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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Ideas & well-deserved praise

A topic by Doug Turner created Feb 13, 2019 Views: 262 Replies: 3
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I love this, especially the new update. I would gladly pay more for this program.  At $10, it's practically free. Suggestions:

  • Flatter terrains for building towns and castles. Maybe just a flatten along the z axis option to crush the existing terrains.
  • Snapping to make building easier.
  • People. I know you've thought about it...
  •  Maybe R to rotate buildings along the Z axis? The rotate widget is clumsy. I don't even use widgets in Blender. Just the hotkeys: R then Z for rotate along z axis, for example. 
  • Lights. Candles, torches etc. They shouldn't be hard on the frame rate.
  • An FPS  style walk through mode. 
  • You've got a few stretched textures on your buildings, but I'm sure you'll clean those up at some point.

Thanks! Outstanding work. Do you have a Patreon page? I'll kick in.


yes to the flat terrain, one can always plonk rocks in if has an ocean or better still "terrain rocks" if could use the terrain shaders on rocks and have some more hill like rocks!

a texture import would also rock!


>Maybe R to rotate buildings along the Z axis?

Use N and M to rotate before placing

for the other stuff. eventually :)