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eventually, not sure when though as i am in no rush as there are a few updates planned first. And if you message me i can organize a free steam key.

sorry. Missed your post. Have you tried F8? 

you can press F to enter first person mode in the latest build

just extract the zip where ever you want and run FlowScape.exe

it saves a screenshot based on how many grid sizes you have, check in your map folder for it.

If you want something animated, you need to use another app such as Fraps, OBS or Shadowplay

could you have accidentally moved the terrain down?

Yeah sorry, i dont know how to fix that just yet, as its just doing its job of protecting you from malicious code.

Ill have a chat to someone i know that is more clued up on this to see what we can do.

Thanks for the suggestions. Im a long time Unity and unreal user, and have to say that there are some really powerful tools that already exists, such as Gaia, Vegetation Studio and map magic to name just a few.

FlowScape although easy to use is a long way off from competing with these tools as they also have optimisation a big part of them.

but who knows what the future holds. maybe it will happen with enough interest

Hey there

Yeah water has a fresnel on the reflection which makes it less reflective when looking down it. i have planned to add a fresnel slider so you can cheat a bit and get what you need.

As for the fog, thats a tough one, as the way real time engines do reflection, it may not be able to be affected by fog, ill look into it.

import and other stuff coming soon. thanks for being a part of it :)

Sorry you cant get in, but the discord is set up and run by our users, i dont really use it much and just copy paste the links they give me.

Add me on Discord Pixel Forest#4545

and we will either get it going or give you a refund


I have uploaded another v 1.21 hopefully this works. Can you please try?

The issue is that Windows doesn’t work with UNIX permissions, so it messes them up

hence why you had to or still have to do the chmod trick

Thanks for letting me know, ill have a look into this

itch will show anything between 1 and 2GB as 1GB on their store

If you are having trouble downloading, use the itch app as that has resumable downloads

Are you running the mac windows or linux version? could you also post your system specs please?

Thanks, link fixed

I am looking into this issue, thanks for letting me know

not a problem, glad you are enjoying it

sorry about that, but it's out of my hands as I have no control over how itch does it's downloads

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If you have any questions, or just want to chat to other users come and join. It's a pretty friendly place.

try using the itch app, it has the ability to resume downloads 

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if you go to terrain, there's a texture button top left. Then inside that is terrain size

can you use the itch app? It has resumable downloading

hmm not sure, i added it as a request from a few users, but i am not able to do much with the plugin myself except initialize it, as its released by Nvidia

saving should be almost instantaneous now, but if you liked that chime i can add it back in

Sadly no, too many things are interconnected for painting on a flat landscape that making it for a globe would be massive amounts of work

Ahhh thats really sad to hear you guys are having trouble.

Have you tried the solution from this post?

it has to open several gigabytes of textures, could you make sure you leave it open for long enough? or try lower quality settings maybe?

let me know how you get on

seems itch was causing issues for a few hours, can you try again please?

seems itch was having some issues with downloading, can you try again?

Press Alt F2 in the new update, might have what you need

Ansel support has been added in the latest update

Hey no problem at all, glad you are enjoying it

its out

Not a problem

Try the Size button

>>>Objects no longer snap to world center before placing. This one is a huge problem for me. =(

Can you elaborate on that?

Thanks, i will look into it right away

Try this

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Hi, try the scroll wheel if you dont see the blue brush sphere

Ive also updated the help section, have a look in there