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Hello! I commented about this on the Reddit board earlier. My so-far only Ironsworn game had me house-rule that I'd completed my quest because I hadn't understood what a proper unit of progress was. (Escort a guy to a grove and back; probably should've treated getting there and other steps as progress. So I'm no expert.) If you're introducing this system to new players you might want to say outright what kind of things should trigger quest progress.

About the clocks specifically... I like that you're reducing the vow/quest levels from 5 to 4 and not having an absurdly high Epic level. I still feel that having four dials like that might puzzle new players though. Is there some way you could express the idea with a single dial? I'm imagining a 20-box track with marks at the 5/10/15/20 levels where the player fills in 1 box every time and works toward a specific number -- but that doesn't properly express the idea that you can try to win early, with risk. If you really like the dials, what if you tried having one dial with 3 little checkboxes beside it? Then your rule could be like, "each time this clock fills, mark one box. When you have [quest level] boxes filled, then you can make a win-quest roll and pay attention to the numbers on the clock." Mechanically I think that would be almost the same, and it would take up less space on the page and maybe be easier to understand.

Bought the game, told others about it. Nice to see a space colonization themed game!

It'd be nice to see some extension to the tech tree, more things to do. Maybe a science resource produced by labs?

This is a great idea! I've seen the basic concept but not doing it automatically in Unity.

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I look forward to trying the new demo! I just now got around to trying the older one. My first impression was a bit negative though, because of the slow text speed and my inability to change it; could you please have faster text as an option if you haven't already added that?

I'm very interested in the idea of a debate "battle" system so I'm eager to see how you handled that.

That statement may've just sold me on the software. I'm a writer who's always in need of cover art that I can legally use in a commercial project, and I do a little amateur game development here that legal background images would be useful for, too. May I suggest spelling that permission out on your program's main page for anyone thinking along the same lines?

Interesting idea! The pacing is a little frantic but I was able to beat easy mode after a few tries, then "Scientist". The controls for grabbing and placing objects are a little awkward, but that's a limitation of non-VR controls.

Thanks, but this problem is resolved and it's not's fault. The secret for me was that if you're using Unity 5 for WebGL, you can't use try/catch statements in your code. So now is available. Due to other problems with Unity 5 WebGL (the difficulty of saving complex objects, the 20-minute build time, and the UI still not scaling quite right despite my efforts) I find the Web player useless for a game that needs a complex UI and saving. I'll make my downloadable version be the main version in the next build.

Any idea why , a Twine game, doesn't show up in Firefox?

Looks like it's working in Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox (latest version).

Can't get a HTML5 Unity game (built in Unity 5) working either, but that's a different problem caused by Unity 5 being ornery in general about its Web player replacement. At least partly so; is telling me that even my super-basic game build has no index.html in its ZIP file, even though it definitely has one.

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Hello. I'm new to the site. I've just uploaded a game made with Twine, which works fine when running on my own PC or on a personal server. However, when I load it via, I get only blank space above the game's information. Nothing runs and nothing's downloadable.

I'd uploaded a ZIP file consisting of one file, called index.html, which is the Twine file. It's at . What do I need to do to make this file available? (Edit: I've also tried uploading the index.html file by itself, based on an FAQ, since this file is only about 500kb.)

(Also, which forum should I be posting to with "how do I make X work" questions? I'm unsure.)