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this really sucks, great job!

For patch notes I suggest using the built in itch devlog feature

really cool game!

suggested feature: add rotating island cards

why does it say not an arg?

this is really cool! (r should have a confirmation tho lol)

this is really cute

is the "the poop" die for some secret?

why? I was curious what would happen

not sure how to get other endings/dlcs still

what does "the hunt is yet to begin" mean?

first win!!!

the mechanics of this game give noita vibes

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do you have plans? lol (hoping for better physics soon lol)

I.RULE community · Created a new topic More ideas:
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Fruity Plum - rapidfire weak shots (across 3 lanes?)

Twisted Pair - shoots forwards and backwards

Little brimstone - charge up a laser that hits whole lane

clot (special) - basic shooter that loses hp over time (can't die from that)


holy mantle - placed babies block the first dmg they take

worm friend - grabs (stuns) enemies every so often

daddy long legs - stomps on and damages enemies every so often

little clot - you can drag directly from heart count to board and spawn a clot

quints - (non-imp) babies leave imps on death


real final boss - mom


mark baby tags (like defensive and red and spike, for items/achievments)

item stacking (just increase effects for some items with multiple stacks like backpack, pill bag and salvation)

use pills on monsters (I know this has been suggested before)

I can't tell if the game is just teasing about updates or a full on arg lol

good game, but questionable cover image

this is really funny

also: I suggest making more of the sprites stack rather than replace (and having more non-color changing upgrades would be cool)

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this game is super fun and cute! (will an upgrade stop spanwing once it's at 100% chance?

I suck at the game but I'm so curious about the lore

for cards being the same, I think it feels more accurate to a ccg that way (like you get several copies of the card) for unflipping... you might have to nerf the ongoing points when card flipped, but it could allow for some epic combos

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suggestion: in a single run, all identical cards should be limited to the same 1-3 names (also does flipping a face down card turn it face up again?)

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what are all the dlc things about? ... oh (alright, I'm actually really curious about where this is going)

love the procedurally generated card mechanic!

love the ror joke upgrade

cute roguelike!

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I don't understand how I'm supposed to get a 4x4 when I can only place 3 pieces per fight (edit: ohhh, after area 1)

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can you add upgrades between each stage (for more of the roguelike element? (the game is cool btw)

played a bit, this is cute!

I really love the style! I can't wait to see what comes next for the game (found it through the putrid shot ultra comment)

this game is super fun and cute!

this is so cool!

is the source code for this game public?

cute game!

suggestion: add a coin clean up

for passives, I was thinking upgrades such as more starting energy, more default hand size, start with some etherial stuff... and also could you add a restart in the pause menu?

by the way, do you have a discord server?

gameplay mechanic idea: what if there were passive upgrades you could get sometimes

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I really should buy this, it looks really interesting (and I bet it would be cool to make a video on)

is there a way to remove cards from the deck?