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Why would it be hard to run a single command with butler? 

butler push --if-changed <folder-name-goes-here> <account-name-goes-here>/<page-name-goes-here>:win

Do you have a discord?

"A video game console is an electronic device that outputs a video signal or image to display a video game that can be played with a game controller." - Wikipedia

A console is a computer that is designated to run games. What hardware or OS it has doesn't matter.

Siri's Memory Flasher is my greatest sin..............

If we had squids I would have had to had eaten my computer because I love squids

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C++, but the Visual Scripting makes it an extremely easy and powerful learning point which let's you not need to learn written C++ for a long while!

Though obviously, it really depends on what you want to make and for which systems, some engines are better designed for a specific kind of games than others, though it doesn't mean it's not possible to still do it. UE4 specifically is best for 3D games for PC and consoles rather than mobile/web titles and 2D games.

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*Pops out from behind a plant pot*

Pssssst, psst, try Unreal Engine instead

*Runs out the door*

Do you actually have permission to post this game?? Your description claims that you "have found it on the web" and according to TOS 3. Acceptable Use you can't post things you don't own without permission.

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"Who is Domain Verification for?

Domain Verification is the best way to handle ownership if:

  • You have the ability to upload HTML files to the web root directory or the ability to edit DNS TXT records"

I don't think you're going to be able to use for that, you need to purchase a domain and get webhosting, I recommend GoDaddy because for fresh accounts the first year is $1 (if they still do it) then for hosting you can get a free one at 000webhost, once you have both change the nameservers on the domain to the ones you have from 000webhost.

Then you can either upload the HTML file or add a TXT record on your DNS (probably easier to just do the HTML file) with an FTP software, Filezilla should do it just fine.

What's your discord?

So you'd rather lose about 80$? lmao

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The default is 10%, if it's showing 40% it is because YOU increased it to 40% at some point while having a brain fart.

The math:
((Actual non-pending payments * Prolly the money you got per sale after itch 10% share by default & processor fee) * 30% tax since you didn't give itch your TIN ) - Tax Identity Verification

The result:
((25*.38)*.7)-3= 3.65

Couple of cents off, but it looks accurate to me

On Steam you'd be $100 short.

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We'll add the necessary changes to the game in the upcoming game to make it friendlier for you to be able to play with your friend!

Currently you can only navigate with the mouse, but we'll add keyboard support!

Can you add ?

You did your best 😄chocolate don't wanna get in the bowl!

Nice steak you made there! 😂


The face of a man who just wanted to make ice cream and got steak instead is simply priceless 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

1:15 and 7:40

I'm happy you've reached the true goal of this game, throwing everything everywhere 😂

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Pressing F4 will send any RPG Maker MV/MZ game fullscreen (For earlier it's ALT+Enter). If you want it to start, you'll need a plugin or some edit. There is also plugins that add a Fullscreen option to the Options menu.

Exit button:

This basically means that Your Turn To Die can do all of these, but the dev just chose not to bother I guess. Though you can "mod" RPG Maker games so anyone can easily make it Fullscreen by default and make an Android port

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we want to use a more modern engine so we can implement new stuff like fullscreen,  maybe an android port

RPG Maker MV and MZ can do both of those though

I looked at reddit and I found this...

I looked at ITAD and only found one game matching this... Zexsoft why did you have a 540% price increase??

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We'd like to submit :D

Here's a screenie:

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We're a team of two, looking for a 3D Modeller :) please drop your discord

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I'd like to submit

No, thank YOU for your support, it really helps us continue doing what we like, you're 120% awesome!

How big is it even?

Nice :D

"i can't dash in mid air" this is intended, at least for now, as otherwise the player would be able to fly off the play area xD

Thank you for your comment!

True that some copyright holders don't like when others use their copyright, even for fan work, although ATM I can't think of an instance where a nonprofit fangame has been shutdown 🤔in any case we would have to comply if that did indeed happened.

No worries!

If the button is greyed out, it may be possible that your firewall has for some reason blocked the game, look into enabling it on there if it's the case!

Thank you!

Do you have the relevant experience? :S