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Cool video. The game admits at several points that it is an unrealistic thought experiment. I think this video adds value into discussion and doesn't devaluate the game.

If you are going forward with this project I should probably add that it run terribly slow in my machine, eventually crashed and a bigger or full screen would be nice

I like the 3d (height) effect. I couldn't select multiple targets by holding l mouse though which made the game impassable

The colours are really nice.  When you select the picture you go into the position where you took the picture (could be time as well in another context) and the picture gets deleted mechanic is very cool and could easily be a backbone of a great game.

Was kinda hard to adjust but I actually finished ( in 17 mins) Nice hit-stops, explosions and sfx. FALCOOOOON PUNCH!

It's super cute and satisfying. Battles were too common

Though it really confused me with multiple options stuff, it has a cool 64x64 first person point and click adventure (fppaca) ui. Art  is awesome and music is cool

Art, audio are top notch! This is quite a big jam game with many npc's, art work and enemies. I didn't really like that enemies respawn everytime you come to the that part of the map. It is good that they are challenging but that is better if you only need to fight them once. Also  self-heal time is quite long and I'm kinda impatient with that. As a result I couldn't get very far.

Does it end after the first Boss?

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OMG! So when I play games I'm usally like yeah cool. But sometimes there comes that games that lefts me in awe when I finish it and leaves a little mark on me. This is one of those. Oh, the story about the sun and everything: drinking nectar from cactuses. Trying to see far away in an empty desert. Trying to shoot weird creatures before they get so close. Determine the direction of a best from their scent. And all of that ended when I actually confronted the beast unable to kill it and a little text telling me how to world fell into despair accompanied with an up-beat western tune. This was great, thank you ! I'm still listening to that music. ( also Godot <3 )

I wanna ask which parts of the sounds you did yourself because they are great!

Two creepy for me! Good job, sounds were perfect. Also with Godot <3.

The full screen doesn't work well in my computer.

I like the colors

Hey I couldn't really play the game and these are the errors that are shown. Also ( I think ? ) if you use an AudioStreamPlayer for music instead of AudioStreamPlayer2D it wouldn't be panned all the way to the left.

Good gameplay! AI is well programmed so it's hard to battle with it. This is a rare keyboard friendly local multiplayer shooter which is cool!

I really enjoyed this game. It really stands behind it's claim to be a tiny rogue-like and does so much with little effort.  I have some suggestions on how to make it a more re-playable rogue-like. The game could be faster because you know that you'd have to go through everything again when you die. There could be more variation to stuff like upgrades and some equipments ( I liked the rings )s o that when you die what you've lost is more precious to you. Also there can be a random (chance) mini-boss or smth in the succession of 8 enemies to make the progression more interesting and riskier

I don't currently have love installed so I can't really play the game. But still kinda guess what it is about :> Just leaving this here:

A key to shot slower but move in normal speed is an interesting idea. Cool game!


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It is pretty hard to figure out how to interact with enemies at this stage and the gameplay got a bit stale after I did that. I really liked the track and how you based it on more complex idea of 3-3-2 where player moves in bot 3's and the enemies just at the first. Instead of a regular 4/4 like in the Crypt Of The Necrodancer. I liked the overall feeling of "eat things to the beat". Cool game Tiger!

Also where did you get that idea of moving sprites to the beat. It is pretty rad I should say. Did anyone did it before?

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Hey I'm impressed by the amount of stuff you put there. My favourite aspect is the sounds, they are on point! For me transitions were funny in the beginning but it gets a bit tiring (and long) after the nth time. It took me a while to get that I usually have to pick the silly option. I made it till Europa this time. Might try it again. Cool game, quite funny :>

I really like your comments. Yeah, I tend to make my games hard. Glad you like the atmosphere the emptiness was probably caused by the lack of sound effects. The empty feeling would have been something I'd go for if I had the time, because I ultimately imagine this game to be dark and fantastic (even more magic, creepy inhumane stuff). But it would be more thought on with more sound effects . I tried to keep the code, ideas and the game itself pretty contained rather than watch it dissolve in chaos this time. That I think resulted in a satisfactory game play and I am pretty confident I can push this project a bit further without it getting too hard

Thanks :) I love using particle effects!

Thank you very much! It's very nice to get an aesthetics compliment from you and I'm glad you think the difficulty is fair.

I updated the game and now there is an indicator that shows when a player (or enemy) is reloading and how much time is left till the reload is complete. Thanks for the feedback :)

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Oh the pistol auto reloads in 5 seconds, I guess it isn't that obvious.

Thanks :) Ah yeah it's me. Could you at least beat the first level? All levels are supposed to be challenging but I kinda aim the first one to be universally beatable

I actually win by pressing space after pressing x many times with a score of -22 and felt the joy of overslaughtering 3 men. This is an actual game featuring rewarding interaction and difficult puzzles so I don't recomend it at all.


I love it! Some thoughts i would like to be able to type while drawing. Max speed is kinda slow for traveling long distances ( from left to right). Also I vould like to be able to re-enter my car after i parked it. 

I would use this in serious bizniz for long periods if could do these.

This made me chuckle. I'd say feel free to consider it a game. The possibility of different interpretations adds value to things (art) and we can feel free to make those interpretations. This is an idea I got from Umberto Eco's "The Open Work", which is a great book and I will definetely finish it in a decade and I'd recomend you to read it too.

Now that we (at least I) consider the jam a game,  all we need to do it is submit the link for the jam to the jam once it starts and we'll have our first entry that complies to "The Decade Game" theme.

Fun game but why did it said that in 20K?

Awesome  game hooked right from the start!

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The post jam version includes a bugfix and audio (made a day after the jam)

I'm curious about how you did the explosion "gradients".  Some sort of shader magic maybe?

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Thanks :)

The mission is to destroy spaceships

 I believe the crash happens when player resets the game too soon after the game over message and I'm almost certain why it happens. Tho, since it's not a hussle to reopen the game,  I'll wait until I have energy to add sound and maybe more content to fix it

Edit: There is a post jam version now with the bug fix and audio

The key is a lie!

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Hey, Patrick. My leaderboard doesn't work so I wanted to post here to let you know that I crushed your dreams by becoming a true GOAT before you. If it's  gonna make you feel less sad, it took me a bazillion tries. Verbante out.

This is the sweetest comment possible! Thank you very much ;)

You must have discovered the secret ending

Thanks bro :D