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what is the best way to prepare obj for import?

I tried a dressed DAZ figure and while it imported it was untextured and in bits, not surprised as indeed most other software will do that if in polygroups so know need one polygroup and if textures supported UV atlassing most likely both things I am used to doing, if textures are not supported then is ptex or polypaint?

 I could do the latter on a unified skin in Zbrush, or use Meshlab just want some idea of the limitations, not concerned about as such just need to know what is supported so can do it. 

I tried a vertex coloured obj I exported from Ultimate Unwrap 3D and a polymesh 3D skin with one texture map I  created in Zbrush and zprojected from it but sadly neither imported textured.

Hey Wendy

Textured should either be in the same folder as the .obj and .mtl

or the paths in the .mtl have to be correct

Come over to discord there is a channel dedicated to import now