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Your games are very cool! 

But please, add mouse support a.s.a.p!




Looks and sound good! But not very usable for me without support for midi devices or as a VST.

cool game, a bit repetitive, you should add changing music and new backgrounds for each new level. 

Great update! thx


I will purchase the full version.

Looks good! Very interested in the underwater part.

Awesome! :)

Awesome! Thank you very much.

Thank you very much!

Please update the game to the latest version. thx

Awesome game!

Awesome! Best strategy game of 2020!

Works! Thx.


You should allow to disable analytics. I have an annoying screen open (see screenshot).

The game is great, and I'm sure most of the complaints will come from the visuals. IMO the default visuals should be Map Shimmer OFF, Low Bloom + Noiseless or Mainframe CRT.

I hope in the future you can add online multiplayer. 

And please, allow to zOOm on the map, very important.

Thank you, looking forward for the full PC and mobile versions.

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Thx, purchased and waiting for the updated demo. On my 3440x1440 big monitor I can't see the TurnEnd button, It's hidden outside the screen. A windowed mode should fix the issue. 

How much will cost the full version?

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Looks good, but after moving units I don't know how to end my turn !?. And Please, add windowed mode. On a big monitor it's a pain to play. Thx, I will follow this game closely.

Purchased, hopefully you will release the software and the DLCs here on itch. And I wish that you will release a DLC specifically for chess/strategy games.  thx

yes :)

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Good work! ..just wondering if the in-game feedback works.

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You can create chess like games with AI? thx

Please add at least local multiplayer and some big horrific opponent on every 'world'.


You just should add save on exit. I've lost my progress by hitting exit in the 'manage party' screen after a long battle. 

Just wanted to say that this game is a gem! Well done!

This game is abandoned?

Thanks for the answer. You can set the scenery zoom with shortcuts like Shift(orAlt) + RightMouse Button + Drag like many 2D/3D packages.  Another suggestion is to add a shortcut to reset the camera.



Maybe it's just me, but I love simplicity for fast games. Perhaps the click-and-drag building can be added to each weapons. 

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I just hope you will support offline games against AI (like Unreal Tournament).

Also the 'build walls' features are not intuitive, too complicated, annoying. 

Looking forward for the improvements.

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Great suggestion, let us import custom models .obj and export our flowscape creation.  

Another request, please add optional standard mouse behavior for zooming/moving  like in most big 3D software.


Great update but you should focus on optimization now. The software is promising  but very slow. Thx