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Card Hog

Bacon-flavored dungeon crawler · By SnoutUp

Feedback thread Sticky

A topic by SnoutUp created Nov 02, 2020 Views: 832 Replies: 20
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If you have encountered any issues, bugs, crashes or have suggestions on how to make Card Hog better - write about all of that here!

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Heya, I was playing the game and having lots of  fun! Such a charming game.

Here are  things that poped up so far:

If you kill an enemy with a weapon it might drop an item but if you body slam it, it does not. It creates cool scenarios where you can sacrifice the item for a fast kill, and it is a very cool mechanic. But I've just realized this after playing for hours and thought maybe it should be included in the tutorial, or the hog at the bottom left of the screen might inform us about it when we sacrifice an item.

There are lots of cute specific interactions in the game, like lasso on a bull, or mind control on a zombie. But, I was thinking the game might also benefit from having some game changing upgrades that can combine into something more like in some other roguelikes (eg: nuclear throne). Because that's something I really love in other roguelikes, and it can make runs quite memorable and one can sometimes become godlike which is quite fun! If there are upgrades such as this they can be included in something like sword statues or milestones that appear after bosses. It is a big change to consider but I think you come up with stuff that can resonate with interactions and statuses effects that are already in the game. 

Also I've been localizing stuff you've put in en.json into Turkish. It is almost complete now. The game doesn't accept Turkish characters "çşöğıü" at this moment. I had to remove some puns and change some sentences due to language differences. Also added some jokes of my own. I am generally trying to write in a style that 10 year old me would find cool. If I finish it in a couple days would you like to include it in the game?


Hey there,   sorry for a late response and THANK YOU very much for the feedback!

While the explanations and guidance are quite lacking and I plan to work on them, item loss on a "body attack" is pretty hard to explain and I feel like an indicator might be confusing by itself. There's a lot of information on the screen already.

Regarding your second point, what kind of upgrades do you have in mind? Can you give me a few examples of what you'd like to see?

Much appreciate your work with translation, but it will take a while until I'll be able to add it in the game. While en.json contains card descriptions, all of the UI and a lot of other strings (stats, upgrades) are still not ready to be translated. And, like you noticed, game doesn't have a support for special characters. I will also be adding more cards soon. 

Either way, send the translated file to me (  ) and I will notify you about the progress on the translation system! I might create a small web service (or use Localizor) for easier management of community translations.

Cheers and let me know if you'll have any more feedback!


I think you are right about the body slam thing. Maybe those cards should just end up in a stack? Because if you just go and body slam everything the run changes dramatically (in a negative way).

I think what I am thinking as upgrades an extention of the current perk system. Additional perks to get in a play through. Both neutral perks which can be acquired by a anyone. And maybe perks that can be acquired by specific classes (upgrades to started perks?) and of course patchy if it has the necessary starter perk.
They can alter the game dramatically or just change some stats. Like:

Double damage to poisoned enemies
Burning enemies drop scrap
Fire spreads
Stun enemies who attack you
Higher town spawn
Higher item spawn
Higher gold spawn
Turn all health pods to dentures
Caves always contain good things (spelunk)
Slimes heal (acquired taste)
Aliens are friendly and more alien spawn

1 move without losing combo
Infinite combo in low health

Enemy reaction time +1 turns (fastest in the west)
+1 damage


I will send you the en.json it's not done yet but perhaps I can work on it more once there is support for it.

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Thank you very much!

Regarding first point, I think enemy drops lost during slam attacks ending up back in the stack would be a bit confusing and quite overpowered. However, bosses already do drop their item even if they're killed by a move action (the item is dropped in previous player position), so don't worry about bodying them if you have to!

I agree that perk system really needs some spicing up and upgrades would be one way to go about it. And the game also already has more neutral perks implemented, I just haven't found a good-enough way to grant them to players. Some might be game-breakingly OP, but there's a bit of fun in that also :)

Healing slimes sounds hilarious! Would be hard to explain it visually, but it seems like a fun and weird mechanic to have. Other ideas are also interesting, I especially like the burning enemies to drop scrap or stun enemies on attack. These really fit the game well and wouldn't be hard to add or visualize! 


Oh okay makes sense

I agree chaos is fun, and glad that the perk system is going to spice up

Oh, GLAD YOU LIKED THEM! And also glad that you found them fitting and easy to implement :)

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first of all i love your game and i think it is super fun.

i was playing duel with a friend when he won (he was brute and i was soldier) it then said that the soldier had won even though the soldier lost. the gravestone was also mirrored. ( this isn't really a problem but i just wanted to help) i also think it could be cool if as you play you could unlock perks but they only stay for the specific run. (like items in a rogue-like)Like more specific powerups similar to the ones that are already in the game. for example it could be like enemy coin drops double.

great game


Thank you for the feedback! 

I'll see what's happening with duel game over screen and get it fixed as soon as possible. Something like additional perks are in my idea list already, I'm just not sure who/when/how should grant them. Probably gonna be a side quest of some sort. Adding something like a coin drop boost would be a nice simple perk for sure!


cool game, a bit repetitive, you should add changing music and new backgrounds for each new level. 


trying to run the exe after buying the bundle for ukraine and getting a cannot run error due to missing steam_api


Thanks for letting me know, I'm currently traveling, but will try to sort this out as soon as possible!

Have the same issue, I just downloaded today as I saw below that there was a new build available but the stam_api seems to be still missing

Just in case anyone else has this problem it worked on another device, so problem seems to be my old windows version I guess, it worked finde under Windows 10.

I just downloaded the game via the Ukraine bundle and it crashes on launch. No error code given.


Sorry for that, I uploaded a new build today. Let me know if it helps!


Definitely did. Loving it so far! :D

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I bought the game with the Bundle for Ukraine. I unpacked the file "" somewhere on my hard disc. When starting "CardHog.exe" on Windows the following error message appears. When clicking OK the same error message appears again. And again. And again. Only way out of the loop is to end the "CardHog.exe" process using the task manager.

Card Hog: CardHog.exe - System Error
The program can't start because steam_api.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Workaround: I copied the file "steam_api.dll" from another game (Terraria in my case) in the same folder with the file "CardHog.exe". Then I manually started "CardHog.exe" which opens the game window.


Did not work for me unfortunately. I only had one game with the exact filename and there seems to be something missing to make it work as another Crash report popped up that something was missing in that file. So sad, would really hope the issue will be fixed.


Cool game but the tutorial is confusing

it seems to work kind of like


Thanks. I'm reworking the tutorial and would like to know which mechanics or parts of it were the most confusing!

I didn't fully understand the weapon system, I couldn't tell exactly what the number did

also, I don't understand how the "deck" works. how do I know when cards are temporary and other than that, I would like to understand it better