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Absolutely loving the GMEdit after the few latest updates, been using it in tandem with GMLive for quite a while now and was wondering if it would be possible to improve their integration via plugin or GMEdit update. I'm thinking about something like a checkbox in context menu which toggles live_call() code at the top of the script (I guess a tricky part would be to detect if script has arguments) or having a short string like #live would do something similar. If that makes any sense.

One way to go about this would be snippets, which would save some time, but wouldn't make code cleaner.

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If you're looking for a vegetarian game, try Toaster Swipe: :)

Loved it! Very nicely done :)

I don't care if it's for kids. I love this! Arrow indicator is a bit tricky to see at times (it's fair that it's trickier, when I misclick) and it could be active a little bit longer.

I'm jealous of your art & polish. Good luck! Hope to see you in another jam!

This game genuinely scared me and made feel very uneasy! Well done! :)

This is probably my favorite.

I would like a silly spin off mission, where you have to give rides from one cloud to another to tired birds .

Where can I cash out? :)

One thing I really didn't like was how well it resonated with some things currently bothering my mind. It was like playing personal life :)

Other than that it was great!

Windows version:

I tried to make a HTML5 for you too, but for some reason it didn't work resulting in some weird meaningless error.

World needs more games like this! :)

Cool mechanics, too bad you haven't got enough time for some art and sweet animations. It would be awesome if in future iterations sins would be different too and, maybe, have some characteristics of 7 deadly sins either via attack style. AI or art.

I too loved jump-kill chains. Also the fact that you could take a leap of faith shortcut in second level :) Graphics, as I've mentioned on Twitter, super awesome!

Damn, this was so good!

Holy polish O_o Soundtrack was awesome!

Seemed to turn me around for no apparent reason after taping directional key or, sometimes, holding it for a while. Other than that I quite enjoyed being a donkey (I don't care what's written in the description, I was a donkey, can't take that away from me!) 

Such a well made little game. The art is just amazing!


Damn, and final moments of me they really were :D Also, final moments of my eardrums, since I had all volumes up to the max & headphones on. Loved the graphics and chaotic action, however little of them I had luck to see. Instant restart would've been very nice, since because of my skills and some very unfair respawns, I spent most of the time looking at intro/death screens. But I liked it :)

Is it very wrong that I ran around watching grandma being tear in to pieces by a pack of wolves... :) 

Game looks very nice and I liked the sounds/music background. It would've been nice if dash could do some kind of area of damage attack to knockback wolves. And it looked like wolves are doing area of damage, so that seemed unfair :)

Your enemies doesn't respect personal space at all... They scared me a lot in first play, getting in my face like that and going like "What's up, mate, you mind if we hover right in front of you and shoot you?"

But other than invasion of personal space, I liked it, it's fast and responsive. And I think I even killed 3 bosses, which for me is a great achievement in any bullet hell game. Although, I think bullets could be represented better... Various colors really confused me and those green bullets in green background looked like map decorations until I paid a price to learn the truth... :)

Loved the graphics after seeing them for the first time on Twitter! Well polished game.

Love the graphics!

For some reason I lose every time landing after I do a jump and transform midair (for some reason that was the first thing I tried). Is there a restart button I missed, I always get stuck in "you lose" screen and have to reload game to try things out again...

There's no sound? I tried only web Unity Player version so far. Wanted to hear some soothing soundtrack so badly, while just smoothly flying around.

This had just the right amount of crazy for me! I think I broke a couple of fingers while trying to do the tricks... Totally worth it.

Just completed it and it was great! Found some AI exploits to help me out, but that just added to the fun. Jump could've been less punishing, maybe, but I "got it" after a while.

I had a blast insulting everyone! They can't handle my swear words!

Found it!

I am so bad at games like this. Spent last 10 minutes clicking everything and still no key. Already wanted to suicide myself at the angry villagers, but no luck there too. 

Loving the room transitions and graphics. Also, funny dialog lines! Great stuff, I'm back to the key search. Going to click every pixel possible.


since you're in this thread, I bet you have some nasty bug to report or a crazy idea to suggest. Well,  feel free to post it here or, in case you don't have an account on, use these channels to send it in:

Thank you in advance!

Great video! Thank you very much for playing my game :3

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here will be important information about changes in game updates. Don't expect order and details, because I don't take notes and forget things fast.


  • shop UI now shows compared buff values of shop and equipped items
  • little icon indicates inventory slot
  • changed how item prices are calculated
  • added new ranged enemy
  • added new surprise enemy
  • messed up all other enemy AIs, so they will act differently compared to previous update
  • increased enemy damage and made their attacks uninterruptible, so keep blocking!
  • changed some of the graphics a little bit
  • increased floor limit from 10 to 15 to see how imbalanced game gets later on


  • fixed a bug where charger enemies would idle after player blocks their initial attack
  • fixed a bug where some of the stats wouldn't count towards item unlocks
  • started collecting BEST stats, but don't get attached to those while game is under active development
  • added temporary display of item buffs in the shop
  • added temporary display of statistics after game ends
  • added temporary display of item unlocks and their requirements (might not be in the final game)
  • shops can be controlled with the button player uses, mouse is not needed anymore
  • shops should spawn with ~same distance between each other (this will be changed in the future)
  • minor balance tweaks
  • small bug fixes

Have fun and let me know what you think!

Awesome! Thank you very much!

That sure is a long sentence! I think you should work on simplifying it a bit... "A mix of MOBA & rogue-lite set in a sci-fi world with massive boss fights" :)

The pitch got me curious, but I have a hard time understanding the part "escape from a mansion home to an alien-worshiping cult". Shouldn't it be something like "escape from a mansion of an alien-worshiping cult" instead?

Nice to see thread going pretty strong and interesting pitches with even more interesting games behind them. My first language isn't English, so I'm usually going for simpler descriptions, but having weird mechanics or characters help to keep it interesting

  • Iron Snout is a button-mash game, where you fight hordes of wolves with their own weapons & body parts
  • Cave Blast is a jetpack SHMUP with silly characters shooting bacon lasers and banana bombs at weird enemies
As far as emails go, I try adding questions or call to actions to the title. For Iron Snout it's "How many wolves can one piglet beat?". Can't say it works well, tho. Had only few replies.

I'm not a cop, but damn if you didn't steal this thread, which I hoped to be with 1-sentence replies mostly... Also, I must admit that your pitch doesn't say much to me, since I've never played any of those games. That's risky.