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another amazing game, more levels and upgrades would be cool tho

bosses, and a longer run would be cool, along with new upgrades

you should totally expand thing game

should be fixed

should be fixed

the bug should be fixed, and I will update the github in a bit

that's not mine, it is from the tutorial. I just changed the sprite colors

thanks also, I will check the issue

alright, I will try to fix it

I will look into it, does it happen repeatedly?

Here is the remake so far

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can I try to remake your games in unity?

cool concept!

is it endless?

looks cool!

you made them well!

how did you get those info images?

how does the 1 with a circle around it work?

ahh, ok

what game is in the gif?

this is a really cool game!

huh, it looks like the font used by neophyte, that's interesting

ah, ok

I would recommend the full game

what font are you using for the title, it looks familiar

this is really clever, severance is a good show

keep up the good work

it was REALLY fine, also, did you see the new post I made above?

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THANK YOU for being so open, you are amazing


(wip game with your assets)

is the second version still in development?

2 things: 1, you are AWESOME, 2, the piece I was looking for was more like the stuff in the cave tileset, just for the rest of them

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actually, I just remembered 1 more thing, there are a few transition tiles that are missing, like some inside corners, not sure how to discribe it


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Hi, bought this tileset, and it is great, but it is missing a few tiles

can you expand the tilesets a bit more, things like vertical tiles seem to not be there

video is up!
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I used your music here

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I record videos a week before, next week's video will be the new update

Check this out!

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is it updated on steam?

edit: it is