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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

FAQ, Tips and Tricks and Troubleshooting

A topic by PixelForest created Jan 24, 2019 Views: 17,357 Replies: 92
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Developer (9 edits) (+2)

What is FlowScape?

FlowScape is an easy to use nature scene creator aimed at casual users who would like to chill after a busy day and create something nice from a large library of models, textures and sound fx.  You can take photos of your creation or record a video with your favorite capture app.

The design philosophy behind FlowScape will always be to keep it as intuitive as possible.  

What cant it do?

FlowScape is not a design program like 3D Studio Max or Maya, there is no import or export. If you want to make more complex scenes, there are dozens of technical programs you can use that give you far more flexibility than you can with FlowScape, but the tradeoff will be a high learning curve.

What are your plans for the future?

Much more content is planned so that you have a larger variety of fauna to create more unique scenes, as well as exposing more camera settings to allow you to take better pictures. VR support is coming soon, Mac and Linux is done. I will look into import (easy) and maybe export (not so easy), but no promises as this might be beyond the time i have available.

Troubleshooting guide:

The best way to install and run FlowScape is to use the app 

There are a few advantages of using this, it lets you manage multiple installs, resumes downloads if you lose connection, sets permissions on MacOs, and has an option to check for updates and only install what is new, usually a few megabytes.

If you are still having trouble, you can Re-install

There are a few other things you can try.

If you are stuck at the loading screen, give it a bit of time, its loading a lot of textures. 

Clicking on the screen while loading, could cause it to crash.

A program called Citrix has been known to cause trouble with Unity based apps. Check that you don't have it installed, and disable it if you do.

On some Macs you can try windowed mode instead of fullscreen

Hopefully this will fix any issues you are having

Below are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

You can right click on any icon and it will delete any object of that type

Pointing at something and pressing delete will delete that object

Holding Delete for more than 1 second will turn to continuous delete mode

You can Delete everything with CTRL Delete

Moving Rotating and Scaling can be activated with 1,2 and 3 rather than pressing on the toolbar

Backspace will undo the last paint, up to 8 times (working on redo for the next release)

Rotate the sun in the camera settings or press 8 4 6 2 on your keypad to fine tune it

Use the layers (top right) to determine if you paint on water, rocks or land

If you set the flow slider all the way to the left, it lets you place single items, useful for animals

Clicking on the FPS button top left, will toggle VSync

You can turn water on or off and also make it endless instead of box in the texture settings

You can change the height of your terrain in the texture settings to make more or less water

You can zoom right out and set the FOV of the camera all the way to the left for an isometric look

Clicking on the hint bar that pops up every 5 minutes displays the next hint

Create a rock and scale it really big for a bigger terrain, just be careful with delete as you might delete the rock

Painting tiny trees will make your landscape look bigger

The textures menu also has an slider to make the tiling smaller

If FlowScape is not saving your screenshots, it may be due to permissions. Some things to try is to right click on your icon and choose Run as Administrator. Or move the game to a non system drive such as D:


Is is possible to copy savefiles (if that is a thing) from one installation to another?

I would like to know the same thing. seems no one has answered your question which I think is a good question. I do not want to loose my maps on an upgrade.


Yes and no

the save will break if it finds an unexpected parameter like a new save feature. but its usually on only new things. So chances are your objects will load, but maybe not your camera or sky settings, depending on how far back your save is from


Could you, please, add Minimum Requirements?

Doing so would help assess whether one's hardware is enough to run the game.

Thank you.

Quoting this comment:

PixelForestGames • 12h

Cheers! runs on my crappy laptop, but slowly. The faster your graphics card the more you can throw at it before the framerate goes south. Im running a GTX 970 and rarely drop below 30

Good question! I Like to know the minimal requirements. Please, let us know.

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I really enjoy the new version 1.1 but I have a question about changing the houses / buildings. I understand from fellow users that you can change the item by using the mouse-scoll wheel. But if you do not have a scroll wheel, is there a hot key for this function?

Unfortunately, the connected Logitech Gamepad has not offered a solution, not even with the help of the buttons configurations.


i will add some keyboard buttons next release

Thank you, I really appreciated your response.

Regardless of graphics quality, can I create the scenario and export to another graphics engine like UDK4?


I am only guessing but it possibly depends on the assets PixelForest is using, Unity often forbids using assets in Unreal and vise versa, if it's something licensed for redistribution maybe or if for use by the purchaser for renders only but even then most things need to be baked into a game. I honestly think import is going to be the simpler option but it could be limited by size a Makehuman or Bastioni figure maybe but a DAZ character is unlikely to fit

As stated above, this is not a content creator tool but instead a relaxing game. It's probably better to spend your time in Blender than using this if you want to use it for game dev

I bought this game/program last night. Really awesome. But I'm wondering ... is there a Undo function? I know you can delete the last placed items but .... what if you accidentally delete a wall which is placed many moves before? 


Yes you can point at something and press the delete key. 

Can it make renders eg export a spherical render to use in 3D software as a background - preferably HDRI?

And are there any restrictions of use of the render for commercial purposes eg a screen cap as a background in a commercial comic for example.



Developer (2 edits)

No restrictions, but you cant do a spherical render at the moment, i have it on my list for the future though.

Edit, latest update has Ansel support so you can do 360 now

oh okay.   Thanks.  You know you could charge more for this software than you do don't you?

do we get the future iterations of this as you update or will we have to buy them 

you get them for free!

Maybe this info exists somewhere and I just missed it, but does FlowScape have a first-person movement mode or is it a free camera only?

(If not, is it something you'd consider adding? Basically just a mode where the camera is constrained to the terrain height with slow-ish horizontal movement.)


you can press F to enter first person mode in the latest build

Cool, thanks :)

If I make scenes in FlowScape and photograph them, do I have exclusive intellectual rights to that image? Could I, for example, make a scene in FlowScape, photograph it, and use that image in a commercial project such as a videogame which I would then sell?


Yes, absolutely you can

Just wondering, would the same go for films too? I am a microbudget filmmaker and would love to generate some shots of forests for an upcoming project (which has a chance of ending up being sold). Is there any licensing documentation available?


sorry, dont have any licensing docs, but i have no problems with you using the images or animations in whatever you want to put them in

Amazing, thank you.

That statement may've just sold me on the software. I'm a writer who's always in need of cover art that I can legally use in a commercial project, and I do a little amateur game development here that legal background images would be useful for, too. May I suggest spelling that permission out on your program's main page for anyone thinking along the same lines?

First off, awesome program! Easy to use and runs (somewhat jittery) on my terrible computer! 

One question though. Would I be able to use this program for commissions? Say someone wants a background made for some reason but doesn't have the time or patience to make it themselves. Would I be allowed to charge them for the scenes I create on here? 


Yes absolutely you can

(7 edits)

Hi all, I purchased this program today, having been on the fence for a while. Downloaded and when I start it, the screen goes black and then nothing happens. I guess you know what question I have. (I noticed it runs x32 and I run x64, could that be the problem?)

Edit: I had placed the program on an external drive, when moving it to the hard drive I got one (tiiiny) step further. Now I see a blurred floating island occupied by an oak or some such. And there it stays, hanging.

Edit 2: All right, I obviously had to direct my dedicated graphics card to FlowScape. Now at least I get to the "front page", but clicking a button takes a very long time or crashes. I'll try on lowest setting, though I expected a GeForce GTX 960M to be enough--

--nope. Perhaps I'm just delusioned and thinking my graphics card is good enough, lol. I suppose this program needs a "Recommended System Requirements" notification somewhere.

Down to 800x600 and it kind of runs... 

(Hopefully final edit, sorry!) 

Okay, I've got it running at 800x600 and while it is slow when I hit menu buttons ("New", for example), painting/creating is going fast enough. Unfortunately it is not quite what I'm looking for, as Reddit would have me believe. I need larger landmasses (I want to do more "panoramic" scenes - my dream is to make a visual of "my" medieval fantasy city, but I need city walls, bell towers, domed temples, spires, piers, stairs, more different buildings for variety, etc. Basically less "battle map" and more "concept art", so I guess it's my bad for not realizing what FlowScape actually does) - or even smaller units. But hopefully this will explode and there will be lots more assets :) Thanks for the good work.

Developer (1 edit)

happy you finally got it running. Cudos on your perseverence. 

When you choose a building, you can use the scroll wheel to cycle through all the models. Also the - and = to make them smaller. In your terrain textures panel, there is also a terrain size slider. 

Hope that helps

(1 edit)

Thanks for the reply, is there a document somewhere with information like this? I tried looking for a manual. The help menu is somewhat limited I suppose (or my perseverance wasn't that impressive at all)? Thanks for the tips!! Will check it out when I am back behind my master the almighty computer

Edit: Don't know how I missed seeing the download for the x64 version. Downloading.

Also, wow. Now that I'm getting to grips with it, wow. Those tips turned everything in the right direction. Happily building (still missing a dome to plop onto other structures though :p ) Thanks!!


in the gothic buildings is a few domes and spires i think

I know I'm rude to ask, but would it be possible to split some of these assets? There is a dome but it is attached to a huge structure. Your models are amazing though, especially the cathedral! 

Quick questions for whenever you have the time..hope that is ok.

1. When I raise terrain to make hills, is there a way to get rounded hilltops? I'm getting these Mesa-like plateaus.

2. (Asked before but trying again) Is there a a manual? I totally understand if you haven't made one, lol. Perhaps we (fans of your product) should start a wiki or something. 

3. I have this landscape in mind, but can't figure out how to create a body of water / lower part of terrain to reveal water (like a lake or a tributary or fjord)...kind of the opposite of sculpting hills I guess. Is there a way?

Thanks! Falling more and more for FlowScape.


When you sculpt, if you hold left shift and drag with the right mouse button, you can lower the terrain.

No manual yet, just that help up top left. Got any questions, just ask away i guess.

Our reddit is pretty friendly place to ask also

also our discord if you prefer that

Just purchased this tool, hoping to make some great new maps. I have followed all your instructions to run it through the app and others and it still won't work. No matter what resolution, it hangs every time when the screen asks me if I would like to stay or try a new seed. Half of the time I can't even see my mouse. 

My graphics card runs AAA games at medium to high with no difficulty, so I'm not sure what's happening. Any suggestions? 


go to manage, check for updates. Hopefully the newest patch will fix this for you

The update works much better now. Thank you! 

I cannot get the mouse pointer to focus within the Flowscape window. I can get it to appear around the edges, but it will not appear/take focus inside the window. Even when I use Alt+Tab to focus the window, it only focuses the window frame, not inside the application itself. I don't have any programs running in the background. Citrix is not installed. Any advice is appreciated. (Windows 10 64-bit; Intel i5-6600K CPU @3.50GHz; 16GB RAM; no graphics card)


a new patch is out that should fix this. Go to manage, check for updates. 

Thanks for your patience 

That worked. Great program. I'm having fun with it now.

hello I hope I'm right with my question. I bought the game for two days. I play on an imac. apparently MacOS does not like the game very much, because it has several problems. because it mac in full screen mode brought to the fall, I play in the windowed mode. As I've already read, I did not install Citrix. but still I can not create photos of my landscapes. they are completely black. Furthermore, there are sometimes difficulties in saving the landscape. Can you help me?


Sure, an easy way is to add me on discord and we can have a chat

my username is Pixel Forest#4545

Hello! great software thank you so much. How can we please return the controls from the factory? also, the arkenforge key is used for what. thank you <3


Not 100% sure what you mean.

If you changed your camera settings, you can always restart. If you lost your camera view, you can go to settings and press reset camera.

is that what you mean?

Arkenforge is a D&D software, so pressing that exports a map for it

I know about the camera reset and page up and down but! I can not control the camera when trying to record. I've tried the start and end function with very little good results. I've tried to just stay where I'm at and let it record but it keeps going back and even off the map a lot of times. can someone please Help me out on camera settings and recording control? Thank you all very much and may the good lord take a liking to you. also I want to say I really like this software a lot it has taken me away from the hard work in cinema 4d to just enjoying it.


Ahh so the record is a very early feature with not much functionality. It will improve with time though.

The idea is that you set the start, move the camera, then the end and it does a pan , track, dolly whatever you want to call it (no rotation) on that path

if you click anywhere it cancels.

If you set your screenshot resolution to high, it means you can record a very high resolution image sequence that you can then use in an editing package to get 60 fps, which other wise would be impossible due to the frame rate.

(1 edit)

Thank you Sir.

ok ! Thank you. I'm talking about "Imput" at launch

(sorry, I'm French :/ ) 



Oh i see, have not really configured any of that yet, as im using my own input system. but its a good reminder that i should look into it :)

(1 edit)

Hello. Is it possible to export a scenario into Unreal Engine or Unity?

Is it possible to import own models/textures?

If not available, is it planned? If it is, is there a feature roadmap?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Not at this moment in regards to export.

I do have import almost ready though, will be done within the week

you can check out some images ive been making with it while testing

No roadmap, but i do look for inspiration in our feature request thread, and have implemented a lot from there

Thank you for the swift reply.

One more question,  is an external software to record footage needed, or does Flowscape record on it's own?


Using something like Shadowplay or OBS would be way better than anything i could write :)

I personally use Shadowplay and just hit a key to record, the quality is amazing with very little overhead

Je vous remercie, je parle des commandes « imput » lorsque le programme est lancé

Sorry I did not see the answer above thank you

(2 edits)

what is the best way to prepare obj for import?

I tried a dressed DAZ figure and while it imported it was untextured and in bits, not surprised as indeed most other software will do that if in polygroups so know need one polygroup and if textures supported UV atlassing most likely both things I am used to doing, if textures are not supported then is ptex or polypaint?

 I could do the latter on a unified skin in Zbrush, or use Meshlab just want some idea of the limitations, not concerned about as such just need to know what is supported so can do it. 

I tried a vertex coloured obj I exported from Ultimate Unwrap 3D and a polymesh 3D skin with one texture map I  created in Zbrush and zprojected from it but sadly neither imported textured.


Hey Wendy

Textured should either be in the same folder as the .obj and .mtl

or the paths in the .mtl have to be correct

Come over to discord there is a channel dedicated to import now

I've created some files on computer A, and some on computer B. How can I copy the save files between them? I've found the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\PixelForest\FlowScape\Saves location, but copying the files to that location is not enough.


saves is your save data, screenshots is your thumbnail, so you need both

That sorta works. I can load the save, but the screenshot/thumbnails isn't always available. Could it be it needs a save to be external overwritten? So I'm probably missing copying some resource?

Talking about save files: the background location and if it's rotating or not isn't saved. Is this intentional?

can you bring in fbx files?


Currently obj is supported, with other formats in the future

Hi! I downloaded the latest download for windows and it runs fine but doesn't install anywhere. I can't find my captures anywhere :( 


Welcome aboard!

Do a search for flowscape and you will find the images in that folder, if it is not saving, it could be a permissions issue, so just right click on FlowScape and run as administrator

Deleted post
Developer (1 edit)

you could use the built in procedural generator

Deleted post

I have noticed that happen occasionally and have it on my list to fix. Are you running Linux?

Deleted post

Ahh found the bug. looks like if you dont manually set your sky, it doesn't register it and will load with the default sky, thanks for bringing it to my attention, will fix for the next update

Is there an API for testing our own procedural generators? I was wondering whether I could use it as a testbed for my students.

Hello dear Master of Beautiful games!

I just tried playing around with FlowScape and I must admit I'm in love with it =) . 
See, I'm currently finishing a fantasy book and I found this game to be the perfect way to create snapshots of my world!

This beeing said, I have 1 question and 1 bug to call :) 

The question:

- Is there a way to flatten the ground? The sculpting tool makes it hard to flatten landscape and it's quite weird then when you want to add houses and road.

And the bug:

- Since today, the game is glitchy after the loading page. Black squares and colored flares keep popping on the screen, although I can play.

Cheers and congratulations for this masterpiece!!


Fantastic bug!

try a reboot to see if it fixes things, i havnt encountered that myself

as for sculpting, new version within a week will be muuuch better with smoothing as well

(1 edit)

Oh you rock!

I've tried rebooting, reinstalling... No luck! Note that I'm playing the game on Shadow but it was working well last week

Edit: the bug seems to occur only on window mode


ok, are you on mac Linux or windows

Hey dear :) 

I'm playing on Windows, sorry for not precising!

Oh by the way, is there a place where we can actually import maps of others (or premade ones from yourself)? I find it would help me a lot to have a place to start!


Not yet, but i have a lot of thoughts about how to do that in game. just need to get this steam launch out of the way to focus again

This game looks awesome. I think it can be really useful in game development, even if you said it was just a relaxing game, you really should consider the "export" feature now that we can import too. Also, you could sell a base set like the one there is at the moment and extra themed DLC. (for instance - Aquatic Theme or Volcano or Savannah...)

Nice job anyways.


I actually have savanna in for next release

You are awesome, keep the good  work.


I am really in love with this thank you so much. 

It only cost 10$ as an author this is a godsend for visualizing book covers or specific scenes.

I see it coems to steam do we get a steam key or would we buy it again? I wouldn't mind buying it again though

How can I disapear the menus and controls..?? I want to record my scene with nvidia gforce...  Sorry for the English I am Mexican and dont speak well the English


Space bar :)

barra espaciadora??

Hello, This is awesome program! Can't wait to buy it ^^

What is the minimum requirement for this software? I'm still using windows 7, can i still run this software?

Also, If I make scenes in FlowScape and photograph them, can i use them for commission or comic? 

Thank you ^^


will work on win 7, you can use the images for whatever you like!

As for performance, the faster your machine, the more you will be able to throw into the scene

la nouvelle mise à jour est grande, mais je ne peux pas trouver mes photos de scène, où est-il enregistrer?

Hello! I bought the software yesterday and it's amazing! It's very intuitive and easy to use, it really speeds up time when creating maps for online TTRPG. I just have a small issue that I've searched everywhere and doesn't seem to happen to anyone else. 

When I use the screenshot function  (in or out of map mode), the screens have this strange ... double render-motion blur kinda thing? I've tried every setting, loswering the bloom, changing the sun position, exposure, everything and it doesn't go away. Even when I take the picture on x1, x2 or x4 size :( 

Is there any way to fix it? I bypass it with some blur effects on Photoshop, but I'd really like to get screenshots as beautiful and sharp as what I'm seeing on my screen. 

I just love Flowscape...  That said, how can I save the animated features in my creation, ie.. dragon wings flapping and breathing fire (I want to see movement)..not just a still photo capture.  So, if that's possible, how do I save a video in Flowscape then use OBS software to capture the video, then export to Premiere Pro cs6?  Many thanks... 


OBS is great at recording, just set it up to capture FlowScape and it will save a video premiere can import.

Check out the quick help