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Can Flowscape let you craft interiors as well?

A topic by mortalissar created Nov 12, 2020 Views: 282 Replies: 3
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I saw from the video tutorials that Flowscape is great to craft exteriors like mountainous lands, forests and so on. It's great that you can create castles and villages, etc. However, I am wondering if you can create interiors as well, like the interior of a king's court, a villager's home, a torture chamber, prison cell, etc.?


while it was not initially designed for interiors, i have added quiet a bit of interior assets and you can always import what you need.

Check out the gallery on Flickr

All right thanks. I'll see if I can craft some of the interiors with what's available.

Also, I saw from your latest video that we can change color for assets. I wanted to change a dark tower to a white tower but can't do that now. will the next update allow me to do that (and is there a timeline for that update)?

Finally, where can I find a balcony like this one:

Scrolled through all the different assets but couldn't seem to find that. lol.

You can import any .obj assets. Just watch the *full* playlist (ie; the 9mn tutorial + the other as well) :, many great videos to watch, full of really great tips, and some detail how to import anything [via Blender]