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I support this! I bought the programm 5 days ago here and bought another version on steam yesterday!! YOU GO DEV I wish you good luck!

I am really in love with this thank you so much. 

It only cost 10$ as an author this is a godsend for visualizing book covers or specific scenes.

I see it coems to steam do we get a steam key or would we buy it again? I wouldn't mind buying it again though

Hey I wouldn't mind letting you take a look over teamviewer? so you know what I mean or I could capture a video of the desktop and you can see directly what I mean would that be good for you?

I have a Normal 4k Screen which is 3840 × 2160

I had some suggestion for playability. 

I wanted to make a Game Preview for Youtube and I came to notice that the game has no function to scale the interface. 

The Interface is really really small on my screen and I can barely see the Map, so an Option to zoom in or enlarge the viewpoint would have been really really amazing.

Perfect that means this game will be focused on a good single player experience instead of fixing broken MP code. 

Thanks for the information!

Is or will there be Multiplayer?