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you are looking for the itch app, it will only update whats new

there you go

Hey everyone, its been a pretty exciting ride since launching in January, the images you guys create are blowing me away and am always looking at what features would help you create better.

As this community is growing i am getting questions from Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, Itch, Weibo, Steam as well as emails, and im finding it a challenge to keep up with it all and still have time to develop.

The best solution is to come to our discord to consolidate the bug reports, we can pin suggestions so that they don't get lost and if you are having problems, there is always someone around to help.

We also have daily and weekly challenges, and a super friendly community to boot. Looking forward to seeing you there!

not at all, they are flat clouds that you should rotate towards the camera

there is a flat terrain at the bottom of the terrain menu

as for how to sculpt, have you checked the tutorial video?

it should be

file size differences are optimizations

yes it gets updated here as well

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hmm thats weird, i just tried it and seems fine. but i have an nvidia card though, wonder if the radeon is doing something strange.

ill ask a friend with a similar card to yours to see what he gets

Absolutely you can

I have no control over that, steam has these size requirements i cant change

try running at medium settings, high might be killing it

Thanks!. Give it a try, and if it doesnt work you can always ask itch for a refund


Come share it to out gallery on discord. they will love it

thats a good idea

Yes and no

the save will break if it finds an unexpected parameter like a new save feature. but its usually on only new things. So chances are your objects will load, but maybe not your camera or sky settings, depending on how far back your save is from

FlowScape loads a lot of textures so if you dont have a lot of memory, it may slow things down, i would suggest turning texture resolution down if thats the case to see if it makes a difference

im just catching all the bugs from the steam update before i post on here. wont be long

Ahh so the record is a very early feature with not much functionality. It will improve with time though.

The idea is that you set the start, move the camera, then the end and it does a pan , track, dolly whatever you want to call it (no rotation) on that path

if you click anywhere it cancels.

If you set your screenshot resolution to high, it means you can record a very high resolution image sequence that you can then use in an editing package to get 60 fps, which other wise would be impossible due to the frame rate.

In the texture panel you can manually set your snow height. try that

the idea would be that you switch out the water for ice :)

but you are right, i should limit the snow to above water

Hey welcome aboard, 

it will update automatically

this is as intended so you can capture the ui (the only way at the moment)

just tried it now, i can see turtle just fine.

is it with other maps too?

Its a feature not a bug!

water has no collision on it, which is why you cant select it. 

Camera speed rotation and damping is what gets saved

will work on win 7, you can use the images for whatever you like!

As for performance, the faster your machine, the more you will be able to throw into the scene

If you use the itch app it automatically updates

Wow nice bug! Haven't seen that one before. Try running on medium or low and if it doesn't help, just ask itch support for a refund.


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go grab some from here

just working on bugs and stability at the moment

oh and tutorial

so might not see content updates for a few weeks

I have a (sorry not in front of computer) lock mouse cursor i think its called. could switching that on or off help you?

I have a few people that have issues with the Linux version. Just want to get everything working before going to a less forgiving audience..

As for proof. Anything so long as it tells me you bought it. 


Oh thats cute, can you remember how you got here?

yes of course, do what you like with the images

Hi StephP

You can import .obj files

FlowScape  uses the mouse wheel to 1. change the size of the brush and 2. scroll through houses.

Ill look at customizing that, but you might miss not having brush size easily accessible

check the stickied post

hmmm thats a shame, i doubt FS would be causing it directly, sounds like you might need to get some more cooling going. have you tried any other graphics heavy games to test?

ive bought in some very heavy meshes, apart from taking a while, it should essentially work

i dont seem to have a problem with shadows here, can you test a different object, maybe its that specific mesh

yes, the saves may break from 1.4 hence why i changed the folder for saves

both thumbnail  and save files exist in the same 'saves' folder, so that moving them or sharing them will be easier

Alt right click was added due to a  conflict when you alt tabbed, causing your camera to jump