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Consult the oracle while protecting your pulp supply! Detonate mines!
Submitted by ohsqueezy (@diskmem) — 42 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Innovative use of source material#362.8203.182
Stayed true to the source material#432.4172.727

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like the feeling of the glitchy graphics and sounds. The game itself is very addictive, but I required your explanations in the comment section to play the game. The first time I was helpless but as I got it, I had a lot of fun!


I played up to wave 4? That weird mix of graphics/sound is insane!! So trance-inducing. That glitchy aesthetic really works for you.


That reminds me... I asked the book before starting the jam, "How should I approach the Public Domain Game Jam?"  Its response was hexagram 48: The Well with the top line changing.  It represents a well with its surface water in motion.  It's a great metaphor for the public domain, which is a well of information, somewhat buried in time, and with the surface moving, it means we're drawing from  the part available to us.

If you're interested in the content, I've read the book itself thinks it should be used more often because it still has a lot of useful wisdom to share.

@Six Down Studios:  Thanks for your feedback!  I'm glad you found it strange.  I think it's even more strange that we expect games we've never played to be familiar.


After researching the source and inspiration of the game, I really found this game very deep. I liked how you integrated that philosophy in the game. Fun game mechanics too. Congrats!

Unusual concept, I must admit. Not bad simple graphics, solid work. ;]


I uploaded a post-jam version with:

  • fewer but faster enemies
  • sound effects
  • scoring based on kills instead of time
  • more hexagram explanations

Precise shooting is now rewarded more than spamming the screen with mines.  Also, the player has control over their score: single shot kills are worth more than multiple shot kills, and there is a score multiplier for combination kills.

I haven't been rating games while I was working on this update.  I realize it isn't in the spirit of the jam to be working on an update for so long, but I promised some friends I would have a game for us to hold a contest with, and the original version of this game wasn't quick enough.  I'm about to start rating games now!


A little strange, but actually pretty fun!  Some neat graphical effects as well, good work!


I added these instructions to the game description page:

Keep the viruses away from the top of the screen where your health structure is. Drop mines with Z and X. Wait until the viruses get close and detonate the mines with the same button. Z is the left paddle, and X is the right one. Move back and forth with LEFT and RIGHT.

The viruses increase in number and speed after each wave, and you also recover some health. Each new wave generates a new hexagram, and its explanation scrolls in the yellow area below the health structure. These explanations are the result of your consultation with the oracle I Ching or Book of Changes.

Interesting game, wasnt really sure how to play. I included it in part 3 of my Public Domain Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look :)