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You did your best 😄chocolate don't wanna get in the bowl!

Nice steak you made there! 😂


The face of a man who just wanted to make ice cream and got steak instead is simply priceless 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Do you have discord?

1:15 and 7:40

I'm happy you've reached the true goal of this game, throwing everything everywhere 😂

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Pressing F4 will send any RPG Maker MV/MZ game fullscreen (For earlier it's ALT+Enter). If you want it to start, you'll need a plugin or some edit. There is also plugins that add a Fullscreen option to the Options menu.

Exit button:

This basically means that Your Turn To Die can do all of these, but the dev just chose not to bother I guess. Though you can "mod" RPG Maker games so anyone can easily make it Fullscreen by default and make an Android port

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we want to use a more modern engine so we can implement new stuff like fullscreen,  maybe an android port

RPG Maker MV and MZ can do both of those though

I looked at reddit and I found this...

I looked at ITAD and only found one game matching this... Zexsoft why did you have a 540% price increase??

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We'd like to submit :D

Here's a screenie:

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We're a team of two, looking for a 3D Modeller :) please drop your discord

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I'd like to submit

No, thank YOU for your support, it really helps us continue doing what we like, you're 120% awesome!

How big is it even?

Nice :D

"i can't dash in mid air" this is intended, at least for now, as otherwise the player would be able to fly off the play area xD

Thank you for your comment!

True that some copyright holders don't like when others use their copyright, even for fan work, although ATM I can't think of an instance where a nonprofit fangame has been shutdown 🤔in any case we would have to comply if that did indeed happened.

No worries!

If the button is greyed out, it may be possible that your firewall has for some reason blocked the game, look into enabling it on there if it's the case!

Thank you!

Do you have the relevant experience? :S

Bump, still looking for a level designer!

Invites sent :)

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Try Unreal Engine's visual scripting. Easy and powerful! And once you more or less master it you should be able to hop onto learning written C++!

Kindly have a go at Openbound Online with friends? (Might need to look into Homestuck a bit) c:

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We're 2 developers, looking for a pixel artist, a level designer and a composer for a platformer inspired by Megamen. 

The pixel artist would be making enemies and animations for them, as well as a few animations for the player character, they needn't be too complex as we're working with a 8x8 grid.

The level designer as it obvious, will be designing the levels (an hopeful approx amount of at least 9+3 boss levels. They would then be transfered onto the engine manually by me.

The composer would as well as it is obvious taking care of the music and SFX of the game, such as shooting, footsteps and whatnot, keeping in mind that we're looking for something that fits a retro theme.

If a composer isn't found, that is fine.

You'll be paid on RevShare.

Thank you for playing! It was really to watch :D

Replied on discord :)

So cute! That is one hecc of a quick sloth, thought it was gonna move at the speed of snail, but woah!

The license seems to be in the description of the bundle,

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I just read this comment and looked at the comment history of Suspense Comix and lmao, literally 2 min ago Suspense Comix just replied back with the same "F OFF" not to mention that it was Suspense Comix who threw gas into the spark that SCP-049 started by out of the blue replying to SCP-049's comment and calling him "kid", because that's such a mature thing to do, right?

In other words all I can see here is a troll trying to feed another troll then complaining about it.

This is quite amazing! Had quite a lot of fun. But one question...

Why does Santa have car? He clearly should be on a sleigh pulled by humans!



I'd like to join!

Do you have Discord?

Yeah it was pretty linear and simple in the first version, hence why the new one is a lot more flexible :D