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Great video! Thank you very much for playing my game :3

Created a new topic Level contest #1 winners!
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Hello hello!

With Monday comes my time to announce the winning creators of my first Toaster Jam level contest! I wasn't the best host this time due to time constrains, but I did try to beat, 100% & comment all of the levels thrown at me! It's amazing what cool things you managed to do with limited tools Toaster Jam editor provides! Thank you so much for participating!

Here's what I've got! I've bolded out my favorite levels and three Twitter handles, which I'll handle (hehe) out prizes to! That being said, everyone, who participated is definitely getting a Toaster Jam Steam key after it's release!

@SuperBlackMan21 31x
@Figo7467 395
@begalbrew 3jz 3xq 4en 56h 5wl
@Chillehh ok9i1x
@AberrantViso 4kd
@qbus371 553
@smore566 31n
@andrethebestbro 2zq

If I missed anyone due to my absent-mindedness or iffy Twitter search, I'm terribly sorry and ask you to point me to the tweet, so I could check out your level and fix this situation!

Thank you!


Create a Toaster Game level, which could be used in the built-in challenge levels of the game and win prizes as well as my gratitude for helping out with this task!
Duration: 2017.02.03 - 2017.02.05
Winner announcement: 2017.02.06


  • Create a Toaster level in either Windows or mobile level editor & tweet the code to @SnoutUp
  • All toasts should be collectible in a single run
  • Participant levels will be added to this page
  • I'll be choosing 3 levels (from different creators) I find most fun to be the winners!
  • MAIN PRIZES: 3 winning creators will get 5$ Steam game of their choice & 3 Steam keys for Toaster Jam (after release) each and an in-game thanks!
  • BONUS PRIZES: All creators of levels which will be chosen to be added in the game OR fun/interesting enough will receive a Steam key for Toaster jam (after release) and in-game thanks!


  • In this contest mobile-friendly levels are a priority, so if you're going to use Windows editor and don't have a phone to test level on, keep in mind that mobile version doesn't have slow motion and is much harder to aim precisely!
  • Lower the WIDTH of the level to beter suit vertical mobile screens
  • You can set custom level ceiling, no need to fill all possible level height
  • Play other levels to see what works already!
  • avoidable player traps are encouraged, but don't make it a full blown phone-breaking rage level
  • One good level of fun is better than 2 mediocre ones!

Good luck!

If you have any questions, contact: @SnoutUp

Oh, I could definitely use help with creating a decent challenge level set for the mobile release. Hence the level contest, which hopefully give me something to use as a challenges or inspiration. I don't really have any precise system here, so if you make a level and want it to be added to the challenges or those custom levels which get synced around - just send me the code!

The less levels I'll have to make, the more skins and other goodies I'll be able to add. I plan to add some more obstacles for Steam release, so ideas for those are also welcome.

You can also join my Discord server if you use that, but Twitter communication or these forums work just fine!

Posted in More. . . .

Dear, Mr. Angry Player, I must inform you, that this game is not even finished yet, but a work in progress. I'm going to add more content, more levels and more skins later this month!

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here will be important information about changes in game updates. Don't expect order and details, because I don't take notes and forget things fast.


  • shop UI now shows compared buff values of shop and equipped items
  • little icon indicates inventory slot
  • changed how item prices are calculated
  • added new ranged enemy
  • added new surprise enemy
  • messed up all other enemy AIs, so they will act differently compared to previous update
  • increased enemy damage and made their attacks uninterruptible, so keep blocking!
  • changed some of the graphics a little bit
  • increased floor limit from 10 to 15 to see how imbalanced game gets later on


  • fixed a bug where charger enemies would idle after player blocks their initial attack
  • fixed a bug where some of the stats wouldn't count towards item unlocks
  • started collecting BEST stats, but don't get attached to those while game is under active development
  • added temporary display of item buffs in the shop
  • added temporary display of statistics after game ends
  • added temporary display of item unlocks and their requirements (might not be in the final game)
  • shops can be controlled with the button player uses, mouse is not needed anymore
  • shops should spawn with ~same distance between each other (this will be changed in the future)
  • minor balance tweaks
  • small bug fixes

Have fun and let me know what you think!

Awesome! Thank you very much!

That sure is a long sentence! I think you should work on simplifying it a bit... "A mix of MOBA & rogue-lite set in a sci-fi world with massive boss fights" :)

The pitch got me curious, but I have a hard time understanding the part "escape from a mansion home to an alien-worshiping cult". Shouldn't it be something like "escape from a mansion of an alien-worshiping cult" instead?

Nice to see thread going pretty strong and interesting pitches with even more interesting games behind them. My first language isn't English, so I'm usually going for simpler descriptions, but having weird mechanics or characters help to keep it interesting

  • Iron Snout is a button-mash game, where you fight hordes of wolves with their own weapons & body parts
  • Cave Blast is a jetpack SHMUP with silly characters shooting bacon lasers and banana bombs at weird enemies
As far as emails go, I try adding questions or call to actions to the title. For Iron Snout it's "How many wolves can one piglet beat?". Can't say it works well, tho. Had only few replies.

I'm not a cop, but damn if you didn't steal this thread, which I hoped to be with 1-sentence replies mostly... Also, I must admit that your pitch doesn't say much to me, since I've never played any of those games. That's risky.

Your pitch made me imagine "hold button to go up, release to go down" sidescroller and game itself looks way more interesting than that! I'd rather use the line you have in game page - "Guppy is a 2D watercolor fish simulation". It's already pretty interesting!

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Here's little marketing exercise!

You have one sentence for your PR email title to stand out in thousands of titles in the inbox of multi-million subscriber Youtube channel . One sentence to hook the reader & pull it in to the magical world of feature lists, trailers, GIFs and screenshots, which is (or should be) your well crafted marketing letter. One sentence to tease about the best thing your game has to offer or straight up reveal it.

  • avoid using "fun" or "addictive"
  • use basic "GAME TITLE is ..." structure if in doubt
  • link your pitch to your game page (if you can or want to)
  • give tips or ideas on how to improve other pitches (if you can)


Amazing things just got amazing-er!

Just some little things about "Last topic" listing in the front page of forum. First of all, column name says "Last topic", but it displays "Last reply". Other thing... in the specific forum listing last post time is active, but in front page link is on the "last topic" title. IMHO, it would be less confusing & more consistent if link titles would redirect to the thread, but last reply date would point to... well... last reply.

This is relevant to me, since I have a pretty neat idea to fit the current forum UI. Basically, I make mostly little games and update them almost randomly, so I figured that it would be tidier to create a single thread. I would describe games in separate posts and add updates as replies to those posts (hoping for collapse buttons in the future). Main message of the thread would have some latest updates described and game list with links to specific posts. Does this make any sense?

More like feedback and less like suggestions. I hope Mark will be able to sort them out!
  • I can't find a link to my notifications page after I read them (is there one?)
  • Using "View parent post" in the page of specific post does stop before displaying the original post, which can be inconvenient
  • Inline reply forms would make many lives easier (at the moment that reply page has completely different post listing & it's confusing
I have no idea why so many people want emoticons. To me it's refreshing to see a forum without glitter everywhere in text! ;-)

Playing Awesomenauts from time to time. Same as many previous weeks. PC can't handle decent games, but I find that such inconvenience really saves a lot of time. For that reason I also try to avoid highly addictive light-weight games like Binding of Isaac. Got stuff to do!

Agreed. Decline of /r/gamedev weekly threads was a sad thing to watch and I stopped coming back to them months ago. Unfortunately I can't think of a way to increase engagement of such "show your thing" threads without building the platform around them.

There are notifications already! At least for reply-replies (you should get one right after I'll click "post"). And I love the ideas about displaying user's purchase/gamedev "values".

The most important things which keep me coming back to a forum like this are community, layout and, let's be honest, opportunity to find more players to my games. To my eyes layout, after a couple UI tweaks, will be just perfect here. It's clean, it's tidy, it's content-oriented. The community so far looks great (I have a feeling that itch.io crowd is a bit more mature, but don't prove me wrong here) and after a while it'll come down to mods/reports/rules and having fitting sections. As far as self-promo goes, it's nice to see devlog and release sections already, having weekly threads will help too.

Now a couple of ideas I'd like to reiterate or suggest:

  • weekly feedback/screenshot events (like /r/gamedev does)
  • a section for youtubers (gamedev videos, indie letsplays) to keep their "youtublogs" (let's heat up that gamedev + youtuber relationship we all benefit from)
  • a section for distribution/publishing/promotion related discussions
  • off topic section, maybe forum games too. I'm not a huge fan of those, but many people are
  • tutorial/article/blog section as Median suggested (nicely tagged or grouped by the category)
  • stricter rules for posts in self-promo sections to keep them less spammy (one post per game, must include screenshots)
Wild idea section appears!
I wouldn't dare to suggest cluttering the design, but maybe we could have a nice ajaxy hover popup on our usernames which would display lite weight list of latest/featured games and Twitter/Facebook/Youtube icons?

Also, this might sound crazy and could go wrong in many ways, but what about embedding itch.io games in your posts? I think it would be pretty sweet.

Other madness would be to have an on-demand private forum section for your game, which some of the bigger/complex/multiplayer projects could benefit from, but it would cause an influx of "empty" non-dev accounts, which might not be a good thing depending on direction itch.io is moving.

So here's that for now. Let me know what you think!

This question gets really tricky if I drop some of the nostalgia choices (Golden Axe, Fighting Force) or my recent "hooks" (Awesomenauts, Terraria, Don't Starve). And I don't even game that much!

I'll have to go with Worms 1. I remember writing down condensed strategy guides from gaming magazines to my notebook before I even had a PC to play them on. Later came failures trying to "carry" a pirated version in a bunch of floppy disks to my 486 beast. I can't put a finger on what exactly fascinated me about the game, but I think it was a mix of turn-based strategy, awesome characters, battling my friends, crazy weapons and oozing charm + humor in every aspect of it.

Never got any good at it, hah.

Nothing fancy here. I'm just inspired by the opportunity to be doing something fun and interesting with my life. Making games suits my mentality and lifestyle very well, I just wish it would be easier to make a small living out of this, so I could be less stressed about real life things and start adding more variety to said lifestyle before I get old & rusty. It's not an ideal plan, I know. I'm working on it.

I also do like create things, get feedback & validation for them and have some sort of self-expression medium.

Here's one from me!

It's a weird small arcade game idea for Ludum Dare I had a while ago (theme was "Unusual weapon" or something like that). It's about a gone-mad rocket launcher character, who rocket jumps around the room shooting it's projectiles at the ground, walls and ceiling to avoid being caught by scientists and military.

I haven't seen it yet, but I wonder how deep can reply threads go and how will main thread look when there's tens of replies to every parent post. Wrong implementation can hurt readability (which is just pure awesomeness right now, props for that!) a lot. Some kind of collapsing with "collapse all" will be needed if it's not there.

As a semi-related note, replies already have their permalinks, but last reply time is not active link in the topic lists. What worries me quite a bit is that "reply" and "child reply" has a very different value (compare new introduction someone posted and a "hi" comment as a reply to that introduction). I wonder if it's even possible to indicate what kind of reply that topic got and maybe having a different link for both kind of replies without cluttering layout too much. I hope my description of this "issue" makes some sense. It's a confusing one for sure.

Ah, I didn't mind. After years of web development, I kind of like that writing HTML can give my game pages a bit more edge over those who have to look for "Insert image" button.

Talking about intuitive, "reply" and "report" links could be a bit further away/more distinguishable. Almost accidentally reported your message :)

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I think it would benefit everyone if you could put some more effort in your announcement.

And here I was, going to the HTML editing mode and writing <img src='http://imageurl.com'/> code like some kind of savage!

My current project is Cave Blast (web playable, Android & Windows versions available). Still no idea what the end game will look like, but at the moment it's an endless jetpack shmup with crazy weapons, items and random powerups.

Here's a potato-quality gameplay GIF of bunny character shooting a bacon blaster at potato mini-boss:

Let's do this! It might force me to release updates more often!

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Good day, good people!

I'm a solo indie game developer from small country called Lithuania. I've been taking this gamedev thing quite seriously for a couple of years now and made a bunch of small 2D arcade/action/casual games using GameMaker:Studio & Inkscape. Nothing to write home about or to quit my job for, but I'm slowly moving forward (just got one my games Greenlit). Currently working on Cave Blast, a chaotic jetpack shmup with crazy weapons and powerups.

Previously I did a lot of web development and some iOS/Android app making.

I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession about piglets and it's quite visible in my games. In my defense, pig-like characters are pretty easy to draw.

Most of my games are available to play in your browser right here, all of them are free and some of them have mobile versions. If you'd like to chat or follow what I do - find me on Twitter!

Good luck and have fun!

This looks very promising!

BRB uploading more of my games to itch.io.