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This is my 2020 remake of a game that was released in 2010: The Blocks Cometh. Makes one think what games we will remember and care about, so much to make a remake of it, 10 years from now.

A quite polished and pleasant game :)

Seems like the imgur album ceased to exist :/ I really like the consept tho, it reminds me of fish


Wow! What a fun game and such silly! Love it <3

Well played

This game is delightgful! It definetely lives up to all the tags it has.

Wow, with your friends aswell? It only gets cooler! Your game was delightful. It definetely lives up to all the tags it has. Perhaps I should also say this there

That laser gun feels so powerful!

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Hahaha, your comment makes me so happy :D Just now I was playing your entry at lowrezjam, so cool that we would bump each other like this!

So good! I could only beat level 1 so far :P Clickbaity title for audio people :D

Thank you :D

Idk, it sounds pretty 24-bit to me. Jokes aside, it was a surreal experience! Well done! I love it so much

I think this game is pretty much perfect. It held my attention longer than any entry so far. It  takes a little bit of time to figure out mechanics, such as the fact that you can only use the attack so many times in a level, and makes perfect sense after that. I thought the enemies were easily dodgeable until they weren't (got to 5 at most). Music and sounds were awesome! Both attack and teleportation looked and sounded very cool! I liked that we could use our ears to find the teleporter, which makes one listen more closely and that serves to make the game more immersive

That was cute!

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Thanks! Glad you liked the music!

Interesting you mention Tower Fortressbecause your game made me think of Redungeon, another game published by Nitrome.

The game is really cute and intuitive, I like the music and it feels natural with the resolution. I know there are many games with similar mechanics and theme but is there  a spesific inspirtation for it?

Oh thanks! I would like to make the shadows much more attention grabbing if I had full control over them (for an example they could flash red) but at this point I'm only using the engine lightning. Fun fact: Being aware of both above and below was a design chalange for the game that I didn't realize until the game was almost done. I think I solved it with shadow and TPS view to a degree. But among my horrible initial ideas was even a split-screen top-view camera ugh. 166 is good! CAT is a try-hard who also happens to be my brother :D

Thank you!

This is a delightful AI! The aliens look so cool, and the interview review at the end made me chuckle

Well, that was surreal in 5 minutes I became god, then found and rejected myself then became a guy

I couldn't progress much either  :\ I can't jump to the third platform. If enemies were another color they would be much easier to see and I found the camera angle a bit narrow. I should congratulate you on the art aswell because it is delightful!


Oh yeah baby! I'm glad to hear this :)

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3D objects in a distance at lowrez is such a nice effect, likes can be found in last years Pixel Hunt and Norman's Sky. Thank you! And I'm proud of you :D

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Thanks :) Also, that's a cool user name

Really good game! Very polished, quite long for a jam game and nice cut scenes. I especially like the musics. Well done!

Made me chuckle! Sounds, animations and powers are all so good and unexpected. I'm up for 4 player online game if enough people gather :D

I like the consept of the meta-maze it's even daunting to imagine it

It feels good to win

This game makes more sense than the game it was based on. Hexagons FTW!

I really like the idea. But I felt like it could have been way better if your allies could attack. And since you've released the source, I took the liberty of implementing that myself. And it ended up being so much fun.

Ideally there should be diffculty curve. It starts really difficult right now.

Allies move aswell: they horizontaly oscilate in various speeds and ranges while keeping close to the player character.

You can build your powers quite a lot but it is still suprisingly easy to die.

I coded it quickly so it doesn't quite fit the style of your coding. I want to send you the source. I can either zip now or create a new branch for it on github later

I really like the looks and feel of it! I never managed to do this precise orbit calculations so I am curious how you went about doing it. Also it took me a while to realize that you basically move with a thruster so a visual indicator of that such as particles would have been good.

I'm just in love with the music. And everything else was so good as well. I've been jamming around for a while and this game is one of the best I've come across.

Art and music FTW. As far as I can tell there is nothing currently that can possibly give an upper hand to the player against the enemies, like covers, suprise attacks that kill etc. Adding such ways to outsmart enemies is what the game needs IMO.

I stumbled into the same bug aswell it is basically a super fun ultra-wall jump. I goes jumping continually aplies force to you as long as you are touching something.

What a cool concept

The tower looks cool