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I enjoyed so much at the random *spoiler* fight in the end. Plus the music was like I'm in the climax of a really emotional anime.

Thank you very much! :D

Thanks a lot hahaha!

Love the art style and the calmness of it, I'd like to live in that world.

Also BirdSong is a cool game right?

Dude, game is so cool

except for the little guys which takes the whole realism away

And the idea is so good(it can use a better story i guess an no little guys, collision etc.), I would like to see it becoming more than a 7 day game.

I also love the art it fels solid

Is there a fuel source in the game?

Hey, there is a bug if I press at c, wondering if there is crouch I die immediately and it kinda ruined the experience for me because at first I thought it was a land mine instead of a bug. Finished the game later tho.(until the home part. I just didn't wanted to play that again and you can see how the bug ruined it for me because it would be nice if I played that for the first time after I probably died. Btw I love the transitions. I think I saw those in jazzpunk and another game whic is 15 min long but totally forgot it's name so if you know what game is that can you tell me? I really want to remember.