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In the future it would make sense to release different type of buildings, i was just contemplating roman style. i will add asian to the list

i will likely look at that once i finish terrain sculpting, seems like a natural progression from that

When i release the landscape sculpting it will have a flat terrain, stay tuned

yes it could be, do you have any joysticks connected?

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Hmm that's strange. Is your keyboard arrow keys buggy? What system are you running? 

What if i added a zoom function on the map editor so you can place it closer?

i will increase the grid amounts, for resizing, could you take it into photoshop or gimp to crop it?

>Maybe R to rotate buildings along the Z axis?

Use N and M to rotate before placing

for the other stuff. eventually :)

Sorry to hear that

Could you let me know your system specs? could be not enough memory, try launching it on medium or low

i will add some keyboard buttons next release

scroll your mouse wheel for the other building parts

Try F8 then look in your maps folder

Very nice !

But i meant this :)

Sorry, it was intuitive in my mind. should have clarified :)

You are most welcome!

Not a problem, eating is something i have no problem with :) There is this lovely cafe by the beach and they know me very well haha 

Seems to work ok here, what build are you running? Win, Mac or Linux?

I have it working, just haven't gotten save to work 

I have updated to 1.1 Wendy, you can now copy paste with Ctrl C and Ctrl V

Awesome :)

So many old timers here haha

Updated to 1.1 you can use - and = to resize the brush

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Ha yes I remember vista pro. That river making feature that followed the contours of the landscape and made lakes was awesome. 

You can press f8 to take an 8k screenshot. But save first because if your system can't handle that it will crash the program. 

Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to resize the brush. 

Videos can be made with another app like obs or shadowplay. 

I doubt it would run on an Ipad sadly. 

More features to come, I'm trying really hard to make something easy to use yet have lots of features, but the more I add the harder it will be to use, it's a fine line

Thanks for supporting! 

That's a good idea. I'll have a think about the best way to do this. 

Hi Homba, yes it does.


Yes you absolutely can

it was meant to be the button bellow that, but i think i missed a few. will fix soon

Hi Klutzine, Click the Icon with headphones, first button is music

Really happy you got it working!

Got some cool things in the pipeline check out


Hi there

The right mouse  button lets you look around

hope that helps,

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Hi Mark

1. Terrain painting is half done, its quite complicated to do, so it might take a while

2. That would come with terrain painting

3. I dont think so, i tried but i run into permissions issues on non administrator running users

4. will come with no 1, for now you can just crop the image id imagine

5. You can use OBS or Shadowplay to record an animation

6. Ahh the all elusive water simulation, im not even sure where to start with that one, i use water sim in my VFX job, and they take hours to simulate.

7. Adding more skyboxes in the future

To be clear, this app was made with the intention of allowing ordinary people be able to paint some nice images without knowing the technical aspects of 3d modeling apps. All of your suggestion + more can be done with blender, 3ds Max or Maya. I am not trying to compete on features with these packages as they have a team of dozens working on them, perhaps you could download one and see how you go. Initial learning curve is high, but you can do so many cool things with them that you will never be able to do with flowscape. I will always try and update it, but it will always be focused around simplicity rather than complexity.

hope that helps


Thanks for your feedback, 

a lot of that is in the works, is a good place to keep up to date, just posted something about buildings yesterday

Hi Progeny8

1. Not yet,

2. i have it on my list of things to do.

3. currently thinking about how to keep the community happy with lots of other models, i could make a mod system or could make a workshop, i will have to have a think about this

thanks for your input

Hey Josh

1. sorry at this stage its only meant to take a picture as this is a different camera than what the painting mechanics is tied to. (mainly because i havnt figured out how to switch between perspective and ortho at runtime)

2. check in your installation folder, there should be maps

3. thanks for pointing out some bugs, i am planning to revisit the saves as it obviously has some issues

Thanks for the patience, you can use F8 to capture high res as well with the normal camera

if you cant see any screenshots it might be due to not being an administrator, try right clicking on the app and run as administrator

Ahh i get you, you want a 360 panorama, thats easier than what i thought you wanted haha

Hey Wendy

I think i saw your videos :) very creative

So i doubt i can do HDRI as i mentioned earlier, but a 360 shouldn't be too hard.

I will add it to my list and see what i can do.

Bigger terrain in the works and i will expose more fog settings such as the colour in the future

ive noticed there is a save bug for some, so i will look into that

thanks for the feedback

Cool, i noticed you have only 1 gig VRam, switching to medium texture resolution might help as high uses over 1 gig 

Hey there

The number keys arent particularly important as you can rotate the sun in the camera settings. but ill look into some other keys and also map the left CTRL key to slowmo.

Thanks for the feedback

Hows the Laptop performance btw? mine is a bit old and runs rather poorly

Not as yet, i have got an importer script working, just need to find an easy way to then apply materials and normal maps etc.

Hi joshgray, glad you are enjoying it.

I agree about most of your points, will likely address them at some point.

I can help you with deleting, Try CTRL Delete

To make it rain, turn on the rain sound fx. putting it there made sense for me as a programmer ha