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If you ever make something with my assets, please let me know! :)

Those are some great ideas; I will put them on my list and hopefully, I'm able to get at it in the future! It's also a balancing act, of course, to stay within a dungeon crawl theme.

Do you have some of your roguelikes online by the way?

I'm working on other assets right now, but in general, yes. What characters and terrain would you love to see?

I never created a font or vector art for that matter, especially having to support so many special characters always made me shy away from it, but I put it on my list and will give it a shot at some point! :)

Thank you for the reply and compliment! Sorry that I can't join you, because I usually work alone!

Hey! Do you mean a handwritten font like shown in the last image or a fitting handwritten font in general?

Hey! Sorry to hear that you encountered that problem. There is a savegame folder in one of the following locations:

  • "C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\OrcishInn\"
  • "C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\OrcishInn\"
  • "C:\Users\YourUsername\OneDrive\Documents\OrcishInn\"

If you backup and delete the savegame file there, does it work again?


You can open the tileset in an image editing software like the free GIMP and then choose "Image > Scale Image..." and scale the image to the size you want with "Interpolation" set to "None", so it doesn't get blurred. Please make sure to resize to a multiple of the original size (32px, 64px, 128px, ...). If you want to resize not the tileset but a lot of the single images, there is also a plugin for GIMP called BIMP to batch-resize a lot of images at once. If you want, I can guide you through that, too. Valuable editing skills for game development! ;D

You can also send me a mail at and I'm sending you the scaled images back (do you need only the big tilesets or the single images or both? Which size?).


What quality does the yeast have and do you have any negative buffs which affect trading rates? Does other stuff like wood sell?

You should be able to sell back the yeast, but you can also just forage and collect some resources like wood from cutting trees and sell these resources to the Hawker. :)

Thanks for the offer and when I plan to do a Mac release, I need a Mac by myself (as I don't want to rely on somebody for every little update ^^), but testers would be of course nice to have! :)

As others stated, the controls felt a bit off, but nothing which could be fixed in a post-compo version. If you make one, you should also ellaborate on the stealth and surviving mechanic, because that's a really fun part!

I got fired. Again. And again.

I enjoyed the game and the artstyle. As others said, the jumping felt sometimes a bit off. Anyway a very polished entry with a fast-paced endfight :)

Very fun and addictive gameplay - and the style is lovely, too. I hope you continue working on this, adding more cards and perhaps a deck building mechanic?

The graphics look awesome. Works well as an interactive experience and the atmosphere you create here is fantastic. If you have the time, add sounds and music! :)

I like the feeling of the glitchy graphics and sounds. The game itself is very addictive, but I required your explanations in the comment section to play the game. The first time I was helpless but as I got it, I had a lot of fun!

Lovely style and nice use of the theme. Works well as a parody and I really had to smile. The only thing I can complain is that entering a new room with both is somehow tedious because I have to switch them.

Congratulations for making a game! If you want to improve your game, I would start with adding player feedback, like hit sounds and effects while fighting an enemy. You should also show the controls. I had a hard time to figure out how to progress the text (with E) and then I thought I have to outrun the enemies until I got that I can fight them.

Interesting experiment. I didn't saw any dark clouds at the beginning, so it was confusing as hell :D Like the others stated, the controls feel a bit off, especially because the player character automatically aligns, which makes it difficult to get the orientation back after making a little pause. Any yes, some music it missing!

You have to kill the purple whales, not just hit them :)

Hey! Sorry to hear and yes, there is an issue where when the game crashes while saving, the save file gets corrupted. I will fix that with the next update. Thanks for letting me know! :)

Technically it would be possible with the framework I'm using (didn't tested it though), but I have no mac so probably there won't be any. Sorry! :(

Thanks for the feedback. When I'm going to change the fishing, I will take your ideas into consideration! :) For now, you can move the floater and hunt for fish (which leave white particle trails), which makes it a bit more interactive.

Hey! Do you have a faucet filled with beer which can be accessed by the patrons? And do they come and just leave or do they not appear at all? If they don't appear but did before, could it be that some path to your tavern got blocked by respawning stuff like bushes? If so, you could have a look at the guidepost object: it allows to place new customer spawns on the map's border.

Yes, a proper save game management within the game is on my list. Right now, you could move the save game files out of the save game folder so a new file is created on the game's start. Here's some info on where to find the save game folder. :)

Regarding a switch port: no idea. Porting is a lot of work and I want to get the game done first before deciding something like that.

Yes and thank you for your feedback! :)

Hmpf... if I find something out, I let you know! Sorry... :(

Wow! Big thanks for all the feedback. I made my notes and when I'm going to prepare the next update, I will have a closer look at it! Really appreciated! :)

(poor pigeons...)

No further error or info message?

Isn't there something similar in place to tell the Intel graphics drivers to use the graphics chip or gpu instead of the cpu? I'm not familiar with Intel graphics, but you could have a look at this:

It's sadly not possible and the game isn't optimized yet. Sorry! :(

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I've probably found a solution together with one of the Orcish Inn players. Can you please try to change the graphics settings of your computer so Orcish Inn is started as a "High-performance NVIDIA processor"? Here is more information on how to do that:

Please let me know if it worked!

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I've probably found a solution together with one of the Orcish Inn players. Can you please try to change the graphics settings of your computer so Orcish Inn is started as a "High-performance NVIDIA processor"? Here is more information on how to do that:

Please let me know if it worked!

Yap, have to optimize it for laptops and smaller resolutions.

Yeah, the interface isn't really adapted to smaller resolutions. I will fix that when I rework the interface (sorry!). Just out of curiosity: do you play on a laptop?

Like said, just send me the savegame over so I can have a look! :)

Sorry to hear that! Faucets refill themselves when they are connected to barrels. Are you sure that your customers not drink the beer? If not, you could send me your savegame so I can have a look. Here is more information on how to do that:

Gonna balance that in the future. And there are 20 days per season.

I actually removed selling food to give foraging more purpose.Or do you think fish and mushrooms restore not enough hunger?