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Thank you so much.

I purchased a physical copy and have not received it yet, is there a way to contact you about it? I had an updated address, maybe it is just stuck in the post system.

Sounds wonderful to me, thanks for making it possible.

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Not sure if this problem is only on my end, but it seems in none of the versions I am able to search for certain words. Using Acrobat reader I sometime use the search function in case I have trouble understanding certain aspects, to check for other pages where the word is as well. English is my second language and this helps me quite a lot. 
In addition it seems I am unable to copy words from the pdf, is this intended? I did not have these issues with other pdf's on itch, that is why I am asking.

Thank you so much!

Just picked this up in the currently running bundle and I am looking for the character sheet. For ressources the webiste is linked, but I am unable to navigate the website to a ressource section. Is there a bug currently or am I overlooking something?

I discovered this game though a bundle and was immediately reminded of Kill Dr. Lucky, which my group used to play quite often a while ago. I knew I had to try it with my group. 

I played it now twice and in both instances we took longer than the suggested time frame. Not sure if this is because English is our second language, but with explaining the rules and everything it might take longer. Especially if the group drafts out a deceased together.

I have a few suggestions when you want to play this. In the helpful charts file the sheet about the reactions is missing, it would be helpful to have it in there for the players as well.

For explaining the rules and the special abbilities I recommend for the butler to explain a bit of the specialities before the game even starts, so that players can have a look at the goals and even and odds before they have a secret card in hand. This might be something only for groups where English is a second language, but it helps a bit to understand actions that are a bit tricky.

Some things that were a bit unclear for us was in the investigate action if you could discover a secret passage to another room which would let you skip the normal movement. As a butler I voted for yes but we did not use it in the end.
The other thing that was a bit unclear was if you could manipulate an NPG to murder certain persons and if they count towards your goal. I voted again for yes, and chose these persons for victims of time passing and told how the NPG got rid of them.

I would like to hear how other groups used the manipulate action, because this was one we struggled a bit with to enact.

Overall I think my group would play it again as it was quite funny and we had some fun with the mansion of SuJean.
The online group I played with decided it is not something they would play again, but we had fun while playing it as well.

2 Spielende ohne Zeichenkünste hatten sehr viel Spaß! Bei Mobile Fossilie haben unsere Hirne zwar etwas geraucht um uns was einfallen zu lassen, aber hat gepasst. 
Besonders gut finde ich das man die Dauer anpassen kann und dadurch ein bisschen flexibler ist wenn nicht so viel Zeit ist, oder was dazwischenkommt. 

Thanks for the hint to let the players define. English is a second language for me (and my group) and some words were unclear or harder to find and it really helped a lot.

Just finished preparing this (meaning cutting and taking out the glue that I might not have used since school) for running it in the future. It is so clever and even with cutting the edges a bit rough it worked! I even googled how to fold a mini orgiami envelope to store the item cards so that they are not flying around in the Mauritter box. Can not wait for the players to see me folding the adventure site. 

My paper boat is a bit crooked though, but that might be due to my printer not printing it exactly on the same spot (German item cards) and I had to guess a bit while cutting. Not a big deal though, might be for the players to be a bit careful while folding and doing stuff when they get it.

Is this a solo game or for multiple players? 

For me it is too huge to play as well, would love some resolution settings for the game

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For some reason the game does not accept my controller (old Logitech F310) . I tried the workaround with Steam that helped others below but it will not work for me. Can I report the bug somewhere?

Ich hatte sehr viel Spaß in den fünf Minuten die das Spiel dauert. Sagen wir es mal so, Würfelpech oder doch Würfelglück? Jürgen sitzt seit 20 Minuten auf dem Klo und bekommt eine Voicemail das er geheime Dokumente vor dem Reißwolf retten soll...
Die Begrenzung auf fünf Minuten fand ich richtig super, so kann man Wartezeiten prima nutzen um was kreatives zu machen. Das war sicher nicht mein erster Spieldurchgang!

Not sure where you looked, I found a page telling that you need the sunshine for the berrys and houses for the ferrys. The Trees are procedurally generated, this is something to keep in mind while getting wood. You can get into the ground with fireworks. With these basics I was able to play and explore to the secret door.

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Gibt es eine Chance das es eine Version zum selbst Ausschneiden gibt? Aktuell sehe ich leider nichts zum Runterladen, das Spiel klingt aber interessant.

OK, I managed a workaround however I would prefer having it available as a zip. 

My biggest issue is now that I do not know the controls. Some have mentioned below that only mouse works, but there seem to be something invisible on the lower right corner, is it the inventory? I can not click anything there but sometimes something from there is used if I click somewhere. 

Seems to be unplayable for me currently as I do not figure our how to reach a menu for saving or closing the game. As mentioned below it seems to be that you need to switch back to windows and hard exit the game which is not my prefered gaming style. Therefore I need to play it window mode to be able to close it with mouse, but playing window style is also not my prefered gaming mode. 

Even while playing window mode the inventory was not there, not sure if that is a bug.

Just in case anyone else has this problem it worked on another device, so problem seems to be my old windows version I guess, it worked finde under Windows 10.

Did not work for me unfortunately. I only had one game with the exact filename and there seems to be something missing to make it work as another Crash report popped up that something was missing in that file. So sad, would really hope the issue will be fixed.

Have the same issue, I just downloaded today as I saw below that there was a new build available but the stam_api seems to be still missing

Will a zip file be available soon? Have the same problem with the .rar file.

I always get an error message when I try to unpack the .rar with 7Zip. Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks a lot for the clarification, I am rather new to itch and thought I mixed things up. But that gives me a good excuse to buy the next bundle.

First I want to admire the creativity and it was really fun to play for me.

I have a few questions regarding playing Duelists that came up during our test run. It seems I have no comment option to ask them on the Duelists page, so I try my luck here. When the other player is supposed to fill out numbers, do they pick randomly or to they roll a dice? We tried with random numbers and it seems with higher numbers you are more involved in counting words, is it supposed to be like this? Or is there any advice on that?

The names came out quite odd like this, especially the name of the weapon as it was a verb (in past tense). Are the words to be used like only names or only nouns? The only part we found were is specified was DRIVE as this is an adjective, right? In that case we found it quite surprising that on our pages were only limited adjectives and the number I got was quite high, am I supposed to read on until I found the number of adjectives? My opponent wrote the number 38 that is why I ask :)

Are you sure it was in the Ukraine bundle? I have that bundle as well but it does not show a download button above like it does on other included games from that bundle.