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Thanks for the feedback, some of that is now fixed

Helis fixed, and you can press G to lower your graphics now. Enjoy

Hearts despawn after 10 seconds now, so gotta be quick!

Thanks for the feedback, some things fixed

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While there is no such thing as too many hearts, i have given them 10 seconds before they disappear to make things a bit more challenging.

Helis do not blow up when they crash into each other anymore. 

G toggles graphics for slower machines. 

Tank and Heli Spawn time balanced. 

Fixed a naughty pickle jar that was respawning every 5 seconds. 

Let me know how it plays!

Oof, i might have to code in some cheats so i can get that far into the game to see how this happens lol. Stay tuned

Now you've got helicopters after you and every time a tank or heli spawns, the next one will spawn half a second faster [Evil laughter]

I must suck at my own game lol, i cant get even close to that score. but i will add a "Ukrainian mode" that ramps up the difficulty for you guys

New update with Helicopters, pick up pickle jars to throw at them :)

Ha yeah i just noticed, going to leave it as its quiet challenging to drive that fast

and after playtesting it 100 times its completely burned into my brain now lol

for sure, just leave the donation part and all is good

Stuck tanks have been fixed, its very hard now. good luck!

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Stuck tanks have been fixed, they were accidentally spawning .01 below ground making them rather slow, so now you will be lucky to get 10 points :) well that's my score, bet you cant beat it!

A little side project with my kids.

Please donate to Ukrainian orphans at if you can.

Thank you!

yes of course you can

Check out this post 

That said, its a slow process for me, taking off and on a headset so many times a day takes its toll and i lose motivation pretty quickly when i get motion sickness due to that lol

Yes of course

Catalina has more security to stop malicious apps from opening unless it has been notarized.

You can follow this link from the apple site to allow an app to run, specifically at the bottom of that article...

* If you're prompted to open the app in Finder and you're sure you want to open it despite the warning, you can control-click the app, choose Open from the menu, and then click Open in the dialog that appears. Enter your admin name and password to open the app.

No copyright on any of the images, animations or panoramas your create, just be aware that if you import any cc models, you may need to credit them


you want to grab 1.5 parallaxus

Both itch and steam are the same version

Normally you would just use OBS, Fraps or Geforce experience to record your animation or any other video recording app you can find.
The animation feature is meant for high quality 8k output on a linear path

Check out this tut

do you have a mac or pc?

on pc its 


oh, the ocean

Ive seen this bug before, it happens on some graphics cards and it has something to do with the ocean.
Can you try without?
What kind of graphics card do you have?

could you downsize it and post please? its hard to know whats going on without an image

come to the discord linked in a sticky in this forum

We have a channel called Import Help which will be easier to help you out in than here.

check out this tutorial

could be a memory issue, try launching on medium or low

i would try launching on low or medium, if that fails, try a newer or older graphics card driver

For imported models use the delete button on the import panel

sorry, no. I reached a limit with 32 bit and had to go 64 to keep adding assets

No sorry, not yet, vr support is coming, but its quite challenging, so might be a few months away

Discord is the best place to solve issues with realtime chat

come over to there please

while im at the moment busy with implementing v2 features, iClone has contacted me in regards to making a bridge/plugin.

Something to look forward to for the future


you might need to view hidden files to see that folder

while it was not initially designed for interiors, i have added quiet a bit of interior assets and you can always import what you need.

Check out the gallery on Flickr

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You can put flowscape wherever you want its standalone without install

hope you can find a backup!

performance wise, a slow drive might take longer to load, but once FlowScape is running and in memory it shouldnt matter

Saves are in this folder


Hopefully you had a backup