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You should be able to utilize builder, it works fine for me. Update to the latest version and check the settings if it points to the right runtimes.

Sadly creating resources is broken, together with quite a few other things, so we must wait for updates. Still better than using IDE.

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So, my issue was never about live_call() line placement, rather than about something failing to load functions from other extensions. I was able to reproduce the issue in an empty project with only extensions being GMLive and Quality Structures, so maybe latter is the culprit here. Edit: tried it with other extension (file_ini) and same error happens.

if (live_call()) return live_result;
ini = file_ini_open("test.ini");
/// results in
[live][2020-09-28 10:27:23] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100002(Test)` (Test) does not have a variable `file_ini_open`
 called from Test:Step_0[L3,c7]

Here's that test project: <snip>

Is there any way I could fix it on my own? Please, I'm addicted to live development now.

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Hey there,

So far 2.3 has been a lot of headache to me and what's worst it's breaking my favorite GM tools.  After upgrading project to 2.3, GMLive started having issues with functions from other extensions (example from Quality Structures below).

[live][2020-09-25 17:52:54] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100062(Card)` (Card) does not have a variable `qs_get`
 called from CardSetup[L15,c10]
[live][2020-09-25 17:52:54] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100005(Game)` (Game) does not have a variable `qs_list_size`
 called from GridsAlign[L20,c20]
[live][2020-09-25 17:52:54] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100005(Game)` (Game) does not have a variable `qs_map_find_value`
 called from Game:Draw_73[L212,c16]

At first it looked that maybe this issue is related to my "ugly" macros, which brought up a warning during live reloading

[live][2020-09-25 17:56:53] Warning in Game:Draw_73:
[live][2020-09-25 17:56:53] macro:view_test[L1,c91]: Expected a statement, got bin_op
#macro view_test camera_get_view_y( + camera_get_view_height( * 0.5

But issue persisted after I moved all similar offenders to their functions and now I'm lost. It's quite a big project and I can't seem to reproduce the same error in a freshly created one, so not sure where to even look for possible problems.

By the way, if I put in back that "ugly" macro and try to call view_test in a live function, I'd get the same error, maybe that's a hint of what can be wrong.  Other macros are fine.

[live][2020-09-25 18:01:46] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100005(Game)` (Game) does not have a variable `view_test` called from Game:Draw_73[L10,c5]

What can I do about this? 

Sorry for late response, hope you have solved your issue already! Are you using GameMaker sprite editor? That might be the reason for rough edges. I create my graphics with Inkscape (or you could use other editor) and there's nothing really special about them. You might need to toggle "Interpolate colors between pixels" in graphic options of the platform to see if that improves anything.

Feel free to take my Toaster!

No worries, you did pretty well! 

It was a fun video to watch for sure, thank you very much for making it! I plan to expand tutorial so the game wouldn't just throw new player into the chaos of that endless mode :)

There will be some sort of "accident protection" to avoid unfortunate moves like it happened in your last game. 

That's very awesome to hear, thank you very much! 

Thank you very much! Most of the mechanics inspired by other games, but I do try to add my own twists over them! 

3 hours! That's amazing! I admit, the current progression is a bit wonky and it's something I'll work on in near future. Thanks for letting me know about poison problem, that's definitely going to help with balancing.

Accidental click prevention is a great idea and something I'm definitely going to add!

Let me know if there's anything else you find frustrating or disliked! 

Thank you, that's a good suggestion, I'll have to think about adding that information to UI somehow. 

Thank you for the feedback! I locked mobile version to the vertical orientation,  so scaling shouldn't be the problem there (although issue might persist in mobile web version) and also added a few precautions to avoid dead cards staying on the table. 

Look Your Loot and Dungeon Cards have the same gameplay, indeed! In Card Hog there are a few mini-bosses (Skull, Necrodancer, Fireboss) and there will be bigger ones in the future. Preparation deck before a bigger boss fight is actually a very good and interesting idea. Thanks!

Thank you! I'll look into it. I've been mostly testing the game with mouse, so keep neglecting keyboard controls even tho I have a suspicion they're a bit (a lot?) broken at parts. Spacebar support will be added in the next update too!

Thank you for the feedback! I'm still working out how to make certain bosses more "manageable".  Might add a limit or longer delay on the zombies necrodancer can spawn. 

In the current live version there's only fire guy to fight, but another boss already done and ready to be published with the next update. I just want to add a special drop for that one and a few other things. In the future there definitely will be enemies which annoy players with certain board and card manipulations :)

Biggest problem with puzzle-based rooms, that I'm very bad at making puzzles. Unless they would be very basic ones and take me forever to design anyway. Maybe I'll get some help there, just need to create a proper grid editor first.

Either way, in the future endless runs will have much more variety and maybe even include certain special rooms (for example if bosses would need more/less space and etc).

Thank you everyone for your feedback already! Not sure if there's a way to multi-quote, but I voted up your posts, just in case that sends out notification. 

  • crash related to the fireball enemy is fixed in the latest update
  • scores will be saved and there will be some kind of progression eventually
  • when I'll have enough bosses and enemy cards, I'll be able to create a separate game mode which will have an end
  • art is going to be the last thing to be reworked, maybe after I'll feel like I have a well rounded game already

If you found a bug, got ideas for new cards (skills, enemies, pickups) and gameplay mechanic or just want to share your opinion about what you liked or hated in the game - this is the right thread to do it!

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Placeholder for the list of all available cards and their descriptions. 

PlayerMain character card. Of course it's a pig. Character
 SelectSpecial event card which allows player to choose a new card to add to the rotation.Misc
SlimeWhen killed splits into weak slimes which absorb nearby items. Won't split if there's no card to absorb nearby*.Enemy



Stun GunStuns enemy for 3 turns. Character will switch places with stunned enemy instead of taking damage.

* these properties or mechanics are very likely to change in the future.

Absolutely loving the GMEdit after the few latest updates, been using it in tandem with GMLive for quite a while now and was wondering if it would be possible to improve their integration via plugin or GMEdit update. I'm thinking about something like a checkbox in context menu which toggles live_call() code at the top of the script (I guess a tricky part would be to detect if script has arguments) or having a short string like #live would do something similar. If that makes any sense.

One way to go about this would be snippets, which would save some time, but wouldn't make code cleaner.

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If you're looking for a vegetarian game, try Toaster Swipe: :)

Loved it! Very nicely done :)

I don't care if it's for kids. I love this! Arrow indicator is a bit tricky to see at times (it's fair that it's trickier, when I misclick) and it could be active a little bit longer.

I'm jealous of your art & polish. Good luck! Hope to see you in another jam!

This game genuinely scared me and made feel very uneasy! Well done! :)

This is probably my favorite.

I would like a silly spin off mission, where you have to give rides from one cloud to another to tired birds .

Where can I cash out? :)

One thing I really didn't like was how well it resonated with some things currently bothering my mind. It was like playing personal life :)

Other than that it was great!

Windows version:

I tried to make a HTML5 for you too, but for some reason it didn't work resulting in some weird meaningless error.

World needs more games like this! :)

Cool mechanics, too bad you haven't got enough time for some art and sweet animations. It would be awesome if in future iterations sins would be different too and, maybe, have some characteristics of 7 deadly sins either via attack style. AI or art.

I too loved jump-kill chains. Also the fact that you could take a leap of faith shortcut in second level :) Graphics, as I've mentioned on Twitter, super awesome!

Damn, this was so good!

Holy polish O_o Soundtrack was awesome!

Seemed to turn me around for no apparent reason after taping directional key or, sometimes, holding it for a while. Other than that I quite enjoyed being a donkey (I don't care what's written in the description, I was a donkey, can't take that away from me!) 

Such a well made little game. The art is just amazing!


Damn, and final moments of me they really were :D Also, final moments of my eardrums, since I had all volumes up to the max & headphones on. Loved the graphics and chaotic action, however little of them I had luck to see. Instant restart would've been very nice, since because of my skills and some very unfair respawns, I spent most of the time looking at intro/death screens. But I liked it :)

Is it very wrong that I ran around watching grandma being tear in to pieces by a pack of wolves... :) 

Game looks very nice and I liked the sounds/music background. It would've been nice if dash could do some kind of area of damage attack to knockback wolves. And it looked like wolves are doing area of damage, so that seemed unfair :)

Your enemies doesn't respect personal space at all... They scared me a lot in first play, getting in my face like that and going like "What's up, mate, you mind if we hover right in front of you and shoot you?"

But other than invasion of personal space, I liked it, it's fast and responsive. And I think I even killed 3 bosses, which for me is a great achievement in any bullet hell game. Although, I think bullets could be represented better... Various colors really confused me and those green bullets in green background looked like map decorations until I paid a price to learn the truth... :)

Loved the graphics after seeing them for the first time on Twitter! Well polished game.

Love the graphics!