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I am an Aussie too, down in Adelaide

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what is the best way to prepare obj for import?

I tried a dressed DAZ figure and while it imported it was untextured and in bits, not surprised as indeed most other software will do that if in polygroups so know need one polygroup and if textures supported UV atlassing most likely both things I am used to doing, if textures are not supported then is ptex or polypaint?

 I could do the latter on a unified skin in Zbrush, or use Meshlab just want some idea of the limitations, not concerned about as such just need to know what is supported so can do it. 

I tried a vertex coloured obj I exported from Ultimate Unwrap 3D and a polymesh 3D skin with one texture map I  created in Zbrush and zprojected from it but sadly neither imported textured.

I have indeed done that but sadly get too many matches in the scenery

plain blue is much easier to key as long as one avoids water and blue flowers or green in predominantly arid scenes, ideally a spectrum of choices would be best to choose a colour not in the scene.

I would love a bluescreen or greenscreen sky option so I could composite my own backgrounds in in Hitfilm

primitives with those options would be great too for masking or better still an option to apply blue or green to any scene objects


you can now with ansel but you need to run it in windowed mode to capture

works beautifully but how do you exit?

I had to use the windows key and close it in the taskbar as esc doesn't quit it

is OK but was wondering if an easier way

if I manage to download it,  Thank you very much for thos!
spent all day trying different Unity versions and it would not build or play due to compilation errors even though I just imported it into empty projects, I have little luck with the demos only one that ever worked was the Viking village. I just want it for pretty screenshots to use as backgrounds in my art.

Chrome seems to hate many games given me failed downloads and the itch download app lasted 2 minutes before I uninstalled it

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools\nvCameraEnable.exe" whitelisting-everything

a suggestion on Unreal forum for stuff

I am staying on 417 for Octane 4 reasons so cannot test

I ended up using the very scary Microsux  Internet Explorer I have on my computer to download Chrome and other browsers!

It worked, I had to find where I had put the shortcut though as not used often.

FlowScape community · Created a new topic download options

I tried the Itch app after 4 normal zip download attempts failed 1GB in but apparently the app doesn't support it.

I will have to just wait a few hours or GASP try internet explorer as Chrome keeps stopping it sadly in spite of checking the tick box option,

yeah excited sadly my download failed almost completed so impatiently trying again, prob my fault for browsing away

well I can suggest a hobby that starts off free for that but you soon get sucked in and buy lots of stuff,  

sell your soul and let your family starve

DAZ studio and DAZ 3D content (evil laugh)

thank you, looking forward to trying it out, your additions look awesome

I have been reading about Nvidia Ansel but sadly have no games that have it to test, I know it's Nvidia only but still wonder how hard it would be to maybe add to the game as an option for those with Nvidia cards so they can do ALT F2 Ansel snapshots in 360.

yes if ctrl -z for undo could be implemented it would save me a few hairs on my head

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well the last Nvidia driver broke Octane 4 and was giving DAZ studio iray users grief so a roll back to 417.71 like I did prob a good idea

a more general link to legacy ones you put in your specs

I am only guessing but it possibly depends on the assets PixelForest is using, Unity often forbids using assets in Unreal and vise versa, if it's something licensed for redistribution maybe or if for use by the purchaser for renders only but even then most things need to be baked into a game. I honestly think import is going to be the simpler option but it could be limited by size a Makehuman or Bastioni figure maybe but a DAZ character is unlikely to fit

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Thx Phil, here is how I did it

I removed the moon in Gimp as looked odd

another one and the flat images


FlowScape community · Created a new topic 360 camera
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it won't embed so you need to click it and view on facebook

for now I did a series of screenshots and stitched it with Microsoft ICE

but a spherical camera would be awesome!

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I whipped one up, it's awesome (flowscape not my construction)  but sadly this was too big to save as most of my scenes seem to be

yes to the flat terrain, one can always plonk rocks in if has an ocean or better still "terrain rocks" if could use the terrain shaders on rocks and have some more hill like rocks!

a texture import would also rock!

ok its OK I figured it out

the scroll wheel

I cannot figure out how to get the various castle parts etc, I can only load the tower, one house type and a stall with seating and for the life of me cannot find the other options, the rocks show options but nothing else does, is there something I am overlooking?

WOW and that castle construction looks fantastic!!!


FlowScape community · Created a new topic duplicate

A way to duplicate such as holding alt or some other key combination with the transform tool selected would be awesome, if building a structure and you have a rock or twig you like.

Just to do a row of identical trees etc even.

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and the video

and another

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add upscaled rocks and plant on them to extend your terrain

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well mushrooms sadly are way too tiny but given some practice I could build structures of stone and sticks

placement and size could be a bit more consistent though

thanks for the ideas, must try the position tool, I guess could have an array of rocks aside ready to go and delete unwanted ones

OK I am getting the idea now

maybe on a smaller scale though

well I guess one could build stone walls one stone at a time that way

maybe shove a big mushroom in the middle for a roof if you make a round wall 

I only have made shadowplay captures so far, just got it but do intend compositing some 3D characters into fixed camera shots, sadly my vacation is over back to work Sunday so my CGI fun will be less frequent.

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I too use Hitfilm Express it rocks, one day will buy pro but keep buying other stuff.

Hi from another iClone user, this is a great little game isn't it 

Firstly, this a cool little game, 

and impressive

I tried recreating a scene of the same magnitude in iClone 6 and just kept crashing it!!!

and Unreal Editor,   well    lets just not go there  ..

sadly Unity and I never got along well but I love stuff people make with it, I cannot code I just play with pretty 3D models I mostly buy from DAZ 3D 

anyway on this topic, 

I hope the OP does not mind, I did not want to litter your forum with threads on the same thing

I don't mind if it is just a spherical 360 render but it would need to be a big resolution for a snapshot if I wanted to use it for a render background

i can create my own HDRi in Picturenaut if needed 

but my favourite 3D softwares Carrara and Octane render will use any image for IBL anyway just being able to save that camera view would be cool in itself even to just do 360 images for facebook.

I can also then use Shadowplay and the Google 360 metadata injector to create little VR movies

anyway keep up the good work, I don't need to put models in or export anything as know from my experience with other software what a PITA that is, compositing tools is what I desire, anything to mask and add BG transparency is great.