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Wow, graphics is really good! Gameplay is neat, but could be more challenging ;]

Yeah, very nice little game, simple idea but really funny! ;]

With each next game made in Twine I appreciate it more and more ;) Solid text-game, aesthetical. Solid work ;]

Really challenging ;] I think it could be a rhythmical game too, yeah - then would be wonderful ;) Nice gameplay and not bad music, good work ;)

Nice use of original Snow's story ;) Graphics is really cool, audio is a little irritating, but livable ;D

Wohoo, graphics - mmm, amazing. I don't know why but sometimes after conversation text-bar and 'info' screen("You buy...") doesn't hide and I must restart game. Anyway, I love this graphics, and gameplay is nice too! ;]

Unusual concept, I must admit. Not bad simple graphics, solid work. ;]

Really nice hand-made graphics and not bad gameplay ;)

What the hell I'm just finished play? :O

You surprised me - this entry is very original and unusual, mood is worrisome. Someone could say that this game is 'strange'. Yes, it is. but I like it so much through this unusual form.

Very polished game, clear mechanics, good use of story and quite good music - what want more? Really awesome job. ;)

Good entry, graphics and audio are simple, but matching. In my opinion collisions with obstacles are too sensitive, and game restart after fail is a little irritating. Anyway, well you went.

I like it, loved idea with Martians. I had some problems with the descent of the ladder and sometimes music didn't work on Chrome, but anyway it is really solid!

Great story and artwork, I'm impressed.

"Country BUMPKIN!" xD Nice idea with attack modes, really. I admire cardboard characters - for me difficult is cut something straightly ;D

Not bad top-down game, I like this light system ;) Controls are uncomfortable, maybe you matched it for different type of keyboard(AZERTY or something?) and what Jupiter said - text is running out of window ;) Anyway, you finished it and it's your reason to be proud!

Funny idea, but need a little more polish ;) 

Unusual, incredible! Full chillout. This is enough. Well done. ;]

Interesting game - good concept, really good looking graphics. Audio loop is a little boring and you could more balance shape's behaviour - random speed and move order is a little irritating for me :> Which does not change the fact that you made original entry. ;]

Holy crap! So hard it is! ;o Hard, but quite nice, but I think player should be more durable or something. Simple graphics is not bad, but graphics isn't most important. Gameplay - hard x3 ;D Quite good at all!

I start from art - graphics is lovely, but trees don't fit not a bit. Choice who will be healed is nice, it make game more 'strategic'. It's very difficult to beat last wave :> Overall - solid entry, nice use of story ;))

I like original Tragedy of Macbeth and I must say that your game is not-bad, you good use original story, but game is really short. Clouds appearance in intro really interested me, all landscape graphics are quite nice :) BTW sound effect when dialog is skipping is a little irritating.

I promised play it and I wasn't disappointed. Wonderful design is strong point of your entry, I'm amazed when I look for it ;) Storytelling is strong in you, come to the dark side... ;D Seriously - it is great job, you had to put a lot of effort in this. I felt only lack in audio, but I know how difficult is fasten everything to the last button before deadline ;))

"This is madness!"
Probably most crazy game in pdjam in my opinion :D Simple graphics style isn't bad, music gives game a huge part of crazy mood, and plus is a large amount of obstacles. ;) Very nice!

So chaotic! ;P Really funny and challenging game, but really hard too. It's difficult to kill this machine, hundreds of bullets and... nothing :D Good graphics and not bad sounds ;]

Text game based on hacking? Even I never had not thought of it. Very original and interestingly presented story. Good, solid work ;]

I think jump should be better balanced, is too easy to fall into the 'abyss', but it's still good entry. Music is totally awesome! :D Brilliant use of original story ;))

City design is really amazing! Successful pickpocket is hard, nonetheless gameplay is nice. Audio is pleasant - matched to game mood. Really good game, I can't take my eyes off city... :))

Your entry is quite nice, but sometime graphics is smeared and I can't read tips and other text - I don't know why. Tips are disappearing too fast. Music is moody and very good at first, but later is getting boring.
Graphics is simple but really nice. ;)

Mmm, very tasteful.
Mood is very 'clear',everything seems to be really like a dream. That's a pity there aren't any soundtrack, and at first controls are a bit strange, but I finally got it. Congrats for finish, you did very solid work! ;]

A While for truth I really felt like Robin Hood or someone who gives money for poor people - in your entry I understand it by *throwing* to the sea ;)
Mechanics is not bad, but sometimes I stuck ;O But anyway, I say what I say everyone pdjammers - if you made game for pdjam in you free time, you can be proud of it and give me *high five* ;) Good work!

Cool vector graphics and very good transitions between levels, I really like this effect. Point'n Click isn't my favourite genre but I see that your team put a lot of effort on this, it's really solid job ;) Quite funny dialogs by the way ;D

Quite funny idea, I like concept with fighting Jesus but I have some notes about problems: after reload there aren't any enemy, I had to re-play game, and it's a little pity that there are lacks of art ;) Anyway, everyone who participate to this pdjam and make game in his free time is today my friend, so congrats for finish your game! Quite nice job and *high five*!