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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

update suggestions, mine and anyone else's

A topic by wendyluvscatz created Jun 13, 2019 Views: 527 Replies: 21
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I would love a bluescreen or greenscreen sky option so I could composite my own backgrounds in in Hitfilm

primitives with those options would be great too for masking or better still an option to apply blue or green to any scene objects


You can set the sky brightness to black, wouldnt that do the trick for you?

I have indeed done that but sadly get too many matches in the scenery

plain blue is much easier to key as long as one avoids water and blue flowers or green in predominantly arid scenes, ideally a spectrum of choices would be best to choose a colour not in the scene.


i will add it to my list wendy

I have so many ideas. This program is wonderful as-is but there are so many things that could make it that much better, in my opinion.

The ability to import your own models would be fantastic.
I also found myself wishing that I could have a map grid that properly overlayed itself close to the terrain (or painted directly atop it) so you can use the scenes as 3D maps for tabletop games. I know there's an existing map grid for orthographic view, but the ability to create 3D gridded maps would be icing on the cake.
The ability to export a dynamic image, gif, or video of your terrain would also be absolutely wonderful, or even just being able to get rid of the HUD so you could use a third party screen capturing program to get a clean video of your entire camera view would be enough on this point, honestly.


Hey Kitkitten

To get rid of the hud press space bar :)

you can then use OBS or shadowplay or fraps to capture a movie

i will make note of your other suggestions

Oh! Good to know! Thank you!

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Great suggestion, let us import custom models .obj and export our flowscape creation.  

Another request, please add optional standard mouse behavior for zooming/moving  like in most big 3D software.



Hi StephP

You can import .obj files

FlowScape  uses the mouse wheel to 1. change the size of the brush and 2. scroll through houses.

Ill look at customizing that, but you might miss not having brush size easily accessible

Thanks for the answer. You can set the scenery zoom with shortcuts like Shift(orAlt) + RightMouse Button + Drag like many 2D/3D packages.  Another suggestion is to add a shortcut to reset the camera.


Would love to have some extra floor tiles and road textures.

Maybe also an import option for Unity store purchases so I can add extra houses, trees, animals, etc.?

The "P" key to create a world randomly ! Great and OK !

Why not "Ctrl + P" to add stones, trees,... randomly on the Terrain we already have selected or on imported objects !?!


I'm really torn about buying this, though it's a great price for what it does. However, what would really make it great for me would be the ability to wander the scene in VR. I wonder if there will every be VR support for this?

It occurred to me that being able to save more than one camera position would be useful.

And having the current saved camera position reliably returning in the next session would be just as useful. I have a moderately complex scene with a number of viewpoints designed in, and a couple of obj import figures placed. Saved the camera using 'page up', and next session it returned to a position near to where it should have been, but not exactly the same position, height or angle. (Version 1.4 on Windows 7).

Just had an idea how these could be implemented on the UI. Have up to 5 camera dots somewhere, possibly under the FOV slider. Black when empty, green when set. Left click to set with current camera, Right click to move the camera to that position. Shift Left click to clear. Camera dot records all camera related settings, including FOV, depth of focus, angle, altitude and location.


Can you add NDOF mouse support such as the 3dConnexion SpaceMouse. This would make navigating the world a lot more fluid.

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How do I turn off the sound and where is the falling snow hidden?
The waterfall noise is annoying when designing.

Edit: I found the snow and other weather effects under the  headphone icon.
Now how do I make the snow accumulate?

On the top bar there's a slider for snow amount all the way to the right. There are also sliders for snow height and angle in the ground settings.

I was referring to the snow falling when selected from the headphone icon.
It is a visual effect and does not accumulate.

The ability to create a custom map of a given size would be pretty good. The fixed default are OK but creating a map of a custom size would be the icing on the cake. 

Importing animated FBX meshes would be my choice for most  wanted update.

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How about making the Orbit (Right Mouse -Alt) orbit the landscape and not move the sky?

The Sky has two rotation sliders to move it.
The same would also apply to the Right Mouse to just move the landscape and not the sky.

Added after some use.
Is it possible to add multiple select for the move tool?
One of your visuals included a fence with several segments. If you wanted to move the fence it would be a trying task, but with multiple select it would be easier.