but I think I abused it by mashing the spacebar to spray bullets in all directions).

Really impressive entry! The washing of your hands is a very cool mechanic and the stealth is executed well.

Solid platforming mechanics. The day/night cycle is a nice touch.

The jumping and climbing mechanics work very well. Too bad you didn't have enough time to finish!

The stop-motion paper effect is fantastic. Really great visuals here

Really great art

That was a lot of fun!

Is it possible to beat the third wave? Anyways, very cool graphics. It is quite shocking to see a pack of wolves maul a grandmother and I loved it

Very trippy. I loved the dream-like atmosphere.

I found it entertaining how much you bounce off of the cops when you kill them. On the second level you go on massive chains without hitting the ground.

The popup book effect is really cool!

Punch Out with lions? Count me in.

Very atmospheric. Great job!

Very nice audio and graphics :)

Why is there no humor category?! Well it still gets a good score for fun.

Great audio. That song is bumpin'!

Love the premise, love the music, love the visual aesthetic. I was surprised how smooth the 3D exploration sections were. I can't beat that damn chef though! He seems to have a million health and the only way I can avoid his attacks is to roughly dodge every 4-5 punches.