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Twine Game Doesn't Appear

A topic by Lexington Games created Oct 12, 2016 Views: 888 Replies: 4
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Hello. I'm new to the site. I've just uploaded a game made with Twine, which works fine when running on my own PC or on a personal server. However, when I load it via, I get only blank space above the game's information. Nothing runs and nothing's downloadable.

I'd uploaded a ZIP file consisting of one file, called index.html, which is the Twine file. It's at . What do I need to do to make this file available? (Edit: I've also tried uploading the index.html file by itself, based on an FAQ, since this file is only about 500kb.)

(Also, which forum should I be posting to with "how do I make X work" questions? I'm unsure.)

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It appears to be working for me, were you able to figure it out?

(Asking for help in this board is fine)

Looks like it's working in Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox (latest version).

Can't get a HTML5 Unity game (built in Unity 5) working either, but that's a different problem caused by Unity 5 being ornery in general about its Web player replacement. At least partly so; is telling me that even my super-basic game build has no index.html in its ZIP file, even though it definitely has one.

Can't get a HTML5 Unity game (built in Unity 5)

Got a link to a game page so we can see what's going on?

Thanks, but this problem is resolved and it's not's fault. The secret for me was that if you're using Unity 5 for WebGL, you can't use try/catch statements in your code. So now is available. Due to other problems with Unity 5 WebGL (the difficulty of saving complex objects, the 20-minute build time, and the UI still not scaling quite right despite my efforts) I find the Web player useless for a game that needs a complex UI and saving. I'll make my downloadable version be the main version in the next build.

Any idea why , a Twine game, doesn't show up in Firefox?

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