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I love it! Some thoughts i would like to be able to type while drawing. Max speed is kinda slow for traveling long distances ( from left to right). Also I vould like to be able to re-enter my car after i parked it. 

I would use this in serious bizniz for long periods if could do these.

This made me chuckle. I'd say feel free to consider it a game. The possibility of different interpretations adds value to things (art) and we can feel free to make those interpretations. This is an idea I got from Umberto Eco's "The Open Work", which is a great book and I will definetely finish it in a decade and I'd recomend you to read it too.

Now that we (at least I) consider the jam a game,  all we need to do it is submit the link for the jam to the jam once it starts and we'll have our first entry that complies to "The Decade Game" theme.

Fun game but why did it said that in 20K?

Awesome  game hooked right from the start!

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The post jam version includes a bugfix and audio (made a day after the jam)

I'm curious about how you did the explosion "gradients".  Some sort of shader magic maybe?

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Thanks :)

The mission is to destroy spaceships

 I believe the crash happens when player resets the game too soon after the game over message and I'm almost certain why it happens. Tho, since it's not a hussle to reopen the game,  I'll wait until I have energy to add sound and maybe more content to fix it

Edit: There is a post jam version now with the bug fix and audio

The key is a lie!

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Hey, Patrick. My leaderboard doesn't work so I wanted to post here to let you know that I crushed your dreams by becoming a true GOAT before you. If it's  gonna make you feel less sad, it took me a bazillion tries. Verbante out.

This is the sweetest comment possible! Thank you very much ;)

You must have discovered the secret ending

Thanks bro :D

Thank you :D Tho I didn't know the game, I agree it really looks like Impossible Quiz Graphics. (I was rather pushing my limits on

Love it, realy captures the mood. Add some accesibility though, like more checkpoints and falling platforms reappearring after sometime. It's a bit too hardcore for me. It would be a shame if a fellow gizzhead gets frustrated and quits the game before hearing and playing other songs. I love the checpoints you chosed for songs and the spinning nonagon at restarts. 

Even if you can't fit that to the pico-8 version can you make it so that labs have a limit on how many people they wil employ. In a run where I built a giant highway using slipgates a lab ended up getting 7 people while I had so many unsatisfied planets.

I enjoyed so much at the random *spoiler* fight in the end. Plus the music was like I'm in the climax of a really emotional anime.

Thank you very much! :D

Thanks a lot hahaha!

Love the art style and the calmness of it, I'd like to live in that world.

Also BirdSong is a cool game right?

Dude, game is so cool

except for the little guys which takes the whole realism away

And the idea is so good(it can use a better story i guess an no little guys, collision etc.), I would like to see it becoming more than a 7 day game.

I also love the art it fels solid

Is there a fuel source in the game?

Hey, there is a bug if I press at c, wondering if there is crouch I die immediately and it kinda ruined the experience for me because at first I thought it was a land mine instead of a bug. Finished the game later tho.(until the home part. I just didn't wanted to play that again and you can see how the bug ruined it for me because it would be nice if I played that for the first time after I probably died. Btw I love the transitions. I think I saw those in jazzpunk and another game whic is 15 min long but totally forgot it's name so if you know what game is that can you tell me? I really want to remember.