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That statement may've just sold me on the software. I'm a writer who's always in need of cover art that I can legally use in a commercial project, and I do a little amateur game development here that legal background images would be useful for, too. May I suggest spelling that permission out on your program's main page for anyone thinking along the same lines?

Interesting idea! The pacing is a little frantic but I was able to beat easy mode after a few tries, then "Scientist". The controls for grabbing and placing objects are a little awkward, but that's a limitation of non-VR controls.

Thanks, but this problem is resolved and it's not's fault. The secret for me was that if you're using Unity 5 for WebGL, you can't use try/catch statements in your code. So now is available. Due to other problems with Unity 5 WebGL (the difficulty of saving complex objects, the 20-minute build time, and the UI still not scaling quite right despite my efforts) I find the Web player useless for a game that needs a complex UI and saving. I'll make my downloadable version be the main version in the next build.

Any idea why , a Twine game, doesn't show up in Firefox?

Looks like it's working in Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox (latest version).

Can't get a HTML5 Unity game (built in Unity 5) working either, but that's a different problem caused by Unity 5 being ornery in general about its Web player replacement. At least partly so; is telling me that even my super-basic game build has no index.html in its ZIP file, even though it definitely has one.

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Hello. I'm new to the site. I've just uploaded a game made with Twine, which works fine when running on my own PC or on a personal server. However, when I load it via, I get only blank space above the game's information. Nothing runs and nothing's downloadable.

I'd uploaded a ZIP file consisting of one file, called index.html, which is the Twine file. It's at . What do I need to do to make this file available? (Edit: I've also tried uploading the index.html file by itself, based on an FAQ, since this file is only about 500kb.)

(Also, which forum should I be posting to with "how do I make X work" questions? I'm unsure.)