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Of Two MindsView game page

An abstract interaction of two poems. For Public Domain Jam.
Submitted by gnustoboz (@gnustoboz) — 2 days, 3 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Stayed true to the source material#44.0004.000
Innovative use of source material#83.7063.706

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Public domain

CC0United States

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Interesting experiment. I didn't saw any dark clouds at the beginning, so it was confusing as hell :D Like the others stated, the controls feel a bit off, especially because the player character automatically aligns, which makes it difficult to get the orientation back after making a little pause. Any yes, some music it missing!


The controls were a little clunky at first (I mistakenly thought it was all-mouse or all-keyboard), but I really liked the mixing of two works and the level of visuals you were able to make work in such a short time frame!


Very nice experimental game and it suits the theme and the storytelling of the poems. Interesting concept congratulations!


Quite a unique and entertaining experience!  The surreal atmospheres complimented the poetry nicely, job well done!

Mmm, very tasteful.
Mood is very 'clear',everything seems to be really like a dream. That's a pity there aren't any soundtrack, and at first controls are a bit strange, but I finally got it. Congrats for finish, you did very solid work! ;]


Very trippy. I loved the dream-like atmosphere.

Glad you found my comments helpful. 


@Nathaniel Nelson - Great! Glad you enjoyed it, and point well taken about the beginning. There are dark blue clouds in the distance to give you some spacial awareness, but I'm realizing too late that my gamma is set fairly high, so players with lower gamma settings can't make the clouds out well, or at all, making the first few moments even more disorienting than intended. Oh well; more knowledge for next time, right? Thanks for the feedback, and again, glad you enjoyed the rest. 

I added your game to my PDJam favorites collection. Good work.

Very interesting entry. Learning the controls at first is confusing, even with the help overlay, because the player starts in a formless void and really can't tell where they're moving to because they have no landmarks to compare their position with. However once I figured it out I really enjoyed the rest. The poems are great, and fit together well. The character model and animations are very detailed, and very well done. The environments you created really connected with the emotions of the poetry (even the confusion in the beginning can be seen as fitting the poetry - an 
"unconquerable soul" will figure it out and keep playing till they get it. :)

So good work on a more experimental entry. I liked it a lot, just wanted to give helpful and honest feedback based on my experience.


@SnoutUP - Yeah, I went solo and CC0 for my submission, and my meager music skills were not going to get anything produced in that time. Just play something you like in the background while you fly. ;)

There's no sound? I tried only web Unity Player version so far. Wanted to hear some soothing soundtrack so badly, while just smoothly flying around.


@Ikizami - Excellent! Glad you enjoyed it. As long as I got something completed in time and at least one person liked it, I'm already happy. ;)

@Jupiter Hadley - Thanks for the coverage, and sorry it looks like you had a bit of trouble sorting out what to do at first. 

Interesting game, love the look of it. I included it in part 1 of my Public Domain Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look :)


I really liked this. The two poems were wonderfully put together and the game play made it seem surreal, and like I was on my own internal-cosmic revelation.


Of Two Minds is also available to play online.