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You can put flowscape wherever you want its standalone without install

hope you can find a backup!

performance wise, a slow drive might take longer to load, but once FlowScape is running and in memory it shouldnt matter

Saves are in this folder


Hopefully you had a backup

Have you looked at the audio in FS?

its not just a looping sound, i use half a dozen 1 minute or more per clips that gets randomly placed and mixed together

Right here

It will also keep you up to date like steam and only download what has changed ;)

great, once you are up and running, check out the new tutorials i just posted ;)

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To get you up and running, here are some tutorials

Hey Isekai

Theres the discord link stickied at the top of this forum

from there you can message me Pixel Forest#4545 with real time chat and we can sort out your issues

1.5 is the latest version, 1.4 is there as well just in case the latest is causing issues.

Using the itch launcher is recommended as that keeps you up to date as well as having resumable downloads.

Yes it does not have copy protection, so you can put it on a usb drive, it is quite demanding however, so a laptop running from a usb might be quite slow.

just message me on discord if you are having issues or chat in the discord in Q and A and someone would have likely responded to you pretty quickly as the community is very friendly :)

hope that helps

i see you posted on the discord, going to follow you up there

Use the itch app please, it has resumable downloading

OBS is great at recording, just set it up to capture FlowScape and it will save a video premiere can import.

Check out the quick help

Fair request, ill add it to my list

The animals that come with the program are animated, Firepro was talking about importing

Sure is, if you go to the home menu, there is a button called Map

All good here, we just opened up our lockdown and kids are back in school, so hopefully it all goes well, as now i have a lot more time on my hands

You can do whatever you want with the images you create

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Have you guys checked out the tutorial?

No sorry, not at the moment

If you go to the discord and then the flowscape channel, scroll up to march 11th to see some of the things being worked on.

That said, due to the current situation, a lot of my time is being taken up by my 2 young kiddos being home and having to entertain and home school them.

So development time is getting harder to find. Hopefully things sort themselves out soon.

Stay well everyone!

I live down under in Australia, land of sunshine and beaches. Unfortunately over the last few months we have had wildfires, severe smoke, hail storms, dust storms and now floods, are we getting locusts next? 

Luckily it was the school holidays for most of it and i just kept moving the fam to the least worst places and had a bit of an adventure on the way, so all is good here.

As far as development of FlowScape is concerned, it is still on track (weather permitting) and I have a ton of new stuff in the works that i am looking forward to sharing with you. Next update shouldn't be far away.

Hope all is well for you lot and thanks for playing around with FlowScape and creating fantastic images!

I have reached out to support over a week ago, but havnt heard from them (ticket 38375)

I am curious about my download data
As you can see from the image attached i have an abnormal amount of downloads compared to views or payments.

Have you come across something like that before?  what do you think could be the cause?

it looks like the normals are flipped in the import, is there a way to flip normals in DAZ?

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I totally understand where you are coming from

I currently have a huge list of features ill be adding over the coming months, once ive exhausted these,  who knows, i might get bored and add export :)

but for the moment it is a huge undertaking that would take many months and benefit so few.

i have to keep my core group happy

sorry to disappoint, but the amount of people that would use such a feature is pretty small as the targeted user for FlowScape is people who dont know how to use 3d software such as blender/max/maya.

If you know how to use blender i would recommend sticking with that as it has far more features and you can pretty much create everything flowscape can plus more

not really sorry, the best workflow i can give you for that is to use something like snow for the terrain, then add some fog, go to ortho and save out an image for a heightmap

ahh i see, will look at adding that as an option in the future

when was a while ago? i sent a bunch out less than a week ago

glad you like it, im more about accessibility with an affordable price point, FS is still very lackluster compared to advanced 3d packages, so i dont want people to get the wrong idea when they buy this. The current price reflects whats on offer

i highly recommend a mouse for flowscape, theres so many combinations of left click, right click, middle click, that it would be pretty hard to control with just a trackpad

click on the headphones icon bottom right and at the top there should be music and gui togggles

you are looking for the itch app, it will only update whats new

there you go

Hey everyone, its been a pretty exciting ride since launching in January, the images you guys create are blowing me away and am always looking at what features would help you create better.

As this community is growing i am getting questions from Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, Itch, Weibo, Steam as well as emails, and im finding it a challenge to keep up with it all and still have time to develop.

The best solution is to come to our discord to consolidate the bug reports, we can pin suggestions so that they don't get lost and if you are having problems, there is always someone around to help.

We also have daily and weekly challenges, and a super friendly community to boot. Looking forward to seeing you there!

not at all, they are flat clouds that you should rotate towards the camera

there is a flat terrain at the bottom of the terrain menu

as for how to sculpt, have you checked the tutorial video?

it should be

file size differences are optimizations

yes it gets updated here as well

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hmm thats weird, i just tried it and seems fine. but i have an nvidia card though, wonder if the radeon is doing something strange.

ill ask a friend with a similar card to yours to see what he gets

Absolutely you can