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FreeDome Studio - Sinan Acar

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Wow! That moment when you experienced flying with birds and the moment when you see the stars for the first time. I felt great playing the game.Congrats! 5/5. 

Nice little game with the concept. I like Cervantes :D Congrats.

Hahaha could anybody beat that guy? Nice random names on the story page:) Fun game, I wish I could survive longer. It's a little too ruthless for me :) Good art style. 

Oh my god! Graphics! Loved art style, and music is so good, I wish you could have added more gameplay, this game looks really promising.

After researching the source and inspiration of the game, I really found this game very deep. I liked how you integrated that philosophy in the game. Fun game mechanics too. Congrats!

Funny idea and good gameplay, I'd really like to see the post compo version of this game :D

I wasn't expecting this gameplay by the screenshots I've seen during the jam. Just played your game, it's fun and hard well balanced. Good concept and execution. Congrats!

Great artwork, played 2 different ends of the game and liked them both. Good job!

I had a blast playing this game. Incredibly polished, fun game with awesome music. Congratulations. And I wish you luck with your weekly game project.

Innovative use of source material 5/5 :) Really good writing. 

Insulting and combos with words! Brilliant idea and nice execution. I enjoyed this game so much. Thanks for choosing Cyrano. It was really fun! 

Very nice experimental game and it suits the theme and the storytelling of the poems. Interesting concept congratulations!