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It's a false positive, many GameMaker games get that. There are no viruses in the game.

Can't thank you enough for making GM development more enjoyable!

Sadly, I don't get pinged... They really should have a notification for that. Keys should be available again!

Should be available now!

Should be available now!

Sorry about that, working on it!

Not really. Look on other platforms! 

Thank you very much!  Sounds good and that's what I'm going to do.

This is a great extension to speed up load time of HTML5 games, but I wonder if there's a tweak to avoid it crashing on Chrome Incognito mode due to security restrictions? It happens only when the game is embedded (can reproduce it in this example).

Thanks. I'm reworking the tutorial and would like to know which mechanics or parts of it were the most confusing!

Sorry for that, I uploaded a new build today. Let me know if it helps!

Thanks for letting me know, I'm currently traveling, but will try to sort this out as soon as possible!


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Heheh, as you can probably imagine, I had many many specific interactions (like shooting your wife) that would give interesting results or fail states as well as different endings, but you know... time limit. 

Whole war zone turned out disappointingly underdeveloped, it was suppose to have some basic mini games which would change every time you visit home and re-enter. And also have friendly dino soldiers that would interact with you.

I needed a month long jam for this :D

You kind of can't... Didn't have enough time to add more progression and interactions.

I would love to have such option! My CTRL+W instincts do not mesh well with multiple functions in a single script file.

We don't deserve an editor as good as this is...

Quick question, what's the use of pinned tabs in a single line tab bar? 

And would it be possible to have locked tabs that can only be closed with mouse (can't even count times I closed output tab with careless CTRL+W).

Sounds like a pretty awesome route! Thank you for checking them out! 

Oh, I will definitely see this! Thank you for the feedback, you should check out the latest version of this game (no web build yet, but it's coming soon): 

And thank you for good wishes! Managed to avoid COVID-related issues so far and hoping to keep it that way with vaccination. 

If you're not using app, just go to the "Download" section (should see it after purchase) and download the latest ZIP file.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Updated the key list, try again now.

Keys ran out, I didn't get a notification, now I added more keys, should be good now :)

Thank you for the feedback! 

I'll see what's happening with duel game over screen and get it fixed as soon as possible. Something like additional perks are in my idea list already, I'm just not sure who/when/how should grant them. Probably gonna be a side quest of some sort. Adding something like a coin drop boost would be a nice simple perk for sure!

Fantastic, thank you very much!

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Thank you very much!

Regarding first point, I think enemy drops lost during slam attacks ending up back in the stack would be a bit confusing and quite overpowered. However, bosses already do drop their item even if they're killed by a move action (the item is dropped in previous player position), so don't worry about bodying them if you have to!

I agree that perk system really needs some spicing up and upgrades would be one way to go about it. And the game also already has more neutral perks implemented, I just haven't found a good-enough way to grant them to players. Some might be game-breakingly OP, but there's a bit of fun in that also :)

Healing slimes sounds hilarious! Would be hard to explain it visually, but it seems like a fun and weird mechanic to have. Other ideas are also interesting, I especially like the burning enemies to drop scrap or stun enemies on attack. These really fit the game well and wouldn't be hard to add or visualize! 

Hey there,   sorry for a late response and THANK YOU very much for the feedback!

While the explanations and guidance are quite lacking and I plan to work on them, item loss on a "body attack" is pretty hard to explain and I feel like an indicator might be confusing by itself. There's a lot of information on the screen already.

Regarding your second point, what kind of upgrades do you have in mind? Can you give me a few examples of what you'd like to see?

Much appreciate your work with translation, but it will take a while until I'll be able to add it in the game. While en.json contains card descriptions, all of the UI and a lot of other strings (stats, upgrades) are still not ready to be translated. And, like you noticed, game doesn't have a support for special characters. I will also be adding more cards soon. 

Either way, send the translated file to me (  ) and I will notify you about the progress on the translation system! I might create a small web service (or use Localizor) for easier management of community translations.

Cheers and let me know if you'll have any more feedback!

Hah, now this version is going to be too hard too! It gets easier after more perma-upgrades are unlocked, but I'll have some balance updates too. I'm aware of performance issues on lower and even medium Android devices and will be working on that in the future.

Thank you very much for playing! 
I realized that towns were spawning way too frequently, because I left some testing code in. Whoops. Should be fixed now.

Card Hog community · Created a new topic Feedback thread

If you have encountered any issues, bugs, crashes or have suggestions on how to make Card Hog better - write about all of that here!

Hey there,

If you've made something related to Card Hog - I would love to see it! 

Post your links in this thread.

You should be able to utilize builder, it works fine for me. Update to the latest version and check the settings if it points to the right runtimes.

Sadly creating resources is broken, together with quite a few other things, so we must wait for updates. Still better than using IDE.

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So, my issue was never about live_call() line placement, rather than about something failing to load functions from other extensions. I was able to reproduce the issue in an empty project with only extensions being GMLive and Quality Structures, so maybe latter is the culprit here. Edit: tried it with other extension (file_ini) and same error happens.

if (live_call()) return live_result;
ini = file_ini_open("test.ini");
/// results in
[live][2020-09-28 10:27:23] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100002(Test)` (Test) does not have a variable `file_ini_open`
 called from Test:Step_0[L3,c7]

Here's that test project: <snip>

Is there any way I could fix it on my own? Please, I'm addicted to live development now.

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Hey there,

So far 2.3 has been a lot of headache to me and what's worst it's breaking my favorite GM tools.  After upgrading project to 2.3, GMLive started having issues with functions from other extensions (example from Quality Structures below).

[live][2020-09-25 17:52:54] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100062(Card)` (Card) does not have a variable `qs_get`
 called from CardSetup[L15,c10]
[live][2020-09-25 17:52:54] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100005(Game)` (Game) does not have a variable `qs_list_size`
 called from GridsAlign[L20,c20]
[live][2020-09-25 17:52:54] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100005(Game)` (Game) does not have a variable `qs_map_find_value`
 called from Game:Draw_73[L212,c16]

At first it looked that maybe this issue is related to my "ugly" macros, which brought up a warning during live reloading

[live][2020-09-25 17:56:53] Warning in Game:Draw_73:
[live][2020-09-25 17:56:53] macro:view_test[L1,c91]: Expected a statement, got bin_op
#macro view_test camera_get_view_y( + camera_get_view_height( * 0.5

But issue persisted after I moved all similar offenders to their functions and now I'm lost. It's quite a big project and I can't seem to reproduce the same error in a freshly created one, so not sure where to even look for possible problems.

By the way, if I put in back that "ugly" macro and try to call view_test in a live function, I'd get the same error, maybe that's a hint of what can be wrong.  Other macros are fine.

[live][2020-09-25 18:01:46] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100005(Game)` (Game) does not have a variable `view_test` called from Game:Draw_73[L10,c5]

What can I do about this? 

Sorry for late response, hope you have solved your issue already! Are you using GameMaker sprite editor? That might be the reason for rough edges. I create my graphics with Inkscape (or you could use other editor) and there's nothing really special about them. You might need to toggle "Interpolate colors between pixels" in graphic options of the platform to see if that improves anything.

Feel free to take my Toaster!