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A paper-esque, Kaguya-hime inspired, bullet-hell shmup!
Submitted by Nick — 4 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Innovative use of source material#382.7502.750
Stayed true to the source material#402.6002.600

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Public domain

CC0United States

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@ianburnette: Thank you! Just giving it a try and liking it is all I'll ever need to feel like I did well! :)

@SnoutUP: Personal space is not an issue for my little doodle-demons. They like to box you in, trap you, and feat upon your soul! 

@HandwrittenAnthony: Thank you! I made the art in a really quick hurry (and it was terrifying because there was just 30-40 minutes left of the entire jam, haha! --Art is not my forte).

@Muciojad: Difficulty is what I aim for! If a game gives you more than 1hp, then it's being wayyyy to easy on the player! ;) Like I said, my graphics were made in a panicked hurry, but glad you enjoyed the game play, despite the difficulty! I like a game I have to work toward to beat, being the programmer and all --it just means it's that much harder for other people to achieve!

Holy crap! So hard it is! ;o Hard, but quite nice, but I think player should be more durable or something. Simple graphics is not bad, but graphics isn't most important. Gameplay - hard x3 ;D Quite good at all!


Bullet-hell crazytimes! Art direction was cool, and the game felt super responsive. I just wish I was better at this genre of game so I could get further into it. :D

Your enemies doesn't respect personal space at all... They scared me a lot in first play, getting in my face like that and going like "What's up, mate, you mind if we hover right in front of you and shoot you?"

But other than invasion of personal space, I liked it, it's fast and responsive. And I think I even killed 3 bosses, which for me is a great achievement in any bullet hell game. Although, I think bullets could be represented better... Various colors really confused me and those green bullets in green background looked like map decorations until I paid a price to learn the truth... :)

Wow, that is very difficulty. Very polished as well, with great sound and smooth gameplay. Try as I may, I couldn't make it past the second boss! :)